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About This Club

Graphics Club. Show off your GFX skills here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi gfx artists, I would like some cool anime character (boy) for a pfp. Can anyone make it for me? Thanks, -Gfx Requester that is bad
  3. Thanks for the advice man! I’m new to this community so I want to learn all the guidelines and rules that I can find. Very interesting info.
  4. I could do it. Can I have some Info about how you want it?
  5. Here’s a link to Giphy so you can save it as a Live Photo on your supported iOS devices https://media2.giphy.com/media/pzBnnFqGCsxhdn9mAI/giphy.gif
  6. Hey bro it’s cool I like it but I can’t use it in iPad though
  7. Really enjoyed the last few episodes of DBS so I wanted a Wallpaper for my phone but couldn’t find any good ones or they wouldn’t fit on screen, so I made my own! My first time making something like this! thoughts?
  8. I like the mountain one and the saturn
  9. Hello iOSGods members, I have a quick request for the GFX members who have time to make a quick nice logo for my group project company at school. Here is some information about the company which can help: Name: Unique Bracelets Slogan: Unique bracelets for unique people Theme color: White and Black What we do: We sell basically sell bracelet projects. Customer says what he/she wants on it which material and letters etc and we make it ourselves and deliver it within a week. Thanks
  10. So I haven't been on this website in i'd say a year and haven't really been on my computer for like 2 years and I only started up again about 2-3 weeks ago and finally remember this website and how welcome I felt and posting my projects up on here. Since I came back i mainly been learning Blender and just trying to get back to my normal workflow I regained my workflow by working on 3 simple projects Programs Used : Photoshop CS6, Cinema4D R18 1 : Low Poly Factory Constant Animation This Project started out and just messing around with a few shapes when i came to the decision to make an animation of a factory constantly shooting out boxes. The animation is short and simple with very very basic animation (Converting to gif was a pain and lowered the quality immensely) 2 : Low Poly City Another simple low poly picture completely made in Cinema4D (No Photoshop) 3 : 3D Stone Logo Profile Picture This Project was made equally in Cinema4D and Photoshop with little work The main objects and environment were made in Cinema4D while the rest was added through Photoshop with some masking and basic shadowing Before Photoshop: After Photoshop: Thank you for reading my post, Please leave any feedback you may have and I'm looking forward to posting in the future
  11. I'd like a signature with my name on it with a touch of sassy memes to it. Basically coder style mixed with meme style.

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