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  1. Because you're the only one that requests it. Nobody likes that. I can assign it to you if you want.
  2. They were the only ones that complained haha
  3. You never introduced yourself before?? Welcome then
  4. I got it only for you & Judge but since it's there anyone else can use it.
  5. Rook

    Count to 4,000

    What are we doing with our lives? 20
  6. Rook

    Count to 4,000

    This section won't raise your post count 15
  7. Rook

    Count to 4,000

    You all know how to play.. 1
  8. Our forum rules have moved to a new page: https://iosgods.com/guidelines/
  9. You're used to Sinful You'll get used to this, eventually.
  10. Hello It'sMagic! Welcome to iOSGods.
  11. Having multiple themes will cause errors on some plugins. Please wait while the messenger is fixed.
  12. Oh haha We were talking about an older logo. I updated it now.
  13. Yo x73x! What's up mate?
  14. Hello Master Zahir and welcome to iOSGods! We hope you enjoy it here!
  15. Rook


    Yupp! Massive guy.
  16. Rook


    Yupp! Massive guy.
  17. Rook


    haha Thanks! It's covered till the end of this month.
  18. Thanks for posting this FuroowHD! I'm sure a lot of members will appreciate it.
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