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  1. Yeah right, i don’t know what any of that even means. Even google doesn’t help.
  2. App Admin, you can downgrade also and also stop further updates.
  3. Does anyone know a legitimate working JB detection bypass tweak or a way-through so that I can access my Banking Apps. I’ve been going crazy for the past 2 weeks trying different methods to the best of my ability. Liberty is Trash and not compatible with my iOS 11.2.2. xCon is not compatible. I even tried the downgrading app method using App Admin. But obviously, it’s a Banking App. They don’t support old versions. Also tried the tweak, “Breakthrough”. I don’t even know wtf it does. No options in the settings, none. Same crap. Doesn’t work. Accidentally, my Electra Jailbreak crashed due to my phone dying and so for a while I was not jailbroken. I tried opening the Banking App but it would still give me the Jailbreak Warning thingy. So I jailbroke my phone again. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.
  4. I am good! Welcome to iOSGods!
  5. Yes, just follow the same steps. Open Electra and just jailbreak.
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