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  2. Thanks man, I have a few more if I can find the .gif's of them. I haven't done them in months haha.
  3. Make me one please @Vodka. Looks hella nice!
  4. Found this motion designed signature for a friend. I mainly used AE to create it, and used Photoshop to create the .gif enjoy
  5. A while back I use to go by the name Color, and I made myself this signature. I just found a .png of it today lmao. I used c4d for the render, and the lighting and hues in photoshop. very simple. enjoy.
  6. whats the theme? gaming, vlog, p0rn?
  7. Any good backrgound , I don't know much about GFX ;D But Name must be like this DanYal - iG Team
  8. Hello , Someone can make me Youtube Banner ? Like DanYal - iOSGODS.com Team or DanYal - iG Team Thank you
  9. Its more fluid than Windows. As long as you don't game on Mac its a better experience I think.
  10. Here's some Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 Battle Pass Graphics I made similar to the offical ones but more desktop friendly. Spaced out the characters more than the offical ones and added the tier 100 Ragnarok skin rather than the default one. You can find all the different variations of the layers such as with/without logo, characters, rift and background here: https://imgur.com/a/BS003zk You can download a video background ("Live Background") of the Rift moving here: https://i.imgur.com/y8TYiuV.mp4 Enjoy! If you would like any of the original non-compressed images let me know and i'll upload the one you want.
  11. ok i've been doing freelance since 2008? you're not giving me feedback, you're over analyzing a photo which I gave quite a good reference to why it's not complete.
  12. Hey, can someone make an anime signature for me ? I'd like to have an animated ( if possible ) Darling in the franXX signature with my name on it !
  13. I am an artist, with experience. It would do you good to listen to feedback.
  14. At this point I can't even tell if you're trolling...
  15. You could improve the eyes, though. They look dead.
  16. the fact you did an analysis. i understand that's how it look, it's because i didn't do the coat. secondly, all that lighting is useless, it doesn't look like anyone else anyways. due to the fact the only 'iconic' person with a dagger tattoo on their forehead is 21.
  17. Since we have the original picture as a reference, we don't really notice it, but the neck/chest looks like a small, backwards leg. Something like this You're also missing a lot of lighting, which makes it look like someone else than 21. Ex. the shadow on the eyelid, highlights on the cheeks and lips.
  18. p.s. too many tattoos affected by sun light
  19. enjoy. p.s. yes it's watermarked. no i didn't feel like doing the clothing because there's just too much black on black and it's difficult. original:

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