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  1. well ????????if you are able to browse root files in your iphone withowt jailbreak, yes you can do it????????
  2. Hacked App: Card King: Dragon Wars By CROOZ, Inc. iTunes Link:https://itunes.apple...ars/id919375665 HACK REQUIREMENTS: - Filza/Ifile - Card King: Dragon Wars App -0.5% of your brain LINKS: [Hidden Content] Some specifications:first link are main hacked files second one is the hacked file of passive skills of some monsters as you see in proof pics,so be aware that if you use the second link file and you meet the enemy that has that card,has same passive hacked(exepts multiplayer) Hack Proofs: INSTRUCTIONS: Download the archive,unrar,you find Blueprints folderwith these files: db_CurrencyPackages db_ExpeditionLootTables db_Expeditions db_GachaWeights db_Missions db_Quest second archive: db_CreaturePassives Ios 8 users go to var/mobile/containers/bundle/application/Dragon Wars/AppDragonWars.app/data/raw/blueprints Ios 7 users i guess is Dragon Wars -> Documents -> Contents -> BluePrints,not remeber well backup your blueprints folder first DELETE all files i named up and put the hacked ones back in there delete then put the files,do not replace!might not work HACK FEATURES: -Only premium draws(only evo draws,few 4 stars much 5 stars and all 6 stars cards) -All battles give 60.000exp,included daily dungeons -All battles cost 1 stamina -All daily missions rewards superboosted(busted) see proof pics)much gold and much gems -Calendar daily rewards modified with gems :50 each and some other stuff -Using iap/localAppStore to buy stones now you can have moore at a time,much faster,see proofs -All expeditions finish instantly with 100% chance of success -expeditions rewards modified,boosted and removed many curency,we have enough from daily missions,dieclops only evo in rewards -and the file with the passive skills:modified passive skills from some evo monsters-proofs Dont blame hack if you get banned,i wasnt so all will go fine!
  3. best way to have wheight for a 5,6 stars team is to do some battles , (dungeons, quests) as the hacked files provide 60k exp for a completed battle is very easy to lvl up very fast and gain all points to use any team you want! thats way i do it, and is fast! now cant work for any update for the hack, im in vacation , 2 weeks left ,ill do it as soon as possibile after vacation is over! ty for patience
  4. ill try to update the hack, if is possibile! and guys, im using fliza as file browser, and i see that some of you dont work, have u guys DELETED FIRST THOSE FILES BEFORE PUTTING THE HACKED ONE? if crashes after event , put the ORIGINAL" pvp seasons" file back to game, BUT REPEAT , delete first then copy to blueprints folder, DO NOT REWRITE, TESTED MYSELF AND DIDNT WORKED !
  5. impossibile, for many worked fine, you did some mistake for sure! DONT replace files, first detete the files from the folders game then put the hacked ones in there !
  6. well, draw cards dont work for you? if you change files with hacked ones it should work to draw ONLY few 4 stars but evo cards, most of all 5 stars evo and not evo, and all 6 stars cards evo and not evo, so if you draw a 7 stars card is already evo so you wont need runes to evo because is already evo! damn my english????????????i dont find another way to explain! just draw and draw, you will get all evo cards and you will not need runes exept for putting additional cards to a monster!
  7. strange! anyone with this problem too? can someone say if hack works well? dont miss up with creatures! if you do dungeon or normal battles and you meet that card you modified ex. stat , hp, it will have same as yours, modified, so i dont recomand! good only pvp, but not worth kill yourself!
  8. dont know bud! but i guess they will thaks anyway! hiji this is iphone writing at 2 am ????????????
