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  1. Would be best to tell which games so people can re-produce the issue, right now no one can do anything with this information.
  2. He’s right. Freezing means it’s hit. If you type “c” or “continue” the game will unfreeze. I’ll edit the tutorial soon, as this is a unclear thing for more people.
  3. Nope. As the void ammo(bla, bla, bla) {} is the replacement method of the original method (which you named old_ammo), here you write your own logic of the method. If you only need to change the parameter values, you can just call the original method (old_ammo) with your own values and that will be enough. You could also do: void ammo(void *instance, int value, bool reload) { value = 9999; reload = false; old_ammo(instance, value, reload); } In this example you alter the parameter values it was originally called with and then call the method itself with your new values.
  4. Hmm, sorry. I was checking the post on phone which sucks. I just checked on my laptop and... The method you're hooking is a void, which means it doesn't return anything. Void methods are called to perform certain things rather than returning something. So this ammo method has two parameters: ammo and reload. You can make them always 9999 and false, but you do not return them. A valid hook would look like this: // This holds the original state of the method, some people prefer to call it "orig_ammo" instead because of that. void(*old_ammo)(void *instance, int value, bool reload); // This is the hooked method, where you can do whatever you want void ammo(void *instance, int value, bool reload) { // Just a note; I don't think instance will ever be NULL. if(instance != NULL) { // set ammo to 9999 and reload to false old_ammo(instance, 9999, false); } // Do what it normally does old_ammo(instance, value, reload); } MsHookFunction((void*)getAbsoluteAddress(0x289235), (void*)ammo, (void**)&old_ammo); I've added some comments to the code, so I hope you understand better then.
  5. Sorry, I just spotted a mistake. You should return old_ammo(instance, 9999,false); Not ammo(instance, 9999, false);
  6. This one is the one you need for setting the parameters.
  7. If you want to make tweaks/hacks, you'll need theos installed so you can compile tweaks. If you want to start making tweaks, I recommend just search YouTube and follow along with some video's. If you want to make cheats/hacks, I recommend following tutorials here on this forum. With both of them you'll work with obj-c/swift and C/C++, which are not really like Python. Though, nowadays people who make cheats don't know one of those languages and are still being able to make cheats due the theos-templates that exist and they just enter in offsets they found with the tool il2cppdumper (its on github).
  8. Hello Josh, the tweak i’m referring to is FLEXible which you can download from the BigBoss repo. Another tweak called “FLEXall” might be required too, because on my phone there’s a bug where FLEXible wasn’t shown. The “FLEXall” tweak can be installed from: https://dgh0st.github.io You can then activate FLEXible with three finger long press on your screen or long press your status bar. Goodluck!
  9. I see you installed theos sdks 9.3? If this is the only one that exists in your theos/sdks folder, then that's not good. Copy all sdks folders from: https://github.com/theos/sdks into your theos/sdks folder and try again.
  10. In your dump, search for keywords like “locked”, “unlocked” or “has”, “can” -> all booleans and return to True (or false if method says locked)
  11. You need to type "c" or "continue" in the putty window to resume the game.
  12. This prolly a Enum, so there’s some method that uses this Enum & you can just enter a value there. Search in the dump.cs for that Enum name & work from there.
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