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  1. This is a start pack/list with everything about iOS Hacking. We will try and keep this up to date as much as we can but you should also always use the search function on iOSGods to find new topics. If you have any questions or problems, make a Help & Support topic. We also have a Coding Center where people share their offsets and code for you to study and learn. Here is a list of some general tools/requirements for hacking iOS applications: How to Install Theos: Have you never hacked on iOS? This is what I recommend you do: After that you've practiced the previous method of hacking (MS) on multiple games, you are ready to move on to the "next step", which is MS Hooking. Now when you know how to hack a game using MS hooking, you are ready for the last step, which is hacking games using IDA. How to Hack Games with IDA: Other useful things to know: How to Thin a Binary: How to Crack an Application: How to Remove ASLR from a Binary:
  2. I find it very annoying to have to go to my computer, load a binary, and wait forever for IDA to finish, so I found a little work around This does everything IDA Pro does, expect for the different views. (strings, etc.) You will have to have Theos and everything installed though, and make sure you have a good amount of space on your iDevice. [hide] 1. Crack the app and put the cracked binary in /var/mobile. 2. Open up MobileTerminal, and login as root. 3. In MobileTerminal, run this command: otool -tV /var/mobile/cracked binary >~/xxx.txt "cracked binary" is the name of the binary and "xxx" is the name of the text file you are going to have the disassembly in. If you did not change the directory, the text file with the app disassembly should be in /var/mobile. Basically, instead of printing the disassembly in Terminal, it will instead output the app disassembly in a text file to allow for searches. You can also open it up in iFile and search which is why I really like this method. Here is a picture for what it looks like (app is SAS 3, it is MSHook): [/hide] Hope you guys found this helpful, a way of hacking sub_x and MSHook while on the go
  3. Works on iDevices running iOS 7 & 8. Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - ZEDGE Instructions: [Hidden Content]
  4. HOW TO MOD GTA: SAN ANDREAS Requirements: ☞A PC or Laptop ☞Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iDevice (w/ GTA: SA) ☞Strong Wi-Fi connection (Download, etc.) ☞iFunBox (VERY IMPORTANT!) ☞You iDevice Cable Wire (Your charger) And last but not the least... ☞A fully working BRAIN. Video Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5co2BvBpwxU Tools Download Links: 1 .TXDf**ker ► http://gta.nick7.com/programs/txdf**ker/ 2. TXD Workshop ► http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=8320 3. IMG Tools 2.0 ► http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f552-img-tool-2-0 HAPPY MODDING! ☞Credits: MinhNghiax (Owner of the video)
  5. I don't think I'm going to make the "how to get unbanned on all ios apps" tutorial because it would be the same thing as @@Dragons's tutorial but with one line of text changed. Anyway, here is what you do: [hide] 1. Crack the game and put the cracked binary in /var/mobile/ 2. Open MobileTerminal, and run this command: lipo <nameofbinaryhere> -thin armv7 -output <nameofnewbinary> 3. Take the new binary you created and replace the old binary in the app folder. 4. Set the permissions of the new binary to: Mobile Mobile Read, write, execute Read, write, execute Read, write, execute 5. Open up the app (I just like to do this) [/hide] Now try to attach to GDB, and it should work! You will also not be 64 bit mem addresses when searching in iGameGuardian
  6. iFile is the best way to browse the entire iOS filesystem on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, with supports for viewing all file types, including images, documents, plists, and also installing .deb packages. It has been one of our favorite jailbreak apps of all-time. The good news is that iFile has just been updated for iOS 8-iOS 8.1, and also for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iFile is a complete file manager and viewer running under user root. iFile gives you full access to your jailbroken device's files, like Finder does on your desktop Mac. iFile is your tool for advanced management and customization of files on your device. iFile allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system in multiple tabs. You can directly view files of many types, including images, movies, sound, text, HTML, web archives, Microsoft and Apple iWork files, PDFs, and compressed formats. iFile lets you handle software files and multimedia in flexible ways, including: Copy, paste, rename, and move files. Edit text files and property lists, such as configuration files. Install .deb software packages. Pack and unpack ZIPs and other compressed files. Import mp3s and other files into your iPod library (using Gremlin2 on iOS 4.x). iFile also provides easy ways to get files in and out of your device: Upload and download files from iFile's built-in web server via a web browser or connecting to it as a network drive (WebDAV). Manage, copy, and move files in your Dropbox, box or FTP account. Show and download your files from a Toshiba FlashAir® card. Send files as email attachments. Mount Apple disk image (DMG) files. Send files to iFile on other iDevices via Bluetooth Integrates with AttachmentSaver, Safari Download Manager, and Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing. iFile has a free version with basic features. For complete features listed above, you can purchase a license. More info: http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/depiction.php?file=ifileData You can download it from the BigBoss repo on Cydia or you can get the free version from pirate repos.
