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  1. I can do it for steam BUT I really don't want to download the steam version - AND I don't want you to get a game ban on your profile
  2. I will mod your gta online account to have level 100, unlocked everything....etc. You can post a request here - BUT, bewarned You need to know these things You CAN get banned You have to give me temp access to your social club account (enable 2 factor, change to a temp password...etc) This is ONLY for social club versions! NOT STEAM!
  3. 50/50 chance! (what???) http://www.shinyshiny.tv/assets_c/2009/02/jail_iphone-thumb-220x344-78485.jpg
  4. Hello Guys! Today I'm going to explain you how i got tons of levels , in less than a week. I will show you 2 different methods, one involving investment, and one involving patience. I used both these methods, but you can use the one you prefer. What you will need: - Internet Connection - Steam Client [Hidden Content] What are the rewards from leveling up on Steam: - +5 Friend Slots per level - +1 Profile Showcase per 10 levels - Increased Drop Rate of Boosters Packs per 10 levels - At level 8 you are able to earn Trading Cards on Steam Sales Events, without purchasing games
  5. I forgot my ipad's password after not using for a long time, I have ssh on it with alpine as default password if that helps.
  6. Just get a ultrabook, save a ton of money and get better performance??? Spend on pizza http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/7-ways-ultrabooks-beat-the-new-macbook-air
  7. You do realise most of the time 'anti-ban' is either a placebo or a simple hash bypass.
  8. Brrrrroooooo I got this Remember, it's a bro-blem It's uh, radically updating your ios
  9. I'm JB 9.3 and should I upgrade to the latest one to jailbreak? Worth It?
  10. Decode this for reward: S2V5IGlzIDQyLCBjaXBoZXIgaXMgZ2VybWFuLiBZb3UgZG8gdGhlIHJlc3QhCmFvZXlpdCAgZXBhaS50dWZsICBlbmlpICBzdGdhbyBlZW55LiBhbkgudWEgbmhocyBvbm4gLHNvdXNzdGdrdEhvb2ggdHVtIHJlcCBiIHRhICBsdGtpYW9pcnRmQiB0cmxhb2ggZSdMcm1pdCBsYWV5IGVPZWMuaHlybGggc3NtbXQgb3VqICB6eW1pbCBzMyBlbmh3ZGt2b2hkciB1Wg==

    1. ProNab


      Key is 42 cipher is german what the fak

    2. TheArmKing
  11. I don't see what most cheaters have to lose if they post source code, game devs have been reverse engineering hacks for years.
  12. A antivirus stops common viruses and prevent unmanualised infection. It can only do so much. By any chance you probably 'disable; them sometimes to download 'clean' but 'false' malware.
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