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  1. Yesterday
  2. chatbox* 

    1. Kira


      It's still there.

  3. what happened to hatbox

  4. yay chatbox is gone :) 

    1. TheArmKing


      Lmao nub you Just don't have access to it :rofl:

  5. People will love you and support you when it’s beneficial

  6. A12 jailbreak :( 

  7. Check you’re iMessage or you’re discord dude

    1. spiritoflife


      what happend to u man ... u always was saying xxxtentacion was trying to change and be better ... so u should be like him ... trying be the best ... i miss the old one of u <3 ... i hate the new one ... :(

  8. Good guy <3

  9. @Laxus Why does your twitter hacked app not have a picture when Installed it’s all white

  10. @Laxus you mind checking my app request? Please and thank you

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    2. Future Curiosity

      Future Curiosity

      @Joka can you send @Laxus the source so he can see and try to fix the hack problem

    3. honeyndityo


      Hi Laxus can you make hack for nba 2k mobile ? with features like unlimited energy ( I dont know if coins hack are possible ) , Im willing to pay you personally. Please reply bro thanks :) @Laxus

    4. goiingcrazy


      Tweaks ain’t even working I noticed on Electra on my brand new iPhone I just jailbreak it themes don’t show up in anemone no zeppelin in settings but they’re installing

      Tweaks ain’t even working I noticed on Electra on my brand new iPhone I just jailbreak it themes don’t show up in anemone no zeppelin in settings but they’re installing

  11. Happy Sunday 



  12. the site is boring without the chat box 



  13. gosh dang unc0ver... done bamboozled me again

  14. What once made iOSGods full of happiness and gave us a reason to revisit, is now becoming the very thing that is dividing us.

    Starting now, the Chatbox will be severely limited. You will not be able to see or use the Chatbox for a while. During this time, we will evaluate whether iOSGods needs a Chatbox or not.

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    2. Zahir


      @krome Just tag the cheater in his hack topic

    3. PrincessSav


      aww that made me sad

    4. ask2323


      ah, Guess im not crazy......chatbox is gone....


  15. Last week
  16. Why does BitLife always crash when opening 


    1. DiDA


      There is an issue with this IPA, and some other IPAs like this that are causing crashes. Looking into them.

    2. Future Curiosity

      Future Curiosity

      Did u find a way to fix them or not yet


  17. Happy Birthday Mate :D 

  18. Happy Birthday Nub!

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    2. DiDA


      Thank you guys!

    3. Conscious


      -1 year till death.

    4. Kukun


      Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈 

  19. Admins you guys should add a vip section on the app (My Opinion)


    1. Laxus


      It is already in DiDA list, etA sp00n

    2. Future Curiosity
  20. Testers needed who are on the latest version of Unc0ver with the latest Cydia Substrate installed. Potential fix for cheats on latest Unc0ver Jailbreak. If you want to help, post your iDevice, your iOS & Unc0ver version below and I maycontact you.

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    2. nhokanh


      hey bro. i buy vip sub check for me 

    3. monkeydoc


      unc0ver 3b22

      ipad mini 4 ios 11.4

    4. matt155



      iOS 11.3.1

      Unc0ver 3.0.0b28


      Please let me know as I’d be very interested.



  21. did you get unsuspended in cb yet?

  22. I've bought ViP w/ a visa prepaid card before, and now using another card, it wouldn't be accepted.. feelsbadman.

    1. Laxus


      Contact DiDA for other payment method

      Or jusr go to the bank and make a debit card?

  23. Great talk


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    2. TheArmKing


      still cb banned? 

      lol didnt see yt link

    3. busmanl30


      Rip joey 2015-2019 💦🍆😩

    4. Crimson


      Yes, but watch the video when u have time

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