  7. This is a tutorial that is pretty advanced and because of that, I expect you to have a grip on regular IDA (normal instructions I mean, MOV, SUB, STR, etc). Of course it is not a requirement, you could just be viewing this tutorial out of curiosity. But it would really help to know some basic IDA before trying to hack vectors. But what the hell is a vector? A vector is an instruction prefixed with "V". For example: VSTR, VMOV, VSUB, VCVT (convert), VLDR, etc. It is the instruction that you get when you set a watchpoint on a memory address that holds a float value. You will know that it is a float when iGameGuardian displays the number like "500.000000". Most of the time you be hacking VSTR, VSUB, and VCVT, at least in my experience. [hide] Since there is no R7 type register for vectors, we have to find different ways to hack them. If IDA drops you off at a VSTR S0, [R0, #20]you cannot just change it to VSTR S7, [R0, #20]because in most cases, it would just make the game crash. So what the hell can we do? The best way to hack a VSTR is to NOP it (except for when hacking cooldown, but I will get to that). This is extremely effective when hacking your health because instead of storing your health value in a normal, unhacked game, the game won't be able to store your health at all which results in infinite health for you But sometimes both enemy health and your health are linked and you have to unlink them. I'll cover that at the end of this tutorial. If you are hacking cooldown for some sort of skill, you cannot just NOP the VSTR (instructions for cooldown are most always VSTR) because once the timer starts, it will never count down, resulting in an infinite timer for skills. To combat this, either you can: 1. Find a register that holds the value of zero and store that register into R0+20 or 2. Move zero into an already existing register and store that register into R0+20. If you are going with option one, you'll have to set a breakpoint on your offset and examine the registers to see what they hold (reg re for LLDB and info r for GDB). Just for the sake of this tutorial, we'll say that R3 holds the value of zero. Now that you know that, you can change VSTR S0, [R0, #20] to a regular STR R3, [R0, #20]. If you know basic IDA, you should understand why/how that works. If you are going with option two, it will be just a tiny bit more complicated. You'll have to hack the instruction above the VSTR with a MOV R0, #0. Then you'll have to store R0 into R0+20. If that is confusing, look at this: Here are the instructions before any modification: VCVT.F32.F64 S0, D2 VSTR S0, [R0, #20] And change that to: MOV R0, #0 STR R0, [R0, #20] What this does is instead of the game converting a 64 bit float value into a 32 bit float value then store that value into R0+20, the game will now move the value of zero into R0 then store R0 (zero) into R0+20, resulting in a timer of zero seconds, which means instant cooldown. This is what you might know as "no skill cooldown". VSTR's are really the only instructions that you hack differently than everything else. You hack VSUB's with NOP's, you can hack VMOV's the normal way you hack a MOV (but with common sense), etc. It is not really hard once you get the hang of it. About unlinking vectors: I'm not entirely sure about this, but to unlink vectors you could try this: 1. Set a breakpoint on your offset. 2. Let the enemy hit you, and your breakpoint should hit. Now type "bt", which means "backtrace". Copy the backtrace onto notepad or something convienent and label it "my health backtrace". 3. Now continue, but this time you hurt the enemy, and your breakpoint should hit. Do a backtrace again and copy it onto notepad and label it "enemy health backtrace". 4. See which frame first differs between the two backtraces (you'll know what I mean by frame when you backtrace) and NOP the branch that connects them. That's it! If you want to see some examples of me hacking vectors, check these links out: http://iosgods.com/topic/7615-offsetsdragon-slayer-v110/ http://iosgods.com/topic/7152-offsets-not-str-r7-for-everything-pindestructible-v301/ http://iosgods.com/topic/7501-offsetsblood-and-glory-immortals-v110/ [/hide] Please let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Do the tutorial : https://iosgods.com/topic/42127-new-simcity-buildit-cheat-all-versions-no-jailbreak/ If you run the application, it will say that this city is corrupt. [Hidden Content] (translated with google translation) Please reply to my topic, then i will see who has seen my topic . PROOF:
