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  1. Hello! Unfortunately, the ViP Subscription you chose is for the Jailbroken ViP sections only & it does not give you access to the ViP Non-Jailbroken section or the ViP apps on the iOSGods App.
  2. Are you sure you are reinstalling properly and that you aren't running an old version?
  3. The iDevice list has been updated to reflect on the new hardware announced the last Apple Event! You can now edit your profile and add the new devices! :)

  4. Hello, There is a free one inside the iOSGods App. Tweaked & Hacked iOS Games/Apps. No Computer & No Jailbreak Required. iOSGods Jailed App: https://app.iosgods.com/
  5. This sounds like either a GPU issue or a monitor issue. Or perhaps a software issue? You can try connecting to an external monitor to see if the GPU is working when your monitor is off.
  6. Open a support topic on this please. And a video would help!
  7. iOS 15 is out!

  8. Hello, Unfortunately, no. Not at this time!
  9. There will be no free version of such a feature, and for good reason.
  10. Information This request or parts of this request have been filled. Please use the search bar on iOSGods.com to find the topic(s) or try searching on the iOSGods App.
  11. Giveaway Ended! Giveaway has ended & the winner(s) has/have been announced. Topic locked.
  12. Hello, Have you tried reinstalling the iOSGods App? That may solve your issue. Alternatively, you can access it directly from Safari. https://app.iosgods.com/store/
  13. No, there currently isn't. You can purchase multiple ViPs and contact me to stack them up for you, or leave auto renewals on.
  14. Hello, Please message me with a video of your issue so I can look into this.
  15. Please read our "Downloading the .IPA from the iOSGods App for Sideloading" topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/93697-installing-apps-from-the-iosgods-app-using-sideloadlycydia-impactor-on-your-pc/
  16. You will have to check your antivirus settings as I’m unable to assist you with this.
  17. That sounds like your antivirus is blocking Sideloadly. You will have to whitelist Sideloadly if you want to use it.
  18. The Sideloadly message is unrelated to the other issue you are having. We’ll look into that too.
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