  9. Hacked App: Card King: Dragon Wars By CROOZ, Inc. iTunes Link:https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/card-king-dragon-wars/id919375665 HACK REQUIREMENTS: - Filza/Ifile - Card King: Dragon Wars App - Some brain and a bit of patience INSTRUCTIONS: -First download file below link -Now go to Dragon Wars -> Documents -> Contents -> BluePrints -Save your files from Dragon Wars -Blueprints folder,or save all folder in pc or somewhere else ,JUST FOR BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG -Now DELETE these files from Blueprints folder in the game folder: -db_GachaWeights -db_MiscParams -db_Missions -db_PVPRanks -db_PVPSeasons -db_Quest IN ORDER TO PREVENT ANY BAD MOVE WE ARE NOT GONNA REPLACE FILES ,FIRST WE DELETE THESE ONES -Next step put files you find in my archive(only those files ,not folder too) HACKED FILES http://www.mediafire.com/download/gedm2ckdboldo4x/Blueprints.zip PROOF PICTURES http://www.mediafire.com/download/497kujyd2td4fc0/PROOF+PICS.zip DOOONNEEEEE!AND NOW, -HACK FEATURES: -Only premium draws(only evo draws,few 4 stars much 5 stars and all 6 stars cards),BEST ONE HA! -All battles give 60.000exp,included daily dungeons -All battles cost 1 stamina -All daily missions rewards superboosted(busted) see proof pics)much gold and much gems -refill stamina pvp 0 cost -match pvp stamina cost:0 -exp for a win pvp battle:30.000(i didnt tried yet but not sure if works) -win battles in pvp to change rank:1( fight once to change rank)(if you win,but im sure you will) -if you die in battle(not pvp),revive cost:0 -inventory space purchase cost:0 for 500 slots in 1 click(cool) -start action points in every battle including pvp:100 -ally space purchase cost 0 for 500 spaces(i personally never found that buy ally spaces button) -max inventory spaces:100.000 -pvp rewards every item you want can be there,now i inserted the special and the red runes for the actual event Last feature,can be edited but i recomand you do do it only if you are moore experienced!If you done this event and you already claimed your rewards,you cant get the actual rewards i putted in!You must actually start another pvp event by yourself ,even if the actual isnt finished just bu changing data:actual event ends on 3/8/2015,you can modify it to 26/7/2015,BUT EVERYTHING IS UNDER THIS EVENT MUST BE REPLACED WITH THE NEXT EVENT YOU FIND ,BUT ONLY REWARDS!so you finished an event and automaticly starts next one,just replace rewards(only rewards,but not next events too otherwhise your game wont start anymore! i see here {"Season":"27July2015","EndDate":"8/17/2015 so this is next event !CARREFUL EVERY BAD MOVE OR A SINGLE MISTAKE MAKES GAME NOT LOAD ! Ok guys thanks for patience of reading all,hope everyone understand my english! THIS IS MY FIRST POST WITH A HACK ,HAD ALOT OF WORK TO DO,MANY FILES AND NUMBERS TO CHANGE BUT THE HACK IS EASY,VERY EASY!IM NOT CALLING MYSELF A HACKER,THIS CAN BE DONE BY ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS A BIT ON MODIFING VALUES! -If app doesnt load after you copied my files ,replace with old ones(your backup,original files)and try to change permissions to a file at a time and test each one ! SEE WELL WHERE IS YOUR BLUEPRINTS FOLDER,IOS 8 IS NOT LIKE IOS 7 ,INFORM WELL BEFORE POSTING THAT IS NOT WORKING! FOR ME ALL GOES WELL SEE PROOF!
  10. you did some mistake for sure! even smallest mistake game doesnt load or crash! you must be very carrefull! conect with fb your acc, delete game and reinstall!
  11. i will make a post with almost everthing can be hacked, including draws, stamina , gold , exp etc , just have to work alot , there a many things to modify and have less time( working all day) ill post as soon as posibile! ty if you change APTreshold of an hero its good only in pvp, because if u do dungeon and u meet the hero you modified APThreshold, he will refill his points barr fast too, as you modified it, same things work on cards , monsters, modify crit rate to 1000 of a monster and you meet him can kill you with a crit rate damage !
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