  9. This can be used for all sorts of things. I mainly use this for the ownage pranks app, as you can create a new account using this number Super simple! I'll just post a link, its so easy, anyone can do it. You guys dont need instuctions!!! [Hidden Content]
  10. I would like to say this usually only works with offline / single player games. Only known multiplayer game I have been able to use this on is Bloons tower defense battles. Feel free to comment below on what games this works with! This works with iOS 6 - 9.3.3 (9.3.3 being the latest JB) I will add a list of games, if people would help me out Credits to Twiix, Heres a list of working games with this - Click here I will demonstrate this on the game Fallout Shelter! Games I've tested it on - Fallout Shelter - Link Here -Subway Surfers - Link Here -BTD Battles - Link Here Adding pictures in spoilers also [Hidden Content] Leave a thanks and heart!
  11. How to create free unlimited .edu email addresses! [Hidden Content] IMPORTANT: When you receive your login details, use them to log in to gmail and you will have access to your inbox. This took a while to make so I'd really appreciate it if you could heart and thank me for my work. Thank you!
  12. How to Get Unlimited 30 day-trials of Amazon Prime! Steps: [Hidden Content] It would be really appreciated if you could heart and thank me for this tutorial. Thank you
  13. Requirements: - Filza File Manager/iFILE - Jailbreak *Please make a backup of your keychain-2.db before modifying it.* Instructions: Step 1: Delete the game. Step 2: Log out from game center. Step 3: OPEN Filza and OPEN /var/Keychains/keychain-2.db with SQlite3Editor (just tap on it). Step 4: Open the "genp" table and then type at the top: [Hidden Content] and hit Search then Done so that it gets SAVED. Step 5: Reboot your iDevice. Step 6: Download and install the game again. Step 7: Now you're able to create a new account. Step 8: Close the game but keep it in the background (don't kill it from multitasking). Step 9: Log back into game center. Step 10: In game you'll now be asked if you want to use your old ACCOUNT or keep the new one. Step 11: Use the same method for all gameloft games one at a time. IF YOU LIKED THE TUTORIAL GIVE A THANKS :D Special thanks to Sunsaya AND @@DiDA for the tutorial HELP! Tested and working on: - Dungeon Hunter 5 - Dungeon Hunter 4 - Gangstar Vegas - Asphalt 8 - World At Arms - Six Guns - delete this table also: 94B2LB857N.com.gameloft.Bullet - Thor:The Dark World - Modern Combat 5 - Gangstar Rio - Amazing Spider-Man 2 - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - N.O.V.A 3 - Age of Sparta - Disney Magic Kingdoms - More! Gameloft Resetting Tool: http://iosgods.com/topic/6235-gameloft-unban-cheat-tool/
  14. NOTE : To see the hidden content, click down below , AND PLEASE REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF IT WORKS FOR YOU SO OTHERS WILL ALSO COME TO KNOW THAT IT WORKS [Hidden Content]
  15. This tutorial covers floats in ARM64, so I expect you to have a basic understanding of IDA and how it works. I won't be going into depth on this subject, but I will show you how I hacked a game with floats in ARM64, so you can get a grip of it. Also, this tutorial will cover ground on ARM64, so I suggest you do a bit of reading up on this before continuing with the tutorial. This tutorial made by is a really good starting point for you to learn how to hack in ARM64. [Hidden Content] That was my brief tutorial on floats in ARM64. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!
