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  1. I've only used the Electra1131-1.0.3-vfs ipa file you linked to in
  2. After dragging the ipa and logging into Cydia Impactor, I get an error saying "installation.cpp:51". Any idea what it is? iPhone 5s @ iOS 11.0.3
  3. I am an artist, with experience. It would do you good to listen to feedback.
  4. You could improve the eyes, though. They look dead.
  5. Since we have the original picture as a reference, we don't really notice it, but the neck/chest looks like a small, backwards leg. Something like this You're also missing a lot of lighting, which makes it look like someone else than 21. Ex. the shadow on the eyelid, highlights on the cheeks and lips.
  6. You've done it again. Magnificent.
  7. Hello. It has been a while since I posted anything. This is a project I did for school. Every year, my high school hosts a competition. Everyone who chose a certain subject (Medier og kommunikasjon, which translates to Medias and communication) participates in this. The subject is all about journalism, graphic design, filmmaking, and photography. This year's theme was "Illusion". I have decided to create a world without faces, to symbolize our society. In this era of communication and social interaction, we have never been more alone. We judge each other based on things, we ourselves do. People commit suicide every day, because they receive hate. We, the faceless people, are doing this. I hope this brings some attention to the issue. Thank you.
  8. The memes have been pretty bad, this year. Hoping for some good stuff in the future. Maybe some new meme concept, idk
  9. One 3 years award and a large soda, please.
  10. In the picture above, the stroke was supposed to have the same colour as the background. It came out lighter than desired. I have no clue what could be the problem, and I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  11. I'd rather it be focused towards my audience than being affordable though. I'll keep it as it is.
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