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Everything posted by Kira

  1. She belongs to the streets.

    1. Rook


      What's up dude? Heartbreak?

    2. TurboLo


      who belong to the streets? 

  2. Religion is fake, the news is fake. This is all just a matrix nature is the real "God". Hope y'all taking care of yourselves :)

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    2. TurboLo


      The news gets paid to intimidate us and exaggerate a lot of things which is quite unnecessary if you ask me 

    3. Aadhil12345


      well.. God created Nature.. but if people f* the nature God will let Nature to F* back... Simple Truth.

    4. TurboLo


      @Aadhil12345 Amen to that


  4. I am once again letting you guys know I have Coronavirus.

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    2. TurboLo


      feel better 


    3. Kira


      @Rook Yes the doc said 1 year V.I.P might help aid the pain. ;(

    4. Rook


      @Kira Yeah, sure. That'll be $69

  5. I have the Coronavirus. 

    1. Zahir


      Mr bean is my grandfather 

    2. Laxus


      My name is Jeff

  6. See I warned y'all and told ya to learn about forex and start trading. Now look at y'all coronavirus taking over jobs being shut down and people going broke 🤷🏻‍♂️. It's never too late  📉

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kira


      No that's not how forex works 😅 plus I been investing. Now is the perfect time for the market due to the whole virus situation because now it's in a selling trend not a buy. So all I do is sell rn lol at least I ain't gotta worry about 2 weeks no pay 🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. absolut1on


      :WHY:i dont invest. I dont win,I dont bet, I dont loose. I work then i spend for needs. And what matters mostly , bee happy and live your life!😇

    4. bR34Kr


      Look at Bitcoin 😛

  7. Guys don't settle for a 9-5 when you can be your own boss and trade forex. It's hard yeah but it's worth it in the end just put in the work! ✌🏻 PIPS 💴

    1. Rook


      Dude not everyone is made for Forex. It's gambling if you don't know what you're doing.

    2. Kira


      You're right it's pretty much gambling. I like gambling and making money though I legit only started cause I really wanted to get an x6 and work for myself. It's hard as f*** I'm still learning but I'm making profits and I think more people should really get into it.

    3. WolfLoverForever


      Even dropshipping is better than forex. 

  8. Someone from Russia tried logging into my account 3 times. 🤨🖕🏼

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      change your account password dude

    2. Kira


      okay bro 🙏🏼 

  9. Anybody here currently a day trader or does forex trading?

    1. CHUNX


      Heard that’s a money making business? U been doing it for a while? 

    2. Kira


      It is indeed, and not really just 6 months trying to go full time.

    3. CHUNX


      Shoot u takin any students? Lol trying to learn something new. 

  10. It's quite cold.

  11. Be right back (; ❤️🏻

  12. At first I thought the dude on the picture was a Lizard.
  13. @Zahir You sure love that emoji
  14. Social media seriously harms your mental health.

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    2. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      It does but if you meditate you can easily control things around you 

    3. Vladakov


      some black notes too

    4. rezah5591
  15. I wanna hold you so close like a switchblade
    I really mean that, I know you don't believe it
    I'm shining so hard, I know that you can see that
    I'd give it up though, I swear I'd give it up though
    We're moving so fast, I don't care, I wanna crash
    Let our love burn, let our love burn
    We're moving so fast, I don't care, I wanna crash

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kira


      It's lil peep tf wrong with you wagonist @Goku Black

    3. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      The joke went over ur head 

    4. Rook



  16. I hope you kids know I type 70 WPM so don't even bother try entering.
  17. @DADi All I did was say your name, don't see where that's in the guidelines or w.e but bet.

    1. Rook


      Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information. It is prohibited to share any content that may reveal personal information about individuals, or their private property, without permission. This includes but is not limited to: real names, phone number, email, location, etc.

      That's mentioned in https://iosgods.com/guidelines/

    2. Kira


      My bad oof

  18. #FreeKira till it's backwards. 😭

    1. Crimson
    2. Soud_0


      Sorry rules are rules

  19. This dude banned me no warning cause I said a name tf. 

    1. Rook


      Please educate yourself with our Community Guidelines. https://iosgods.com/guidelines/

  20. Depression and obsession don't mix well
    I'm poisoned and my body don't feel well
    I hate her, it's hard to love how I feel my stomach turning
    Make out hill, where we met
    We let our lips do all the talking and now I'm nothing
    Depression and obsession don't mix well
    Hollywood motels
    Hell, I think I'm just obsessed with you
    Depression and obsession don't mix well
    Hollywood motels
    Hell, I think I'm just obsessed with you

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kira


      Is your mom fat?

    3. Cisco


      Bruh go watch some purn.. best medicine in the world 

    4. Crimson


      yea go watch gay pron

  21. Long Live King Jahseh Onfroy A.k.A XXXtentacion may he sleep in peace 😞😓  he will never be forgotten. 🖤

  22. Are you truly alive if you don't feel pain. 

    1. arcie


      Zombie mode

    2. Zahir


      Are you truly alive if you don't donate to Zahir.

  23. Remember To Remember 

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