  16. Check bottom of the page for spotify premium iOS 9 update video.. Hey guys I am back Long time no see Actually I got into high school Pretty hectic life ........ So anyways I did ???? amounts of research And here is my top hacks for top radio or music streaming services ( which lets you get premium or unlimited skips) Here are the applications we'll be hacking today 1. Spotify premium (One of the most well-known music streaming service out there) 2. Pandora premium (Just like spottily but depends how you use it) 3. Tunein radio pro (Another one of those "the radios" out there. Btw this is a radio service which includes sports news, millions of music stations, news, and basically it's an all in one radio service And no ads {as its "pro"}) 4. iTunes Radio (Yes another one of those the radios out there.) 5. Apple music (Apple's recent invention) Honourable mention 6. Music Box (One those 3rd party music streaming , downloading apps) Let's get into this Requirements 1. I device (jail broken ) 2. App cake (for some of them) repo - http://repo.iphonecake.com And some other SECRET Stuff.... 1st app to be hacked Spotify premium [ios 8.4 and below] For iOS 9.0 check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04xtE3MqaI0 Steps: [Hidden Content] Now you are on spotify premium 2nd app Pandora premium Steps [Hidden Content] Open pandora and u should be on premium 3rd app Tunein radio pro Steps [Hidden Content] And enjoy your tunein radio pro 4th App- ITunes Radio (If u r on iOS 8.4 see the next one) [Hidden Content] Now u have unlimited skips in iTunes Radio 5th app- Apple music This is basically the same as iTunes Radio but for iOS 8.4 Steps [Hidden Content] And now u should have a lot of things including the option to unlimited skips in your Settings tab 6th App- Music box This is a app that lets you stream and download music illegally even though there is 0% chance that you will get caught using this. Now let's get into this [Hidden Content] And now u have a free app with no subscriptions or limitations That lets u stream any song for free and even download it. Hope this helped u guys Yo ! It better have U know the amount of time this took to put together and research on @DIDA place a tag under my name saying "researcher". ???? Here is another long post showing different ways to download songs to your music app http://iosgods.com/topic/11246-4-ways-to-download-music-and-import-them-to-your-music-library-on-ios/ Yes it's made by me and took ???? amounts of research So yeah Be swag Here is an electric cookie ⚡️???? ....... Updated iOS 9 spotify hack ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04xtE3MqaI0
  17. I could not think of a better title Since I will not be able to make hacks for awhile (I tried with my iPod, it was just way too laggy, theos wouln't install), I'm mostly going to be helping around the forum and making IDA tutorials. DiDA please don't put me in retired This tutorial is sort of noob-friendly, but not really in most ways. You should already have your offset that you got from GDB or LLDB. I am going to go right to the point. It will not be covering the basics. Alright, let's begin [hide] This is the example I will be using for this tutorial. Everything in between 0x101968 and 0x101980 is what we will be working with, everything else does not matter. Why? Because when hacking sub_x, you hardly ever pay attension or modify instructions with SP (stack pointer) in it. You are usually always hacking MOV's, STR's, LDR's, ADD's, SUB's, and sometimes CMP's and branches (BEQ, BL, etc.) In this case, R0 holds the value of our coins. But what is this function saying? This is the first step of figuring out how to make your sub_x hack work. This function (between 0x101968 and 0x101980 , of course) is saying to: 0x101968: Move the value of R0 into R6 0x10196C: Store the value of R1 into R11+var_s0 0x101970: Load R6+0x24 into R0 0x101974: Load R11+var_s0 into R1 0x101978: Add R0 and R1 together and store the value in R0 0x10197C: Store the value of R0 in R6+0x24 0x101980: Move the value of R6 into R0 Now we have figured out what the function is saying in English. I'm sure that you know that R7 holds the value of 668 - 803 million (I'm pretty sure, I know that it is a huge number). To make our coins infinite, we only need to modify instructions with R0 in there because, again, R0 holds the value of our coins. To make it infinite, all we have to do is change the STR (store) because we first want to store R7, or 803 million in R6+0x24 and the LDR (load) instruction because we know want to make it load R7, or 803 million into R0 instead of the regular value of coins. Those