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  1. Hey guys I will show you how to block annoying ads in apps. Before/After Press the 'thanks!' button to see hidden content! Adblocking on wifi and/or cellular networks : [Hidden Content] Adblocking on wifi only : [Hidden Content] Detailed adblocking instructions are inside the app. Credits: [Hidden Content] Say CY@ to ads This is my first post, any suggestions to improve the post is welcomed.
  2. Tutorial Best AdBlock

    So, I thought hard about this, in ability to block ads on my mobile device entirely. I really hate using any types of VPN's which slows my internet, and I have no risk of security with my IP being public, so I never use it. However, with me thinking I said, what about a DNS, which routes your request which blocks those ads. It's better, faster, and more efficient than using a VPN. I did some searching, and come across this site, [Hidden Content] This site was all I needed. How to use it? On your mobile device, navigate to Settings > Wifi > (Select the (i) bubble on your connected network). Scroll to the bottom where you will see "DNS", which should match your router gateway IP. Change that DNS to anything preferred DNS(IP) on that site. When you're done, you're ad free on your entire device. No VPN's. Also, family protection. For advanced moderate safe web for your family, it also provides that, in which block ads & block adult sites, which can be applied to your router to be used as a DNS in the entire house. As of for me, my entire home internet is (Ad Free)!.
  3. To see the Hidden Content hit or Reply. [Hidden Content] Note : It Works with some apps and the others not, but it works perfectly with safari. if it didn't work with an app try another one.
  4. Hello everyone! I know many of you have come across dead protected links which are shortened by services such bit.ly/ad.fly/sh.st/etc. So in order to decrypt the protected links you can follow the steps as follows : NOTE :BEFORE YOU PROCEED, MAKE SURE YOU DO HIT THE ❤ button and the THANKS button to help me out. [Hidden Content] CREDITS : @[member='Vegito']
  5. Hello everybody, this is shmoo with his first tutorial on hacking. I prefer this way over regular MS hacking and sub_x hacking because it is not too easy or too hard. This is an updated way of hacking with MSHook, meaning it is less tedious than the regular way. Assuming you already have everything installed (theos, an sdk, etc), that you know how to crack iOS games, know what bool's, int's, etc. are, and create a new project with NIC, we can begin. If you are just starting out hacking, start with regular MobileSubstrate, there are many tutorials on this forum. I will be using Real Racing 3 for this tutorial. First of all, you will need Clutch Beta (version 1.4.7-2) from the insanelyi repo. I use this because it won't give you the Trace/BPT trap error, and that it only packages the cracked binary, and nothing else. Now we can move on to actually doing it [Hidden Content] KNOWN PROBLEMS: If you get an error like this: Go to this thread: http://iosgods.com/topic/1986-use-of-undeclared-identifier-msfindsymbol/#entry23807 and use CosnotraLF's solution (you should see it right after you click the link, don't scroll down) If you are following my tutorial and using Real Racing 3 just like I am, you need to add ARCHS = armv7 arm64 at the top of your Makefile because it just occurred to me that Real Racing 3 has an arm64 portion of the code now, and if you don't add that, your hack will not work. See how much simpler it is? Much cleaner also. This method of hacking can be as good as sub_x, also
  6. Hey friends , I found this recently and thought of sharing it . This service lets you make an email address that you can give to sites that want it but you don't want your personal email to be given away to them . [Hidden Content] Hope this will definitely satisfy you and will be a useful life hack
  7. Lots User Say GameGem And other Tool Not Work Game Close Because problem Low Ram.. no problem low ram Watch This ... Requirements: - Jailbreak iDevice - ReachAll - ReachApp. - GameGem Instructions: 1. Go to Cydia and add this repo: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ 2. Go to search and search for: ReachAll ReachApp 3. Install both of the tweaks 4. If you havent installed GameGem yet, you can get it from BigBoss repo Source: [Hidden Content] Credits: Khantanoli51
  8. It's true that Apple patched the sandbox filesystem I guess we all went through that when we updated by mistake or purchased our Apple device after the official release of iOS 8.3. Therefore, I am very happy to present you the ultimate solution for your problem. Interested? [Hidden Content]
  9. For educational purposes only! Hi everybody,this is a new tutorial on How To Crack and Export Apps in .ipa,so enjoy and if i helped you click the button below and see you to the next thread NOTE: YOU CAN'T CRACK APPS DOWNLOADED ON APPCAKE,PP25 OR WHATELSE. Requirements: An iDevice Jailbroken; Mobile Terminal; A tweak named "Clutch"; The app you want to crack; A PC; (for Export) iFunBox/iTools; (for Export) How to Crack: [Hidden Content] How to Export: [Hidden Content] Credit: iSpongebob10
  10. Hi everybody, this is a new tutorial on how you can restore your backup with iBackupBot on iOS 10.2.1 ,so enjoy and if i helped you click the button below and see you to the next thread Requirements: A PC;"An iDevice Non Jailbroken"; iBackupBot; Features: You can import/export savegames even if you are on iOS 10.x.x (in my case the 10.2.1) . How to: [Hidden Content] PROOF: Credit: iSpongebob10 @DiDA for Description @BJorn_LuLszic for Bitcoin Billionaire Hack
