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  1. A binary file is inside the .ipa yea, i think this hacking is above ur niveau..
  2. You get the binary of the .ipa, edit the usefull offsets & place it back to the ipa & install it using cydia impactor. if making hook tweKs, u can use theos-jailed
  3. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    Just figured out it's only visual the STR
  4. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    I just NOPPED these 2 STR functions.. This made the enemy have godmode.. Can I fix this ? https://imgur.com/gallery/MK659
  5. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    If i bxlr the loc of my enemy, will it skip the other loc functions from the sub_x funtions too? If yes, my health is stored too in the sub_x in another loc..
  6. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    Hm, yea. Tried it too, didn't work either Yea R2 is supposed to be health.. So I though R10 (damage) into R2 (health) chabfe to R7 would do the job
  7. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    I know.. That's why I think what I hack is right xD. loads R10 into R2 loads 'damage' into R2 loads R7 into R2 loads '803mil' into R2 right? Edit: did just do the thing u said, ain't working either.
  8. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    The red marked functions tells to load r10 (damage) into r2 right? changing it to r7 would make it load 803 million as damage right?
  9. Help/Support IDA Hacking - Am I wrong?

    Can you tell me why?
  10. Hi, i found the health function of enemy.. I do a breakpoijnt, which tells me R10 = damage. So what do I do: I change the red marked function to LDR.W r2, [R7] This doesn't work, I don't see a CMP with the register 10 either, so no idea what's wrong. Anyone sees what I do wrong?
  11. Help/Support My tweaks don't work (Theos iOS 10) :(

    Is it a patcher
  12. Hey, so I did breakpoint on a sub_x function, it freezed & the damage I did was written in Register10 (R10). The whole sub_x function doesn't have any registers with R10. There are registers like S0, D0 etc, but when breakpoint there, it doesn't seem to work. So can it be it shows registers from another sub_x function?
  13. Enable godmode before entering a match. This works for me, when it's disabled before entering match it doesnt work for me either
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