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  1. Sure but what I meant is that not all games use an integer with the teamnumber
  2. nice code I would add an additional check in case the value to determine a team is held in a string instead of a number, also the actual Tele Kill function gets called every frame. I suggest to check if the player is shooting and then run the Tele Kill code.
  3. Not a good idea since other classes could inherit from your class and all references to the class will not work too. There is no need to disable the whole iLoveIOSGodsAds class when only 1 or 2 methods are responsible for handling the ads
  4. If you're on 12.1.1 beta3 don't forget to get yourself NoBetaAlert from parrotgeek.com/repo

    1. Error.


      Does it it work for IPhone XS?

    2. DanYal
    3. Error.


      Not Supported Gotta Wait For A12

  5. It's written in Lua. Very simple and beginner friendly but in Pico-8 there's a token (character) limitation so you have to be smart about your code and optimize it to write big games
  6. So I made this game called 'In Your Face Dog Arena'. It was my project for the first game jam at my school and I'm happy present the results after 8 days. You can clearly see that I'm still a beginner but I tried my best to make a game from scratch in just 7 days. If you are interested in the code, I'm happy to share it with you. The platform I used is called Pico-8. It's a great tool to make your own pixel-art games. You can code, draw sprites, add sfx sounds and music all within the program itself. Anyway the goal of the game jam was to create a game and generate views for it in the time span of 1 month. I would really appreciate if you play-test my game. You're more than welcome to comment your thoughts here and on itch.io Here's the game! https://chocobo69.itch.io/in-your-face-dog-arena How to play: - Walk around in the arena and engage with other dogs to challenge them to a fight. Normal dogs have a power of 2 but the Power 3 guys are seriously strong! - First, you're going to play a round of scissors, rock, stone against your opponent. If you win, you'll get a headstart added to your power bar and vice versa - The actual fight is a small minigame in which you play against the time (which is the dog's power bar filling) - There are 4 minigames in total and they are chosen randomly after the 3 second countdown so be prepared - Some of the minigames only require you to do one task like Lavajump, in which you have to reach the goal only once but you have to get the jump timings right to make it. Or Sheep Epilepsy, in which you have to count the amount of colors the sheep pairs have - If you win, you rank up by 1, but if you win against a Power 3 dog you'll rank up by 2! - The game ends when you reach rank 10 and finally become the alpha dog small description and fluff text Here you can fine the code: https://hastebin.com/yenojiyife.bash Have fun playing!
  7. what happened to my shoutbox PepeHands

  8. If you get this message restart iGG 20 times. If you restored your device you need to contact the developer of it to reactivate your license
  9. No fix is needed because iGameGuardian works, what are you talking about
  10. use a terminal app and use the command su alpine dpgk -i /var/mobile/MyCheat.deb the file path might be different for you
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