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  1. Heyy, Yesterday someone tried to hack a game & he needed to see .smali files but I couldn't exactly find a tutorial from this form to link to him. There are tools etc, but yea that's why I'm writing one . What you need first, are the correct files & installation How? https://ibotpeaches.github.io/Apktool/install/ Better tutorial for mac: http://macappstore.org/apktool/ Also you will need JRE installed; http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html After that it'll look something like this: (SignApk folder is something I created by my own) As you can see, I already did put a .apk in there: dtm.apk That's the one we'll decompile What we have to do now, is locate to this folder on Terminal or CMD CMD: SHIFT + right mouse button --> Open command promt here or you can 'cd' to it, not sure how on windows. Terminal: cd /whereyoulocated the apktool folder, mine = cd /users/joey/desktop/apktool After you located to your apktool folder. There are only 2 simple commands you need to know: apktool d 'nameofapk'.apk ---> decompiling apktool b nameofapkyoudecompiledasfolder ---> recompiling In my case: apktool d dtm.apk apktool b dtm lemme show you how it will looks like after decompiling: (redline is decompiled .apk) So, imagine you did some changes in the smali files or png files or whatever , you wanna recompile it back to .apk ofcourse, how? well in my case i type in terminal: apktool b dtm It will look like this: What you have to do now: Openup the decompiled .apk folder, in my case 'dtm' & go to 'dist' Here you'll find the recompiled .apk, you only need to sign the .apk... That's why I created a SignApk folder in my apktool folder, but you can also download 'Zipsigner' from playstore. How do I sign the .apk? This is my SignApk folder, unzip it in your apktool folder: http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/lRQPtsWK/file.html After you've unzipped it, copy apktool + apktool.jar from your apktool folder into the SignApk folder. I copy the recompiled apk to my SignApk folder In my SignApk folder I created a .txt doc with the command to sign .apk It's this command: java -jar SignApk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8 apkname.apk newapkname.apk I'll have to locate using Terminal first: In my case: cd /users/joey/desktop/apktool/signapk Then I run this command: java -jar SignApk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8 dtm.apk dtm_signed.apk It will look like this: (red line is signed apk) Hope it's a bit clear! Goodluck! PS: If you need any help with some smali hacking, you can pm me & I'll try to help!
  2. Hacked App: Bike Race Pro / Bike Race TFG iTunes Link: - https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/bike-race-pro/id510461370?mt=8 - https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/bike-race-free-by-top-free/id510461758?mt=8 Hack Requirements: - Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools / AnyTrans / iExplorer / DiskAid or any other file managers for iOS. Hack Features: - All Bikes Unlocked + All Tournament Bikes Unlocked NOTE: Tournaments are server sided, so the bikes DON'T work in Tournaments, you can play with them in single & multiplayer. When you click on tournaments it will automaticly restore your own tournament bikes. Hack Download Link: (Mediafire) [Hidden Content] Bug fixed; not saving times & stars. 30/01/2017: Added support to version 7.2+ 06/03/2017: Added support to the newer versions + The Love bike is included in the hack. Installation Instructions: Note: Backup your original app files before replacing them with these modified ones Step 1: Open the app once, then close it from multitasking. Step 2: Download the file(s) from above. Step 3: Unzip the downloaded file Step 4: Replace the Documents and Libary folder. iOS 7/6 and lower users: /User Applications/BikeRaceTFG/BikeRacePro using iFunBox or /var/mobile//Applications/BikeRaceTFG/BikeRacePro using iFile/Filza. iOS 8 users: /User Applications/BikeRaceTFG/BikeRacePro using iFunBox or /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/BikeRaceTFG/BikeRacePro using iFile/Filza. Non-Jailbroken iOS 8.3, 8.4, 9 and higher read this tutorial: http://iosgods.com/topic/9651-how-to-installapply-hacks-posted-in-this-section-if-youre-on-ios-83-84-90/ . Credits: - Ted2 Hack Screenshots: Tutorial Video: https://youtu.be/kGBZ7jdqZkE Credits of video: BikeRaceJ, it's me.