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  1. Hi can  make ipa hack or savegame for non jailbreak for Kairasoft games.


  2. Is it even possible to have 1 favorite song? Haha. But here are some of my recent favorite songs.
  3. Famous Award : - Member for 2/3 years Award? - Bulletin Award (Should it be a current pinned topic?) - I have 2 GFX AWARDS, Can the other one be changed to 'Friendly Artist'.
  4. Woah! The difference between the Original and your work! Your work looks 100x better! This is magic!
  5. I think I'm kinda late but here's all that I'm missing : Help Seeker Award Time Spent Online Award? (Maybe, I can't check my time) Bulletin Award (I've had a couple pinned topics in the past, Information, Giveaways, GFX Goodies) Famous (Weird requesting this one ) Friendly Artist Award Giveaway Award (Hosted a number of Giveaways consisting of Riddles, Questions, Hidden Posts Etc. for the website) Member for ** Years (Since 2014) Merry Christmas (For SURE!) Report Award (Maybe, I haven't kept a number but it's probably a lot) Supporter Award (Does it apply to all the Help & Support Topics I've answered to?) If any sort of proof is needed on any above requests, please let me know. I didn't want to post screens of everything I Requested PS: If you come across an achievement I forgot to mention that I'm eligible for, I'd be happy to accept it!
  6. I usually don't accept the saying," You can achieve anything if you try hard enough." (I mean, I need wings or an airplane to fly) But trying a hand at Graphic Designing and wanting to become better is always possible!
  7. Ahh, what an amazing journey it has been for this website. A big congratulations to the heads & admins running this magic for as long as it has been. I can proudly say that I've been around for a little while and it really is amazing to see the accomplishments and achievements! I wish it many more! Would love to participate in the giveaway! ^^
  8. Has the winner already been announced? If not, I'd like to join!
  9. I'm pretty most of the apps on the iOS Store I posted have got either Android Alternates or their exact Counterparts. Other than that, I'm sorry. I guess I'm better than doctors!
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