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  1. Help/Support Ios 9.3.5 LOCALLIAPSTORE issue

    What games have you tried? Try it on Pou & see if it still crashes.
  2. Help/Support Finding x64 offset from x32

    Someone made a tutorial about nullsub functions (which are the same) Altough, that's a painfull way imo, find strings which doesn't have too much xrefs, so you can find it easily. Edit: this comment is useless, DiDA said the same.
  3. [Tweak.xm] Mortal Kombat X v1.16.1

    The 0x after patched writes the new hex address on the offsets above
  4. yea with pre-hacked games
  5. Help/Support I need help testing an ipa

    If it works for you there is no need for others to test. /mark solved.
  6. You can check that by going to installed tweaks.
  7. but it did remove the tweak doesn't it?
  8. 'unrar missing' so install unrar from cydia
  9. Remove other hack installed for game
  10. Oh lol, I didn't read the entire thing, I just saw that line & someone has hooked xD. Sorry
  11. Cool, 'Send information to server' is a own created server which can controll some things of the hack? Or am I wrong lol
  12. Android VS iOS

  13. Request Bloons td battles easy to hack i think

    This is the only hack you can get I suppose: https://iosgods.com/topic/39204-bloons-td-battles-v472-ios-11-support/
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