two instructions now have dashes and slashes because I don't think you can bold text that already has the code tag. Here is the function in plain English with the dashes: 0x101968: Move the value of R0 into R6 0x10196C: Store the value of R1 into R11+var_s0 0x101970: Load R6+0x24 into R0 ---/---/---/---/---/--- 0x101974: Load R11+var_s0 into R1 0x101978: Add R0 and R1 together and store the value in R0 0x10197C: Store the value of R0 in R6+0x24 ---/---/---/---/---/--- 0x101980: Move the value of R6 into R0 And here is the same function, but instead it is in assembly instructions with what we can change to what to make coins infinite: 0x101968: MOV R0, R6 0x10196C: STR R1, [R11, #var_s0] 0x101970: LDR R0, [R6, #0x24] //we can change this to LDR R0, [R7] so it loads 803 million into R0 instead of the regular amount of coins. 0x101974: LDR R1, [R11, #var_s0] 0x101978: ADD R0, R0, R1 0x10197C: STR R0, [R6, #0x24] //we can change this to STR R7, [R6, #0x24] so it stores 803 million into R6+0x24 instead of our regular coins value. 0x101980: MOV R6, R0 And here is the final changed function to make coins infinite (changes marked with dashes): 0x101968: MOV R0, R6 0x10196C: STR R1, [R11, #var_s0] 0x101970: LDR R0, [R7] ------------------------ 0x101974: LDR R1, [R11, #var_s0] 0x101978: ADD R0, R0, R1 0x10197C: STR R7, [R6, #0x24] ---------------------- 0x101980: MOV R6, R0 Now coins are infinite! I hope you understood this, and I hope you learned something new [/hide] I hope this tutorial helped you Don't be afraid to ask me questions! Thanks @RickHaks for catching a mistake I made
  18. Over 350+ videos taking you step-by-step through process of building 14 different applications in iOS 7 and XCode 5. Our iOS Bootcamp teaches the tools needed to develop iPhone and iPad applications for iOS7. Along our journey, we will learn the syntax of Objective-C, the language used to develop for iOS, as well as important design patterns and best practices. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand and recreate many of the features seen on popular iOS applications and extend that knowledge to making apps of your own. We believe students learn by building. That's why we have you build 14 apps during the course, with the final app being a full featured dating app: A Tinder Clone! Topics Covered: Objective-C: Learn the language used to develop all native iOS and Mac apps Parse: A revolutionary new tool that allows iOS developers to create a server side in Objective-C iOS7 and XCode 5: Learn the latest technology platforms from Apple API Integration: Connect with third party APIs like Facebook, Foursquare and more Storyboard: Learn how to create beautiful interfaces using Apple’s graphical interface builder Core Data: Store data on your device with the core data database Git: Learn how to us Git for version control and collaboration Mixpanel: Integrate analytics into your apps Reviews "I must say that so far, this course is awesome. Having the challenging assignments, daily discussions and feedback from the instructors, has been the missing piece that I have been looking for. I have read a handful of books, watched hours of video & typed in a bunch of tutorials, and finally, having to work through tough assignments and applying what I have been learning, it is all starting to click - Finally!" - Mark S. “Code Coalition's discussion board is one of the best resources for a beginning iOS developer. So much help being offered” - Omar S. “I've just completed the iOS101 course, which I thought was a great intro to the XCode environment... I feel it's been well worth the investment. ” - Herdy H. "Wow, @CodeCoalition! Moving quickly! Week 2 is so different than week 1...and I like it Thnx for the challenge" - Melissa B. “Just discovered @CodeCoalition! An excellent resource for anyone who wants to make their first iPhone app.” -Novall K. “Can't reiterate it enough how this course is helping me with my iOS dev skills. I think using protocols and delegation is finally becoming second nature. Fingers crossed :-)” -Alex P. “I am really loving the class. I have taken classes at Code School & Treehouse and both were missing a key element. The ability to ask questions as you complete a section and get an answer. “ -Lisa A. “Your training is the best out there so far. I wish I had the time away from regular job to follow along.” -Christian S. “Im loving this.. I have been through at least 5 books, and many online deals. Yours is super so far. Finally, i can get from start to finish on a lesson without wondering why on "Everything" thank youCant wait to do more.. “ -Kevin R. Why take this course and how much time