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  2. do u have aimbot igg codes in pubg, I test all codes on forum but none is worked

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    2. tungbat1


      are u sure it work???

    3. Aristoct


      There’s more different aimbot codes that just one that may not work

    4. tungbat1


      I loose my crosshair after type this code

  3. Yesterday
  4. What are you running for today?


  5. donating to whoever makes my khux mods

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    2. Ted2


      Ok consider it done

    3. Babyfresh2


      -shakes hands- @ me when u have the mods.

    4. Babyfresh2
  6. Someone use my referral code: https://iosgods.com/refer/23/ to buy VIP pls, I want to see if DiDA will send me money

    1. Laxus


      Use mine instead and you'll get 0% discount price. Cool right?


  7. Last week
  8. I literally spend way too much time lurking on this website, i sorry @DiDA

  9. Games keep closing there self

  10. the road to 300 rep begins, get ready for all the giveaways 😂

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    2. Pradeep6868
    3. Sheldore


      @DiDA are you judging me because my rep shows that im a "trainee"? haha 

    4. TheArmKing


    Good news,  @Pwn20wnd included a patched debugserver to work with his jailbreak.




    Please update ROV

  13. Hacks and Mod Menu work great so far on unc0ver jailbreak

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    2. DiDA


      Thank you Laxus, very cool!

    3. Ted2


      What is that

    4. Jahseh


      @Ted2 Newest Jailbreak, for IOS 11.0 - 11.4.1 Apparently 10x better than Electra.

  14. How to install ipa with non jail on iphone8+?

    1. MickySoFine


      Cydia Impactor? And next time. Create a topic in Help & Support.

    2. RH CH

      RH CH

      okey thank you

  15. @DiDA will u update the pubg mobile dlg codes free version ?

  16. Hello Santa, 


    I wish there's a hack for Durango: WildLands :)

    1. DiDA


      You need Satan because it’s halloween*

    2. Pradeep6868
  17. I have a problem I can not answer

  18. hi billy mays here

  19. Get well soon Selena, my love :sad:

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    2. TheArmKing


      Lmao are you Justin?

    3. spiritoflife
    4. Tatsuya Rai

      Tatsuya Rai

      I love Selena, but she's yours. Help me with Cartoon Dungeon bro @ZahirSher

  20. Feels good messing around with Nintendo's Anti-Cheat feature on their mobile games :-D 

  21. All Easy Install apps should now be fixed again!

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    2. Viv2l


      It’s g🙄ood 

    3. Chunx


      Yo my mans @DiDA when is that big announcement u were talkin bout G lol

    4. Thirachod
  22. It seems like we have been revoked, again.

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