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  1. Help/Support BX LR and NOP

    BX LR delete the whole fuction NOP is for freezing like if you hack the ammo (ex sub r3, r2, r1) you change the sub to add and instead of subtracting the ammo it will add ammo => infinite ammo. But there is a way to have an infinite ammo without breaking the game, that's why you use NOP => it will freeze the ammo (no subtract, no add) make it more stable
  2. where can i find download for simcity hacks?

    1. francesca bassi

      francesca bassi

      please tell me as soon as possible


    2. 1618


      how to unbanned forn dominations 

    3. Bossx2


      1 hour ago, francesca bassi said:

      please tell me as soon as possible



      28 minutes ago, 1618 said:

      how to unbanned forn dominations 

      Use the search bar located top left 

  3. Hi :)

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    2. TheArmKing
    3. DiDA
    4. Laxus


      Just busy with real life job, still miss my old job and you guys :D

  4. U wann fight Laxus I will beat u for revealing my face to Erza and natsu and happy

  5. did you stop to update your Darkness Reborn hack?

  6. can you update Simcity cash and key hack please bro

  7. Features: High Score Infinite Coin (Complete 1 Investigation or Buy something) Infinite Energy (Play as long as you want) Instruction: Download my deb Put it into iFile Choose it and Press Installer Respring OPEN SETTINGS AND TURN ON THE HACK Enjoy Download: [Hidden Content] Credit: - Me (@Laxus)
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