  11. Tutorial LLDB Problems...

    iphone 6s 10.2 and windows 10 64bit I have Debugserver in usr/bin 755 Root/mobile i open lldb, than open ifunbox. than connect via putty as root than in putty i place --attach=nameofapp i use default ip, because it works... than my game on phone freeze i go to lldb window and type this "process connect connect://" and than NOTHING game is freeze and nothing happens... WHAT CAN IT BE GUYS???
  12. Anyone on iPhone 7 knows the struggle of getting Extra_Recipe to jailbreak your device. It usually takes 1-8 tries but with this method it usually always works first time but i also have a backup method. Method 1: Before opening Extra_Recipe turn your phone on airplane mode, then open Extra_Recipe and click go. Method 2: Hard Reboot (Hold down Power + Volume Down button until the apple screen appears) your phone and turn on airplane mode, then swipe up Extra_Recipe if it is open in multitasking and reopen it and click go. If both of these methods don't work after a couple tries comment below your IOS version and i'll try helping you fix it
  13. In this topic, I will be simply explaining how to SSH into your iPhone/iPad/iPod via USB Connection (without Wi-Fi). Why is this useful? Well, USB connections are faster and more reliable. You only need iFunBox and PuTTY. iFunBox is used to open up the port and PuTTY to actually SSH into your iDevice. If you're on a Mac, you can simply use the Terminal there as I believe this tutorial also works on a Mac (untested this but if it doesn't work, you can try USBMuxd). - Download iFunBox from here and install it: http://i-funbox.com/en_download.html Download PuTTY portable .exe from here: https://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe - 1. Connect your device to your PC via USB Cable. 2. Open iFunBox, make sure your device appears as connected and click on the 'Quick Toolbox' tab, then click on 'USB Tunnel' option. 3. Minimize iFunBox and open PuTTY. Enter for Host Name and leave the port to 22 then click 'Open'. 4. When asked for a username, enter root (or any other user you want to login as). And for password, enter your root's password. Usually alpine if you haven't changed it. 5. Done! To verify that it's not using Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi on your iDevice.
