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Graphics Club. Show off your GFX skills here!
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  2. any Can someone make me a signature for me to use here on the forum?
  3. Great, author, thanks for the content! Beautiful trees. We(i.e. me) will be making a town for a movie shoot. We need a base for the "white box". It looks very promising. Отлично, автор, спасибо за контент! Красивые деревья. Мы(то есть я) будем делать город для киносъёмки. Нужна база для "белой коробки". Выглядит очень многообещающе.
  4. Editing videos is a favorite requirement of young people today, being able to make unique videos for themselves to post on social networking sites is an extremely favorite thing of many young people today. There are many tools for you to use, but which is the best support tool for you. Today I would like to introduce the Efectum Ocean Of APK application that allows you to edit videos according to your preferences. Download: efectum ocean of apk no watermark
  5. I find Efectum Ocean also a very good video editing software.
  6. Your links don't work. Okay, I can tell you one trick that i inspired right now. I am editing videos for 10 years in various programs. Now realised that most freelance clients need simple edit, and for this i use free templates and can do video at few minutes and get well paid. https://create.vista.com/colors/color-names/dark-khaki/ This editor is gold for me, can check it out
  7. May be u can try to do it https://create.vista.com/themes/facebook-cover/jewelry/
  8. That's good idea. Good work always need to be payed. If you need good-value logo, can try search depositphotos for it. There are lots of good media
  9. Maybe you need a special app to control your spending, especially if you have a company. Does anyone have such an app in mind?
  10. I want to quit smoking with a vape, while I find more useful apps about vaping in the App Store. Thinking about buying one and have a discount, but I need to learn more information about it to get code.
  11. what kind of logos do you need ? 192.168.1
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