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  1. Hi everyone! Just a quick COVID health update:

    I am unable to sit or stand for too long without collapsing. I have extreme weakness and high temperature. So I will still be AFK for a few more days.

    Stay safe guys.

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    2. Adam_is_right


      Hope you get better soon!

    3. Jacko_dtaco


      get well bro

    4. Tgod1991


      Rest up m8!

    5. Yazedad


      Wish you a full recovery brother 🙏

    6. Alsayhaj


      We pray for you to get well soon 

  2. Hi everyone! I’ve been infected with Covid-19 so my PM replied will be delayed. Please be patient and I’ll get to your PMs as soon as I can!
  3. Apple ID sideload option requires decrypted apps. That’s why it’s crashing for you.
  4. Hi, The web app & forum ViP are all the same and also work on App+. https://iosgods.com/store/category/1-vip-subscriptions/ https://iosgods.com/subscriptions/
  5. Please carefully read the topic as it has instructions on what you’re supposed to do. https://iosgods.com/topic/147016-eid-al-adha-21-vip-discount/?do=findComment&comment=4742634
  6. Hello, Where are you downloading from for it to say that? Alternatively, you can always manually download then drop the IPA into Sideloadly.
  7. Hi, That’s related to the revoke wave. We’re gradually working on fixing everyone affected and you will be compensated for the downtime.
  8. Hi, It seems like you are using and old version of Sideloadly. Is there no update available when you open it?
  9. There's a ViP service for the currency if you haven't seen it already. https://iosgods.com/topic/96524-harry-potter-hogwarts-mystery-all-versions-coins-gems-hack/
  10. Search is fixed now! Let me know if you guys find any other issues or have any suggestions. :)

    Now we will be looking into solving the 404 error that’s happening on some very old apps.

    1. Ted2


      Buttons on dark theme are too dark to be recognized as buttons. Think u should make em yellow.

      Also why no code option in text editor in PM's?

  11. How are you decrypting the IPAs? Perhaps doing that is removing the widgets?
  12. Update is coming soon! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)
  13. The site loading times have been improved and the search system is also being fixed and should be done in a few hours. Thank you for your patience!

  14. Hello, Please send me a PM with your invoice # and new UDID.
  15. Hello, Please make sure you are using the correct account. This account has not purchased ViP, however, there is another one similar that has. @FLYING78
  16. It’s an issue with SCLAlertView. Did you import it properly?
  17. People have reported it working by just having it installed and be logged in to iOSGods in Safari. Otherwise, please wait as we’re working on solving this issue.
  18. Hello, Which apps do you get this issue on? I cannot reproduce, it's working fine on my end.
  19. We are aware and working on fixing an issue with slow site loading times as well as incomplete search results. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

  20. Hello, This sounds like you are using the old payment system which is no longer valid. You will be refunded and your auto renewals will get canceled so that you may purchase App+ through the new channel. Please read our "iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions & Answers" topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/100620-iosgods-app-frequently-asked-questions-answers/
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