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  1. I'm back, if you guys even remember me. And how did I get warning points?

    1. TheArmKing


      You were a supporter. You got warning points for leaving without informing xD . Jk

  2. Nice job bro! So sad to hear that your grandfather passed away. May he rest in peace.
  3. Hey. I'm back! In this tutorial, I will be teaching you guys how to duplicate Clash Royale and other popular games! By the way, when Clash Royale is duplicated, the data will be fresh. It won't be the account you were using before. You will start fresh! It will probably be the same for other games. Here's the requirements and the instructions! Requirements: - Cydia - iDevice - Your brain Instructions: [Hidden Content] Hit that thanks/heart button if you've enjoyed this tutorial!
  4. I was roaming around the internet and stumbled upon this. It is 100% likely to work for you, since I tried it. I used to have 100%. Now, I am at 87%. Here's how to do it. Credits to the founder. What you will need: - Apple File Conduit "2" installed from Cydia - iFunBox installed on your computer Instructions: [Hidden Content]
  5. If that happens, go to Settings, General, Profile and Management, and select the profile provided with the app. Trust it and it should now be able to open.
  6. You can just use LocaliAPStore and purchase lots of the currency they provide. Then, you can use iFunBox or another program and drag the documents folder (or library), I believe, into your desktop and send it to MediaFire for people to download it. The people can download the folder and put it into their devices. Works for non-jailbroken devices!
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