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  1. My boyfriend’s strange behavior these days was already thwarting my mind and heart. He is busy typing something on his smartphone and seems disconcerted when I spot it. Until I got a chance to check the text messages and imessages on his iPhone, I found that he've already deleted those conversations. ANYWAY! I FOUND A WAY TO RECOVERY THOSE DELETED MESSAGES ON HIS IPHONE! Here is how to: If you had his iPhone on your hand, see this method: [Hidden Content] If you don't have his iPhone on your hand, see this method: [Hidden Content] Read Also: How to remove audio DRM restriction on Android phone How to transfer Pokemon Go from old phone to new Phone
  2. Reuters reports that Apple is to build its first research and development center in China, citing a statement by the official Chinese state broadcaster. Tim Cook reportedly made the commitment to Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, stating that the center will be built by the end of the year. The pledge comes after the head of China’s industry and technology regulator in May told Cook he hoped Apple could deepen its cooperation with the country in research and development and stressed information security. Apple likely has two reasons for investing in R&D within China … First, Apple wants to be able to recruit the best research staff worldwide, not all of whom are willing to relocate to the USA. It has established – or is establishing – R&D centers in a number of locations around the world, including France, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the UK. A center in China has long been rumored. Second, the company is seeking to establish closer ties to protect its interests in what is currently its second-largest market. Apple has long had a somewhat precarious relationship with the Chinese government. China has in the past questioned... source: http://blog.syncios.com/apple-to-build-first-rd-center-in-china-by-the-end-of-the-year/ ---------- Read more tips and tricks : How to retrieve deleted messages on my boyfriend's iPhone?How to Remove DRM from Music on Android? How to backup iPhone/iPad after iOS 10 upgrade?
  3. Modded Game Name: Syncios Audio Recorder Google Play Store Link: http://www.syncios.com/audio-recorder-android/ Rooted Device: Required. Mod Features: - High quality audio records without limits of time. Start or end recording whenever your like. - Record any sound made by the music player on your phone withou DRM restriction. (DRM removal for Android) - Record audio to MP3 with 100% original and fantastic sound quality. - Record audio from any online stream, including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Yahoo Music, Deezer, and many others. Hack Download Link: [Hidden Content] Instructions: Step 1: Download Syncios Audio Recorder App on your rooted Android phone or tablet. Click on the icon to launch the App. Then, the menu bar would pop out (always apear on top). Step 2: Launch a music app (default music player or Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) Now, play a song and tap on " " icon to start recording voice. By clicking on the first icon again, stop recording Tips: you are able to custom the Output Directory and enable silence gap detecting while capturing stream music by clicking " ". Step 3:After finished recording, you can click on " " to browse and paly back the audio files . Credits: - @Vlen123 Mod Video/Screenshots:
  4. Apple Maps With iOS 10, Apple Maps is getting ever closer to becoming a credible Google Maps alternative. Aside from a tweaked UI (larger buttons, cleaner typeface), it can now scan your calendar and recognise your routine automatically (think how Google Now integrates with Google Maps). Apple Music After a somewhat mixed launch, iOS 10 sees Apple give Music a facelift. There’s a new Search tab, support to display lyrics and a cleaner UI throughout the The Library, For You, Browse and Radio tabs. It probably won’t convert Spotify diehards, but it’s progress. Home Apple added a standalone “Home” app in iOS 10, designed to control all of a user’s HomeKit-connected products in one central spot. Home, available on the iPhone and iPad, offers quick access to favorite HomeKit scenes and accessories, plus a list of all rooms to make it simple to control several accessories at once. Smarter Siri Apple is finally opening up Siri to developers with iOS 10. This means users will be able to use voice controls to make VoIP calls, send messages with third party apps like WhatsApp or even hail cabs (Apple demoed this with Uber). Depending on developers’ imagination, the sky’s the limit here – though again it is another Android catch-up feature. Read more about the iOS 10 (you shouldn't miss it!!) >> Read Also: How to backup iPhone without using iTunes
  5. It’s not just the FBI that has the technical ability to unlock password-protected iPhones without triggering kill-switch mechanisms — all without any help from Apple. LAPD can also hack into certain iPhones. The FBI cracked the San Bernardino iPhone 5c, and the LAPD hacked an iPhone 5s belonging to the wife of The Shield actor Michael Jace. In both cases, expertise from forensic experts was used. read more>> see my previous post : How the Mobile Forensic software works? Does this make your phone less private?
  6. literally, you don't have to jailbreak see tutorial: http://www.syncios.com/how-to-make-iphone-ringtone.html by the way, its a totally free app
  7. Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has sued the U.S. government for the right to tell its customers when a federal agency is looking at their emails, the latest in a series of clashes over privacy between the technology industry and Washington. The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in federal court in Seattle, argues that the government is violating the U.S. Constitution by preventing Microsoft from notifying thousands of customers about government requests for their emails and other documents. The government’s actions contravene the Fourth Amendment, which establishes the right for people and businesses to know if the government searches or seizes their property, the suit argues, and Microsoft's First Amendment right to free speech.
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