does it take to complete? iOS development, and software development as a whole, is a booming career. The demand for new developers at all levels far outweighs the supply. Barrier to entry is not as high as one would think - though passion and hard work are necessary, a degree in computer science or any other technical field is not required. We aim to take you from complete beginner to junior developer in three months. The apps you create in this course can be used on your portfolio so you have something to show when you apply for jobs. Course Outline: Introduction to XCode Control Flow and Enumeration What is Object Oriented Programming Memory Allocation Methods Properties Foundation Model View Controller Common Classes and Features Drawing and Graphics Core Data API’s Source Control Category: Development / Mobile Apps What are the requirements?An intel-based Mac that has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later installed What am I going to get from this course? Over 428 lectures and 36.5 hours of content! Code in the Objective-C programming language Use and extend the Cocoa framework Build apps for iOS 7 Version your code using git and github Analytics using Mixpanel Build a cloud datastore using Parse What is the target audience? Complete beginners (no coding experience necessary) Programmers coming from other language/frameworks If by any chance you become rich by developing iOS apps, don't forget to support the authors! YouTube video playlist: [Hidden Content] I will be updating the playlist and adding more videos whenever I'm free so be sure to check regularly. Note: If you see that some videos are not there, it doesn't mean I forgot to upload them, the missing videos are actually challenges which you need to accomplish before you advance onto the next video. You can download the Challenges from here: [Hidden Content]
  19. Hello everybody, this is shmoo with his first tutorial on hacking. I prefer this way over regular MS hacking and sub_x hacking because it is not too easy or too hard. This is an updated way of hacking with MSHook, meaning it is less tedious than the regular way. Assuming you already have everything installed (theos, an sdk, etc), that you know how to crack iOS games, know what bool's, int's, etc. are, and create a new project with NIC, we can begin. If you are just starting out hacking, start with regular MobileSubstrate, there are many tutorials on this forum. I will be using Real Racing 3 for this tutorial. First of all, you will need Clutch Beta (version 1.4.7-2) from the insanelyi repo. I use this because it won't give you the Trace/BPT trap error, and that it only packages the cracked binary, and nothing else. Now we can move on to actually doing it [hide] Instructions: 1. Load the binary into IDA Pro. (duh) 2. Finding the thing to hack. Once it is loaded, you should see a functions window to your left. You can keep it there, or you can drag it next to "exports" for a better view. Right click and create a quick filter: Now, search for the thing that you want to hack, no need to press enter. In my case, it will be money. You should get a lot of results, but this will vary on your game. Double click on the result that you think will be the correct one to hack. Here is the function: And here it is when I double click on it. This will be the thing you want to hack. It is __ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv. You can click on it and do a ctrl + c to copy it. 3. Putting everything together in your Tweak.xm In your Tweak.xm, copy and paste this template into it. %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "")),(void*), NULL); } Something you should know about this way of hacking with MSHook: you don't change the void's to anything else. Just keep them as void's no matter what. This way of hacking with MSHook will allow you to have much less text in your Tweak.xm, and you can also name the functions to what you want. Here is where everything will go: %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "the thing that you are hacking will go here")),(void*)your function name goes here, NULL); } The finished result of the template should look like this: %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv")),(void*)getMoney, NULL); } That's not all, we have to override the thing that we are hacking. With this method, void's can be overridden like an int, bool, etc. So above the %ctor, put this: int getMoney() { return 9999; } VERY IMPORTANT: Above everything else in your Tweak.xm, put this: #include <substrate.h> Once you are done, your finished Tweak.xm should look like this: #include <substrate.h> int