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  1. Rejailbreak, install cydia eraser & run it. You can also do a backup before it & restore after the process.
  2. Help/Support

    Backup, use Cydia Eraser, update, restore.
  3. Help/Support

    If I remember correctly you debug with your phone ip, and connect to your pc's ipv4 on the same port. It might be the other way around but I doubt it.
  4. Help/Support

    There is supposedly a 10.3.1 jb in the works by pangu, may come in the next weeks.
  5. Help/Support

    Deleted P.S. I know, thats why I said "yet".
  6. Help/Support

    Also there is no 10.3.1 jailbreak yet, where did you get the Taig for 9.3.3 from?
  7. Help/Support

    IGG from http://rasha1.in/repo/ is working perfectly for me on 10.2. Note: You need to reboot after installation.
  8. Help/Support

    Supposedly it is, check here: https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/wiki/escapeplan/guides/jailbreakcharts
  9. If his phone is rooted: Install Root Explorer (or any explorer with root access) Navigate to data/misc/wifi Open wpa_supplicant.conf with a text editor Find the SSID you need the password for and copy the password. Or, just ask him... This is also probably illegal. I would not recommend you doing this.
  10. You seem to not understand what I am saying, you can downgrade to 10.2 but you must get certain files from a signed IPA, now this was possible as it was compatible with 10.2.1 when it was still being signed. Now you must use an IPA from a firmware that is still being signed, which is 10.3.1. Since this firmware is reported to not being fully compatible it may cause problems to your phone after downgrading.
  11. You can try, but you may brick your device or worse (sim not detecting, etc.). You may have stayed but 10.2.1 sep was compatible and now its not signed anymore, so it won't work. Like i said you can only try with 10.3.1 files, but I would not recommend it.
  12. Note, you need to use the 10.3.1 IPSW not the 10.2.1. But the problem is there have been some reports of the sep file being compatible or not... Using it may disable your Touch ID, or worse. Overall I wouldn't recommend it, you are a bit too late.
  13. Help/Support

    Wrong section https://iosgods.com/forum/75-android-help-support/
  14. Help/Support

    If you are on 10.2 and doing this via USB, you need to open port 22, easiest way to do it is with iFunBox:
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