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  1. Yesterday
  2. Reason why Unlimited Ammo is important https://s1.postimg.org/1hmas2ruhb/image.png

    1. staybizzy


      like it buddy :p just need this guy at the end KreyGasm

    2. Basmal121
  3. Set a goal,no excuses,get it done.

  4. اهلا صديقي...

    تم حظر حسابي بشكل دائم من البرنامج وأنا لم أفعل أي شيء يتعارض مع قواعد البرنامج الرجاء مساعدتي في استرداد حسابي لأنني سوف تضطر إلى ترك هذا البرنامج الجميل الرجاء مساعدتي وشكرا جزيلا لك ...
  5. Last week
  6. time to disappear 

  7. Update injustice 2 free hack. Thanks

  8. When his rank says Angle ◷ instead of angel 😇

    1. Lord Alucard

      Lord Alucard

      It's supposed to say angle

  9. hello is there an upcoming update for Heroes Incredible Tales? Thanks!

  10. Hi dude, if you get time please do a iOS War robots hack, thanks.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Archangel04


      Devs focus on security over content. Sooo nah

    3. Loading..


      He just did one!

    4. Dufydu
  11. Hi...could you please do something for Toon Blast? Thx

    1. DiDA
    2. Joka


      No I didn't, you're thinking of Toy Blast :rofl:

  12. Any chance you could make unlimited life/tickets for this story game? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moe-ninja-girls-visual-novel-for-anime-fans/id1176808760?mt=8

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Amuyea


      I believe that their company are secured

  13. I bought a VIP but didn't give me a VIP


    Why is that?




    1. Loading..


      Your ViP has to be approved by DiDA. PM him if you think there is an issue.


    how do i download apkmod from last day on hearth


  15. como faço download do apkmod do last day on hearth

  16. Hello im new in theos tweak creator and i download Kirb theos for create tweaks with more options , but i don't know how to do a AlertView like this :


    Is a FCAlertView in Objective C and i see this in some tweaks and i would like to know how to implement this in my project (theos tweak)




  17. @DiDA Yo, could you also update injustice 2 in the Free Cydia section. Thanks. 

    1. DiDA


      ViP one is not properly updated yet.

    2. Mr_BigBoss


      Oh ok, i read about it in the vip section just a minute ago. 

  18. See you in the clouds one day x

  19. learning how to code in C and how to use an arduino :3

    1. KDB2003



      You become prohackerman?

    2. Sterling0x1


      Why not raspberry pi? O.o

  20. Earlier
  21. wanna jailbreak my ip5 now is 10.3.3 but iam confused,,

    where a can get that stuff for JB :cry::cry:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MuhSa


      should downgrade for that?


    3. K_K


      Lower the better but that's up to you :)

    4. MuhSa


      which 1 are u suggest to me?


  22. Why was my credit card paid when refused?

    1. DiDA
    2. qq740113926


      I was refused to join the VIP

      Why is that?

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