getMoney() { return 9999; } %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv")),(void*)getMoney, NULL); } And you are good to compile! Good luck [/hide] KNOWN PROBLEMS: If you get an error like this: Go to this thread: http://iosgods.com/topic/1986-use-of-undeclared-identifier-msfindsymbol/#entry23807 and use CosnotraLF's solution (you should see it right after you click the link, don't scroll down) If you are following my tutorial and using Real Racing 3 just like I am, you need to add ARCHS = armv7 arm64 at the top of your Makefile because it just occurred to me that Real Racing 3 has an arm64 portion of the code now, and if you don't add that, your hack will not work. See how much simpler it is? Much cleaner also. This method of hacking can be as good as sub_x, also
  20. What up guys? how are you today? For the people that locked with icloud this time I comes up with a new way to almost fully bypass so let's get started Last time I've been showed you how to semi bypass icloud activation wish all your applications updated to network and without network you can not see them but this time is little bit different from the ex time that it mean within or without network. Your ipad iphone or ipod will be unlocked same in the picture bellow but you can not use any of the apps except facetime and newstand That Awkward no worries guys I'll search for this issue until I find the solution and I'll give it to you ofcourse so if you want it guys just follow the following instructions 1 : when you are attempting to activate your idevice press home button ----> more wifi settings [Hidden Content] 3 : press back then next 4 : press activation help ( the idevice will crash to the semi bypass like the ex time 5 : in the right of the top press menu 6 : from the categories choose application ----> then press lost not restored 7 : the idevice will respring automatically 8 : unlock the ipad choose your language and your country 9 : press again home button ----> more wifi settings 10 : delete the DNS you've been wrote before an do not write any thing 11 : in the http proxy press on manual 12 : in server box write some of the the emoticons 15 or more then in port box write 8888 (important) 13 : press back then next 14 ; the idevice will respring then slide to unlock 15 : the idevice will respring again then redo it again keep doing it until the home page pop up this operation will work up 100% will work up. I hope you enjoy with your fully bypass Credits: (owner) Mehdi (shared by) me
  21. UPDATED AS OF 2020 Works with PugBG This method will probably ALWAYS work. I've read through some of the comments and people say they aren't unbanned. Most game developers ban both your device and your account, some only your device or your account. This method can't unban your account ( no method can ). But it clears your phone, so you are able to play the game, on a new account ofcourse. So, first of all, there are probably many different guides out there regarding how to remove your own bans. Now, I have found a way, that is in my opinion the most effective way to get rid of a ban AND it always works. No matter what ban you get, this will remove it, unless you are IP (then just switch to Mobile Networkd if it happened at home, or the other way around). Some people mean this is too much, and not needed and what not, but I mean that, if you want to get unbanned, then why not? It takes 2 minute of your time, and you're done. Now, this method will remove all saved passwords/information on your phone. Meaning you will have to type in your iCloud credentials, Facebook, WiFi Password & whatever else you have. It could possibly cause even more issues with your iDevice so use this at your own risk. I have heard people are having issues with this method. Again, I warn you to use this method as unexpected issues can occur if you use this method. There are other, easier methods you should try first, and ask around. I posted this since I have friends in different countries with no real knowledge about anything regarding this. So the easiest way for them to do it, is to remove the Keychains. I myself use this method aswell, without anything happened, except loosing some game data and passwords. You have been warned. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP USE AT OWN RISK A safer way to do this is to remove the App's tables via a SQL command like on this topic which shows you how to get unbanned from Gameloft Games: http://iosgods.com/topic/5595-tutorial-how-to-get-unbanned-from-gameloft-games-on-your-idevice/ This method can be called "hardcore" as it removes Data from your phone. You can read more about it if you just google it. I highly recommend using the above method before anything else. This method will work, if you really really like a game and will go through hell to be unbanned. This method can also remove your Game Data of some games. For example Clash of Clans and so on. I am sorry that I don't have a list of the games this affects, but you can probably look it up in no time if you need to. [Hidden Content]
