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  2. Thank you :) I made this in Adobe Illustrator Thanks man, yup AI is where it all was done
  3. I haven't posted here in a while and decide to be doing graphic design threads. I made a poly wallpaper for a friend of mine I care to hear your thoughts on it
  4. Btw if anyone wants to i can do crystal or oil painting digital designs for logos, or i can make some minimalistic etc etc, if you want any still art backgrounds or logos just pm me or make a topic in general and reference me @SkylarSpark Will try making my own high profile animated logos or gifs. Would be awesome
  5. Oh u mean "IOS" not "Ios" ? I thought it will look good like this ?, next time I'll make it IOS with the logo too . Sure How much will u pay ? ? JK ill see if I get free time : ) Yeah its all about practes .
  6. Cool, it almost looks like that “glitched”  logo, very cool, i myself suck at animation but i love doing still graphical images, logos, and art
  7. nice, wanna make me a personal one
  8. Looks good, but WHY is it not “iOSGods”? ;_;
  9. Hello peps < Photoshop design by me it's called " Glitch " so simple but It took me like 3 Hours to make . . . ?
  10. Creature's from Overlord the anime
  11. Thanks man, I have a few more if I can find the .gif's of them. I haven't done them in months haha.
  12. Make me one please @Vodka. Looks hella nice!
  13. Found this motion designed signature for a friend. I mainly used AE to create it, and used Photoshop to create the .gif enjoy
  14. A while back I use to go by the name Color, and I made myself this signature. I just found a .png of it today lmao. I used c4d for the render, and the lighting and hues in photoshop. very simple. enjoy.

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