  14. this only takes around a minute to do! Up vote show me some love! they have apps for pc, android, iOS! [Hidden Content]
  15. Requirements: - Filza File Manager/iFILE - Jailbreak *Please make a backup of your keychain-2.db before modifying it.* Instructions: Step 1: Delete the game. Step 2: Log out from game center. Step 3: OPEN Filza and OPEN /var/Keychains/keychain-2.db with SQlite3Editor (just tap on it). Step 4: Open the "genp" table and then type at the top: [Hidden Content] and hit Search then Done so that it gets SAVED. Step 5: Reboot your iDevice. Step 6: Download and install the game again. Step 7: Now you're able to create a new account. Step 8: Close the game but keep it in the background (don't kill it from multitasking). Step 9: Log back into game center. Step 10: In game you'll now be asked if you want to use your old ACCOUNT or keep the new one. Step 11: Use the same method for all gameloft games one at a time. IF YOU LIKED THE TUTORIAL GIVE A THANKS :D Special thanks to Sunsaya AND @@DiDA for the tutorial HELP! Tested and working on: - Dungeon Hunter 5 - Dungeon Hunter 4 - Gangstar Vegas - Asphalt 8 - World At Arms - Six Guns - delete this table also: 94B2LB857N.com.gameloft.Bullet - Thor:The Dark World - Modern Combat 5 - Gangstar Rio - Amazing Spider-Man 2 - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - N.O.V.A 3 - Age of Sparta - Disney Magic Kingdoms - More! Gameloft Resetting Tool: http://iosgods.com/topic/6235-gameloft-unban-cheat-tool/
  16. Hello, today i'm going to show you how to make FlexConverter work for Flex 3, let's start! Requirements: 1. Jailbroken iDevice with FlexConverter installed (you can install it from here): 2.iFile (download it from Cydia) 3.Basic iFile knowledge (copy/paste/create symlink...) Instructions: [Hidden Content]
  17. Popups are really annoying sometimes because they load up everytime you launch the app, go back from the app switcher or quickly check something in Control Center. The cheaters don't want that either but since they do their best to protect the cheats from leeching they have to go back on this uncomfortable way. Not anymore ! By using this method your UIAlertView (popup) will only appear once the specific app/game has launched. [Hidden Content]
  18. No hidden content so the user can just see it, do it, and use the hack. If lipoARM64 won't work, here is how to manually do a binary patch: Instructions: 1. Get 'Darwin CC Tools' (version 855) from the BigBoss repo, 'Clutch2' from cydia.iphonecake.com repo, and 'iOS Terminal' from the BigBoss repo. 2. - VERY IMPORTANT: The iOS 9 jailbreak breaks many command line tools and now they must be signed manually with ldid in order for them to work. Because of this, lipo must be signed or else you'll get the infamous "Killed: 9" error. To resign lipo, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to /usr/bin/ in iFile. 2. Find a file named "lipo" and copy it into /var/mobile/. 3. Open iOS Terminal and run these commands: su alpine cd /var/mobile ldid -s lipo 4. Now we have to set permissions to the newly signed lipo file. Set them as shown here: Owner: root Group: wheel User: Read, Write, Execute Group: Read, Execute World: Read, Execute 5. Hit "Done" after setting permissions and copy the new lipo into /usr/bin/ and overwrite the old one. 6. You are done signing lipo! 3. Go into iOS Terminal, switch to root, and run Clutch (enter each command per line). su alpine Clutch2 If I were to crack Netflix I would do this: Then crack the app and go to /var/mobile/Documents/Cracked (or wherever you set your cracked apps location when configuring Clutch). There should be a new .ipa file there. Rename the .ipa extension to .zip then simply open it with WinRar/7-Zip on your PC or iFile/Filza on your iDevice. 4. Locate the binary inside the .ipa archive: /Payload/App Name.app/Binary Name (Binary file has no extension) 5. Now extract the binary and send it to /var/mobile on your iDevice and rename it to "1" (to make it easier). 6. Switch back to iOS Terminal and then type in this command: cd /var/mobile lipo 1 -thin armv7 -o BinaryNameFromIPAHere Here is what it would look like with Netflix: 7. Take the binary that lipo created (in /var/mobile, it will be smaller than the original binary by around half) and send it to the location where your game's folder is: iOS 6 & 7: /var/mobile/Applications/AppName/AppName.app iOS 8 & 9: /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/AppName/AppName.app 8. Now we will need to set permissions to the binary file inside the app's folder: Owner: mobile Group: mobile User: Read, Write, Execute Group: Read, Write, Execute World: Read, Write, Execute Do that or your game will crash. 9. Now you can celebrate because you just did a binary patch.
