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  1. Yesterday
  2. Today i sneezed and fell down my stairs

    1. DiDA



    2. Crypto


      You monster

  3. Feel sad for joka, he aint even cheater yet.

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    2. KFCzZz



      You've progressed sh!t ton. 

    3. Taylor Meyer

      Taylor Meyer

      @Joka i feel like that to bby you should get cheater 

    4. 0xBL4Z3R


      Joka: awe you’re the second guy who feels  like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  4. Life is full of joys but for me life is full of sadness 😪

  5. Hey I'm looking for a swgoh guild allowed to hackers

    Thank you

    my GP 2.582.963

    1. kushnbooty


      Let’s start one man

    2. Day one

      Day one

      I've already created a guild, but finding 50 hack user is a mission impossible...

  6. Your so cool 😎 And where are your scripts

  7. Last week
  8. Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect

  9. Do you ever just come in your belly button and put sticky tape over it so that the next morning it's hardened and you have a little cookie to feed your cat?

  10. hung over 😵 i'm dying slowly.

  11. hey bro i just wondering if you can try crack Viki Premium account ?

    1. . -_-

      . -_-

      He doesn't crack anymore as far as i'm aware.

    2. absoluT1on


      Login site has rechapcha so im unable to make a config for cracking

  12. Isn’t there any way to like ask the ones who made pubg no ban apk for android and implementing it in ios like a no ban Ipa file? 

    1. RudePerson


      Tell me, what do you think "Status Updates" should be used for? 

    2. Brandondeamy
    3. nonu1201


      ohhhhhhh this was status?!? sorry :(

      how to delete it?

  13. [Open status to see image] Made a script that creates the accounts but I gotta enter the captcha, too lazy to create more, but here are 3 Apple ID's. S5FQBFG.png

  14. Will be releasing my flex Patches.Plist file soon :DDD you will all have access to my custom made exclusive hacks for Blockheads, Deepworld and some extras :)

    1. Joka


      Games that no one knows about

    2. SkylarSpark


      Yup probs XD, yet I had like 10 people literally texting me asking for my patches

      Wellllll since I use a “custom” flex I can’t really upload my patches to the public, so I decided to give my rare pack out on here :)

    3. 0xBL4Z3R


      By custom, you mean a pirated flex?

  15. DIDA!~ Arena of Valor v1.20.1 +3 Jailed Cheats UPDATE PLSSSS

  16. Hi.

    Nice to meet you.

    How are you korean game?

    Im really thank you:)

    I have a ask. Maybe can you make more korean game? It name is Fish Island 2 :피쉬 아일랜드2?

  17. Wow been a while since I used the Bobby Music app. It’s not in the App Store, but you can get it from dtathemes. They stepped up their game with all the anti-adremoval tricks lol. Every thing I tell it to turn off then next method I’m like “it’s on I swear”. 🤣 Think I finally got it done.  Just gotta do a lil more testing, compile a fresh copy.. The sound quality is bangin! Like YouTube + Spotify, but you can download all the music.  Works with Artsy tweak and LS music controls too.  Will try to have it up tonight.

    1. Laxus


      Sound like a good app, can't wait to try it out

    2. i0s_tweak3r


      It’s sweet. I didn’t finish making the tweak yet it’s a big amount of text I have to turn into code, and I have work today. The bundle ID is different from dtathemes then if u got it from App Store. Tweak will work for both versions when I finish but it won’t do anything right now the version that is up unless you have App Store version.  Will hopefully finish tonight. Working long hours today.

      Also have update of Bobby Movie that’s working great in Flex. The version in here works right now but you have to turn off limit ad tracking. I fixed that in Flex and will make that go away with that update and change UIAlert to one that shows on install and never again.

    3. ddkrnn2


      Please hack vsco x new version full unclok jailbroken 🙏


  18. Hello Crimson i just want to know can you make avabel for vip and auto update ?

    right now i waiting for you update the version please 

    thank you

    1. Crimson
    2. Chatchai055


      Thank you sir 

      but right now you can update version to 6.15.0? Thank you Crimsom

    3. Heneral2k13


      please help, how to activate the acct?

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