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  2. (iOSGods) Discord banner: Hello again friends! 😄 I haven't posted any GFX in a while and unfortunately the 'Graphic Studio' subforum seems to be dead, so I decided now was the time to post something! I myself have been wanting a Discord server for iOSGods for a while, and so I thought I'd try to design a quick Discord banner containing the iOSGods logo - Thought I'd share it with you guys! The artwork piece consists of an image of the new forum design, with a rectangular fill in the middle with an iOS themed background inside (might be hard to notice) - A basic font with a blue-ish color scheme, and of course the beautiful iOSGods mascot with his MacBook! Hope you like it as much as I did creating it. Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback! - Softwares used: This was purely created with Adobe PhotoShop. 😄 Final product: The banner in use (example):
  3. Greetings. Having studied the principles and basics of SEO, you can take specific steps in website promotion to bring the resource to the first search pages. But if you do not want to be introduced into this process on your own, you can always use the services of specialists. By the way, I contacted them at https://develux.com/ to make SEO optimization of my site. Guys, what services do you use? Thank you all in advance.
  4. Hello. You know, I can say with the full confidence that e-commerce plays an essential role in my whole business and now I also would like to share it with you. Consequently, just check out this site https://redwerk.com/industries/e-commerce/ that will significantly help you to find the most appropriate information about the kind of development. I truly hope you will try to use it for yourself!
  5. Спасибо добрый человек, теперь мне осталось скачать компьютер, чтобы там процессор был ядер на 16 А с моим i5-750 и 4 гигабайта оперативной памяти, очень не легко в анри что-то делать))
  6. Cool app. I had no idea that mockups were used so often in design until I saw this site - https://www.ls.graphics/free-mockups . It features many mockups, but most of all I liked the postcard mockups. Which ones do you like more? Tell us about your preferences, it's very interesting!
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