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  1. Killed:9 error is bcs of binaries not being signed due the Electra JB
  2. You need to declare it: inline bool GetPrefBool(NSString *key) { return [[[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:PLIST_PATH] valueForKey:key] boolValue]; } Also this may be a nice tool to use. http://armconverter.com/mshookgenerator/ Select patcher option
  3. failed to attach to process named: "" re-read your command.
  4. That's where my video is about. If you aren't bother watching the FULL video with your EYES, then don't even start this journey.
  5. Also, I do suggest you to use this: Instead of debugserver IDA, the link above is MUCH faster.
  6. LLDB needs port 23, so you need to create it. See video.
  7. Also: I suggest you to learn C on your pc/MacOS if you have one, actually any programming language is suggested to learn on PC.
  8. iOS 11 has some problems with this. However, I think @DiDA has a fix. Alternative: Try signing with extender from Julio (not sure if it supports signing Binary but it's worth a try)
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