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  2. I'd like a signature with my name on it with a touch of sassy memes to it. Basically coder style mixed with meme style.
  3. Keep the color scheme similar. If you google "Color Schemes" you can find matching colors that will fit the button.
  4. The designs on this topic look like they've been made by a 5 year old.
  5. I need them to match with the buttons inside
  6. they were from your picture but 70bf9c green. 0000ff Blue
  7. nice but what about the outer border colors , like the blue and green
  8. if you like the colours take a look sorry didnt have time to convert to RGB only hex 250dfc BLUE 0619b0 Dark Blue ff0033 RED fc0018 OFF red c40315 ffff00 YELLOW ffee00 00ff0c GREEN 00c209 DARK GREEN
  9. its not that good but, you know ill give it a shot. its a draft copy. only thing i used was also i have no idea what you wanted so i just did anything
  10. All I need is good colour combos , even if there are no borders
  11. Even I can go to another location and take a pic , but cant get that hair straight , f***ING PRO
  12. So if ya know bout this tool i made: I learn how to change color and stuff so it looks like this: Now, since i am sh!t at gfx i was wondering if you guys can help me.. All i need is it some designs like that ( Using Solid Color only ) in which you can tell me what should the button color be like if on or off , text color , border color etc. ( The Button Colour here is Black in case you wondered) Any help is appreciated ( Would be great if you could send a pic with the colour codes in RGB Color Code(255,255,255) format) @Zimon @Danaerys @Earthiest
  13. i was making some think else then i gave up half way through editing and just went simple, just need to use a gif crop to cut it to correct siza
  14. i'm currently making one for you because i'm board and randomly came on and saw this give me time and what font would you like your name in
  15. an you make a signature with megumin in it? adding an explosion would be cool

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