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  1. Hi guys, I have this iPhone 7, maybe stolen, I'm trying to unlock it but it keeps asking for a sim... Is there a way, maybe a program, to simulate the sim card and bypass it? Or does someone know a way to unlock the iPhone without a sim card? Thank you
  2. New member here. still learning how to navigate. can you or someone provide me with a link for a current Meetme patch or something that points me in the right direction of where to look/request that? I unlocked an older mod but it redirects to a page that says the file is missing and it's a bit dated. if anyone can provide a more up to date link for Meetme+ it would be greatly appreciated. ty -Casey

    1. ___Aaki___


      check this out and see , if it doesn't work make a hack request ----> https://iosgods.com/topic/39889-meetme-chat-and-meet-new-people-all-versions-6/

  3. Never searched how to make money online? Don't search it, you'll find only people who want to use your ingenuity to make money, a lot of money and give you half cent for every 14 hours of work. I'm not offering a online job, but to do for me some commissions using your iphone/ipad/ipod. Yes, it's nothing hard to do, and I will pay for your time. I guarantee that is nothing dangerous for you or your device, and it's not about hacking. If you are interested write me on kik: josephsaraceno You can decide if play games and level up your account on them or.. Just do that and plus learn money doing something else. Write to me for more info
  4. It's not the vpn, something else, I tried with another ipad connected with the same network, and it worked, the I tried with another iPhone connected to the same network and it worked, every new device is working except my iPad.... Keychain???
  5. I'm living in a Hotel, I can't go to the receptionist to ask to turn off the wifi for 10 seconds and then turn it on
  6. Yes, it worked. But now I need another way to change my ip, maybe without a vpn
  7. Yes, something like that. I tried to connect it with another wifi but it gives me the same problem.
  8. So, here I am asking for help again. I have a trouble with this website where people can publish their announcement. I'm using safari on my iPad, and I can't publish anything because supporters blocked me, but if I use my iphone it works, so I think there is something in iFile/safari I should delete to make it work again, any idea? Thanks ????️????️????️
  9. The patch actually is working,Try to recompile the tweak.xm If you have any issue just ask and people will help you.
  10. I just understood you leched it I saw the patch on the server
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