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  2. ok i've been doing freelance since 2008? you're not giving me feedback, you're over analyzing a photo which I gave quite a good reference to why it's not complete.
  3. Hey, can someone make an anime signature for me ? I'd like to have an animated ( if possible ) Darling in the franXX signature with my name on it !
  4. I am an artist, with experience. It would do you good to listen to feedback.
  5. At this point I can't even tell if you're trolling...
  6. You could improve the eyes, though. They look dead.
  7. the fact you did an analysis. i understand that's how it look, it's because i didn't do the coat. secondly, all that lighting is useless, it doesn't look like anyone else anyways. due to the fact the only 'iconic' person with a dagger tattoo on their forehead is 21.
  8. Since we have the original picture as a reference, we don't really notice it, but the neck/chest looks like a small, backwards leg. Something like this You're also missing a lot of lighting, which makes it look like someone else than 21. Ex. the shadow on the eyelid, highlights on the cheeks and lips.
  9. p.s. too many tattoos affected by sun light
  10. enjoy. p.s. yes it's watermarked. no i didn't feel like doing the clothing because there's just too much black on black and it's difficult. original:
  11. thanks p.s. to future viewers if you don't know how to change suit color just let me know what colors you want changed. i'll probably do a maximum of 5 requests. just know i get on here only to upload content or check my threads. POG
  12. Good job! Nice! But you forgot the necklace! Perhaps the hairline could be a bit better, but overall, really nice.
  13. edit: yes i did watermark it and if you find it; yes that's my name. two r's not two a's. Original Image: With Chain b/c Joka always looking for those details: Vector Art Style:
  14. It still looks awesome! Love it
  15. Easy, just the shadow won't be there at the end The white outline is created automatically for the shadow, opacity and gifs...
  16. So awesome! You just need to make it dark theme friendly, which I assume will be hard.
  17. Since this club is kinda dead... I guess I'll share this short .gif Installed Adobe After Effects some hours ago and thought I'd give it a try, created this as my first project, for some practice.
  18. Really interesting project bro. Thats awesome. Flyer_One

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