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  1. Past hour
  2. Hey guys! Any idea how can i improve my snapscore ?

  3. Today
  4. ..and Ramadan is over

    1. Bossx2


      Ramadan came and finished like a lightning bolt 

    2. Alcut


      Sorry my friend !!! I did not want to disturb your prayer !! I was hoping for your answer !! -)))

  5. I would buy iphone 7plus or samsung galaxy s8+ 

    but if buy iphone 7plus  afraid not ios 10.1.1 for jailbreak.  I feel sad 

  6. Update Dawn of titans pl. Thank you :)<3

  7. this is nice feed

  8. Hey Boss,

    Did you figure any way to hack revenge of sultans?? any resource or gold? Thanks for your time and efforts in advance.


  9. Yesterday
  10. Bro can you update hack for Dawn of titan 1.16.3 please

  11. Comment to unlock download 

  12. Hack updates will be delayed.

    1. Lord Alucard

      Lord Alucard

      No surprise, but I will gladly wait

    2. KDB2003
  13. I can't install the hack I don't get the link

  14. There is a new update for Crash Fever. Can you please update the cheat? thank u so much

  15. Fidget spinners sellin' like a God Church

  16. Hi guys hope u r having a great nite/morning!  Ive just joined an if anyone can give me a poke in the right direction or the most  exciting things goin on so I can join in on the fun AN games AN winnings ,  . 💃👠💅🏻

  17. I wish I could take back positive rep from you for posting mods in the free Cydia substrate cheats and then linking to VIP. What a rip.

  18. Last week
  19. Why it shows ads by google for hack links

    1. Ronaldocr77


      Waiting for reply


    2. Amuyea
    3. Bossx2


      It is an ad a strategic ad

  20. hi,

    if you're single, female, over the age of 21 and looking for lifetime loyalty....

    hi 😏😏😏 ... Drop me a message 😜


    I am, in no way/form/manner, responsible for any liabilities should you fall for me... I will however pick you up and probably drop you again. Just make sure you bring you're own safety helmet. #SafetyFirst

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. iNomi


      "I'm not gay"

      what part of that don't u get? It's not that hard mate. It was plain and simple english. Man the height of illiteracy of some people just makes me wanna cry... Real tears too.

    3. KDB2003


      Sooooooo You're Gay?

    4. iNomi


      No but I can be if u want me to 😏

      Mir that's how u roll then I'll roll witchu homie 🙈 *wink wink*

  21. sh!t, can someone give me a good dp

  22. in order to download MARVEL Contest of Champions v13.1.1 +2 Cheats for Jailed Devices i have to donate first?

    1. Bossx2


      You have to purchase the advanced VIP package available from iosgods available for $36.99

  23. need a fix to fix random reboot on 9.3.2,, in middle of the night my 9.3.2 will reboot annoying af any1 no a fix 

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