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Graphics Club. Show off your GFX skills here!
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  2. If you're looking to create a logo without having and graphic designing skills, 1. Simply go to copilot.microsoft.com and click on More Creative as shown below: 2. Click on Add Image (This image will be the reference image for the Ai) 3. Once you add the image then write instructions about what type of logo you want Ai to create The Ai will start creating unique logos for you. It was really fun creating logos with this tool. Here are few logos for iOSGods. (Ai usually makes mistakes with the spellings but these can be fixed with detailed instructions or some manual editing) but the concepts are good.
  3. I am collecting requests for GFX (Profile). Like the publication, and send the short form below: Character: Anime/Game/Others:
  4. I would love to review this pack! thanks mate!
  5. I really liked your artwork! I thought it showed real promise. Keep up the great work in Vietnam!
  6. Great, author, thanks for the content! Beautiful trees. We(i.e. me) will be making a town for a movie shoot. We need a base for the "white box". It looks very promising. Отлично, автор, спасибо за контент! Красивые деревья. Мы(то есть я) будем делать город для киносъёмки. Нужна база для "белой коробки". Выглядит очень многообещающе.
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