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  1. You alive bro ? 

  2. Keep the color scheme similar. If you google "Color Schemes" you can find matching colors that will fit the button.
  3. All photos were taken by me, and I take credit for all images used If you want more photography I'll make a post including some galleries! Original: Photoshopped: I lost the original photo for this one so here's the edited.
  4. For those who updated to iOS 11 and have no games on their phone, or wondering how to get one of the apps from the app store for free, here's a tutorial on how to get free apps, including hacked apps like Snapchat + and emulators on iOS 11 Step 1: On your phone (using Safari) go to this link below Step 2: Click the button & click "allow". Step 3: It will automatically take you to the settings of the "Install profile" page. Simply click install at the top right. (Enter passcode, if you have one) and then hit install one more time at the top right. Step 4: On your home screen there should be a app called "NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED!" at the bottom. Simply click it, let it load and you should be in. (There is advertisements that pop up). ALL APPS YOU DOWNLOAD MUST BE CONFIRMED IN PROFILES. (After you download any app, go to Settings>General>(scroll down)Profiles & Device Management> and then make sure the enterprise apps at the bottom are verified. Tweaked apps - Click on "APPS" in the top center, scroll down to "Tweaked Apps" and choose one to download Free Apps - Click on "APPS" in the top center, then click "Appstore Apps". Emulators - Click on "APPS" in the top center, then click "NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED! Apps" and then choose your emulator. If you are downloading GBA4iOS or iNDS I suggest using emuparadise or romhustler. Screenshots
  5. So these are all random pictures that I've taken over time. Don't try to steal these as your own kthanks Hope you guys like it and give me some feedback. (There is a lot of photos so beware :P) Also sorry about being unorganized.
  6. I accepted you. I'll promote you to an admin so if you want to invite your friends, feel free. we are a couple off of rank 2.
  7. ELEMENT OF DARKNESS DESTINY 2 CLAN OUTLAWS WANTED! We are looking for new members to partake in our newly converted Destiny 2 clan! Our clan currently has an open roster and accepting all members willing to join for the time being. The current founders of the clan play almost daily and at all times on the clock so never play alone. We need some members to partake in evens with us such as Raids, Strikes, Crucible, and even just friendly play with quests. The simple instructions below is steps on how you can join and be our newest member. (Yes we are cross platform so you will have our clan tag and name on ALL platform consoles!) How to Join! If you don't have a Bungie account, create one (Click Here). If you already do have a Bungie account click the link below and then click he GIANT "Join Clan" button and then you are officially apart of our clan with our open roster system! (Click this link to join.) https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=1522354 What do you get for joining our clan? Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level. Clan name in title (Of course) Clan tag in title (Of course) More to come when we complete challenges and rank up together! FOUNDER: Cardinham
  8. College makes me cry :'(

  9. Thanks but really? I personally think the boat looks warm enough, it blends with the color of the sky which is the same color on the boat. If you're talking about the right side I left it darker because of the shadow and the light angle from the sun. Here's the orignal Kayak image which had a really cold tone to it
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