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About This Club

Graphics Club. Show off your GFX skills here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. You can check out various things that are available online but honestly, I think you should have extensive research of the different designs! I personally faced a lot of issues with design at my consulting website or the live chat integration modules when I first launched my business and I think it would be impossible to achieve without the help of expert website creators https://stylemixthemes.com/consulting/ that really put me on the right path! So it became a piece of cake to have a functional site that provides top-notch customer service all day long and for the price they offered that service, it was great!
  3. Sure you can! I had zero idea about web development and app creation at first and honestly had to go through lots of material to even get a grasp of what I was aiming for in the first place! I mean I'm not a web designer or anything, so it seemed a big mountain to climb at first so when I had the chance to find the right team to deal with my requirements, and they really assisted me in creating the best products! They have really made app creation easy to handle, and now I'm about to finish my first wine learning application which is super exciting!
  4. Of course, you can. But the prices would depend on what kind of app you want. If you would like to get apps similar to snapchat then It would be more expensive. Anyway, you can contact the software development team that you interested in and they would probably discuss prices with you. Good luck to you with hiring a team.
  5. Hi there! I know Tilda, I suppose it is quite popular now. If you do not need a very complicated design - I would recommend trying that. I draw a design in Figma to have a template and then put it into Tilda for a completed website. Also, if you are interested in this kind of business, I can share a platform to sell digital products online - http://zerooneecommerce.com/. It will be useful for creative people who work as developers, writers, designers, and others.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I should say that it was pretty useful for me
  7. SPAM BOT 🤬 2 post and ech has a spam link.
  8. Good afternoon! I wanted to start a business and found profitable franchise opportunities. So, I bought permission to use a company brand, and now I would like to make an app. Do you think it is legal? It seems like it would be an app for only one restaurant in a chain.
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