  22. I made this tutorial in April of 2015 for the cheaters here and after almost a year of it being private I decided to post it to the public. Gameloft always uses syscall on their games, and while this was written in April, MC5 still has removable syscall and you can use MC5 to practice Requirements: - IDA Pro - Modern Combat 5 - GNU Debugger from cydia.radare.org (repo) - OpenSSH - Clutch 1.4.7-2 - armv7 binary of MC5, crack it on a 32 bit device for it to be armv7. I won't post one here because of copyright issues. Below this line is the exact text I wrote on April 10, 2015. Enjoy ------ [hide] What is syscall? Syscall is anti-debugging protection. This is what causes the Segmentation Fault: 11 when trying to attach to an app. But as hackers we need to attach to an app, and thats why I made this tutorial Again, I'm using MC5. Let's get started 1. Open up the binary in IDA and wait like four to five minutes so that you can actually xref. 2. Once you have waited, click on the "Imports" tab and search for syscall. 3. Double click it and xref to syscall's location in the binary. Here is the function that you are looking for: It should have _getpid, _memset, and _sysctl there. 4. Highlight the BLX _syscall (or BLX.W _syscall sometimes), and click "Hex View 1". The hex should be highlighted. Now right click before the beginning of the highlighted hex and click "edit". 5. Now type "C046C046". This means NOP, or no instruction/operation. Basically it makes the app ignore the instruction. The edited hex should have turned orange. 6. Save your changes. Right click on the orange edited hex and click "Apply changes". 7. After that, go back to IDA View A and confirm that the BLX _syscall and the instruction below it is NOP'ed. 8. Apply your changes to the binary. Go to Edit --> Patch program --> Apply patches to input file. Create a backup if you want to. 9. Replace the original binary with the hacked binary and set the permissions to: Owner: mobile Group: mobile User: read, write, execute Group: read, write, execute World: read, write, execute Now you are done! Try to attach and it should work! [/hide] Proof: (me attaching to Modern Combat 5 in GDB)
  23. Lots User Say GameGem And other Tool Not Work Game Close Because problem Low Ram.. no problem low ram Watch This ... Requirements: - Jailbreak iDevice - ReachAll - ReachApp. - GameGem Instructions: 1. Go to Cydia and add this repo: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ 2. Go to search and search for: ReachAll ReachApp 3. Install both of the tweaks 4. If you havent installed GameGem yet, you can get it from BigBoss repo Source: [Hidden Content] Credits: Khantanoli51
  24. For educational purposes only! Hi everybody,this is a new tutorial on How To Crack and Export Apps in .ipa,so enjoy and if i helped you click the button below and see you to the next thread NOTE: YOU CAN'T CRACK APPS DOWNLOADED ON APPCAKE,PP25 OR WHATELSE. Requirements: An iDevice Jailbroken; Mobile Terminal; A tweak named "Clutch"; The app you want to crack; A PC; (for Export) iFunBox/iTools; (for Export) How to Crack: [Hidden Content] How to Export: [Hidden Content] Credit: iSpongebob10
  25. While googling the hex for VSUB, I came across something awesome, an offline arm converter! Keep in mind that it won't convert instructions like VSUB, VSTR, etc., but still, an offline arm converter on your device! Now instead of getting an offset then getting the hex, I'm going to get all my offsets then convert everything because you cannot quit GDB while debugging Here's how to get it: [hide] 1. Add this repo: http://cydia.radare.org/ (If you are a hacker you should already have this repo) 2. Search for "radare2" and install it. 3. Open MobileTerminal, log in as root, and run this command: rasm2 -a arm 'your instruction goes here' It should print out the hex for that instruction. Notice that those dashes ARE NOT quotes so rasm2 -a arm "your instruction goes here" would be incorrect. Here is an example: rasm2 -a arm 'mov r0, r1' It also does not matter if you use capitalization or not, so rasm2 -a arm 'MOV R0, R1' would work also. Here is a picture: [/hide] Completely offline sub_x hacking! This is some next-gen shit
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