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GFX How to Properly Critique Work

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When coming across the designers on iOSGods, we have a handful of members. Ranging from beginners to experts. Members/designers are not all on the same level,

which is crucial when critiquing ones work.Be sure to be courteous and try not to discourage the other members for their hard work.



All work is designed based on what the designer feels is needed. Not everyone has the same mind and thinks alike, so please be open minded to every design. Each design has a concept or something that the artist felt was right.

Please try to refrain from saying things to discourage the artist's feelings such as "this sucks", "I can do better", and so on. We are all humans and have different mind sets (y) Not all designers have the same experience as one another.

Someone may have very good experience with photoshop than others, and some may not be as familiar with the tools and layout or whatever the trouble may be.


Graphics Team ranking - GFX group is achieved by posting your work around the forum or the GFX Section. You can also make signatures or avatars for others and the more you post, the easier it is to get promoted.




The Don'ts

  • Bash other users
  • Start arguments
  • Say your work is better than theirs
  • Encourage them to stop
  • Humiliate them
  • Disapprove of their work



The Do's

  • Always be supportive
  • Give good feedback
  • Be thorough and clear
  • Encourage them to keep going/get better
  • If you have any suggestions, be generous with your wordings



When giving feedback, try to be clear and positive. Always try to think like the artist and see from their perspective. Be open minded as stated before and look for pros. If you feel the design has flaws, address them

properly by maybe assisting and aiding them. Remember we are all humans, and have feelings. Although you might be straight forward; remember we are all different. Maybe your idea might just make the design look a tad

bit better, and with everyone individual help we can all improve!

We are all great and aspiring artists and we should not put down other members. We're great and we should be great mentors to one another, learning from one another can only enrich ourselves. Please, be kind and

welcoming to fellow and new designers. I appreciate your time for reading this. GOOD LUCK ~ personally from me!


A great personality, makes a great friend.

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