  19. How To Install Cracked Apps Manually Without Jailbreak on IOS 9.x ? It’s really easy that it acts as a lightweight web site cum program in your iOS device and in the time lets you install various alluring iOS programs in you iPhone/iPad. More advantage of this app is that it is not necessary for your device to be jail-broken. And works on all kinds of iOS 9+ devices irrespective of whether it’s jailbroken or not. Steps : [Hidden Content]
  20. I will show you how to install trybreakwifi v1.0.5 without error 256 1 You need to download the link below Hack Download Link: [Hidden Content] 2 After you downloaded it, go to cydia and find that deb file you just installed 3 click modify and upgrade 4 respring and you will get trybreakwifi v1.0.5 without any problem 5 enjoy hacking wifi
  21. Do the tutorial : https://iosgods.com/topic/42127-new-simcity-buildit-cheat-all-versions-no-jailbreak/ If you run the application, it will say that this city is corrupt. [Hidden Content] (translated with google translation) Please reply to my topic, then i will see who has seen my topic . PROOF:
  22. I've really been wanting to make this tutorial for a long time but have never gotten around to it. But it's 11:09 and my parents are in bed so I can make this now I'm going to be providing the site with more things, like tutorials and templates, but not so much hacks. Hacking has gotten so dull recently it's the same thing over and over and over again and I'm done with the stress. I will be using Blitz Brigade for this tutorial because it is a great game for beginners to start learning strings. I know this binary is not the current version, but the strings are the same and the functions look more or less the same. Requirements: - A good grip on arm assembly. Do NOT go into this knowing nothing and then expect me to help you. - IDA Pro - Blitz Brigade - A freaking brain and an IQ of at least 50 For this tutorial, we will be hacking ammo and invisible actions. [Hidden Content]
  23. UPDATED AS OF 2017 This method will probably ALWAYS work. I've read through some of the comments and people say they aren't unbanned. Most game developers ban both your device and your account, some only your device or your account. This method can't unban your account ( no method can ). But it clears your phone, so you are able to play the game, on a new account ofcourse. So, first of all, there are probably many different guides out there regarding how to remove your own bans. Now, I have found a way, that is in my opinion the most effective way to get rid of a ban AND it always works. No matter what ban you get, this will remove it, unless you are IP (then just switch to Mobile Networkd if it happened at home, or the other way around). Some people mean this is too much, and not needed and what not, but I mean that, if you want to get unbanned, then why not? It takes 2 minute of your time, and you're done. Now, this method will remove all saved passwords/information on your phone. Meaning you will have to type in your iCloud credentials, Facebook, WiFi Password & whatever else you have. It could possibly cause even more issues with your iDevice so use this at your own risk. I have heard people are having issues with this method. Again, I warn you to use this method as unexpected issues can occur if you use this method. There are other, easier methods you should try first, and ask around. I posted this since I have friends in different countries with no real knowledge about anything regarding this. So the easiest way for them to do it, is to remove the Keychains. Before I learnt other methods, I did this too, without anything happened, except loosing some game data and passwords. You have been warned. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP USE AT OWN RISK A safer way to do this is to remove the App's tables via a SQL command like on this topic which shows you how to get unbanned from Gameloft Games: http://iosgods.com/topic/5595-tutorial-how-to-get-unbanned-from-gameloft-games-on-your-idevice/ This method can be called "hardcore" as it removes Data from your phone. You can read more about it if you just google it. I highly recommend using the above method before anything else. This method will work, if you really really like a game and will go through hell to be unbanned. This method can also remove your Game Data of some games. For example Clash of Clans and so on. I am sorry that I don't have a list of the games this affects, but you can probably look it up in no time if you need to. [Hidden Content]
  24. Hey everybody. This is my tutorial on how to fix the Cydown errors. It's really simple and everyone can do it. Things to fix: - subprocess post-removal script return error exit status 1 error - sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (1) error - Any other error that has to do with Cydown Instructions on how to fix these errors: [Hidden Content] .Deb Download Links [Hidden Content] If this tutorial has helped you, please click the heart button and the thanks button! I appreciate your support!
  25. App: Kodi v16.1, 17 and 18 Requirements: - Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - A brain Download Link: Kodi Jarvis – 16.1 [Hidden Content] Kodi Krypton – 17 final [Hidden Content] Kodi Leia – 18 beta [Hidden Content] (Tap on Install App and once it's installed, launch and tap on Trust Developer) Video tutorial for install and install repo : Kodi 16.1 Kodi 17,18 Credits: Me