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  1. For my business organization class I had to make an app that could somehow earn money. My team called the “dream team” came up with the idea of an app called Dream Stream, where people can stream/post music. After I updated to iOS 11 I couldn’t get photoshop touch anymore, so I had to use some painfully awful apps to make this. Have a nice day!
  2. Sorry for not posting frequently. Someone wanted a logo for their new gambling server called Critical Ops Lottery. So these are some variations of what I made for them. Have a nice day, and enjoy your summer!
  3. I don't have one, and I cannot afford one at the moment.
  4. Sorry it is one of the only good things I can do with photoshop touch.
  5. Hey guys I made some logos and banners, so here they are. HZN logo: HZN Banner: KOW logo: NL logo: IFL banner: YT thumbnail: Thanks for looking at my stuff. Have nice day!
  6. So these are some random Critical Ops GFX I have made. Youtube Banner For Friend: Pretty Crappy Pixelated Jersey: Tourney Bracket: Twitter Banner: Image Used:
  7. Recently I have had a lot of school work, but I had time to make a simple banner. The fade looks a little off, since I am not used to working in photoshop touch. Picture Used: Thanks for looking at my work! Suggestions and opinions are always apreciated! Have a nice day.
  8. I know, it has been a long time since I posted. I am sorry, I have been focusing on school and hanging out with my c-ops team too much. I decided to post some logos/banners that I have made for multiple critical ops teams, hope you enjoy! My New IFL logo:
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