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  1. Crossover don’t work with Mac files. Works best with Windows files. what you need is hackintosh
  2. Question for you, when to disable OHK to gain 3 crowns?
  3. As long as player also buy some premiums in game, they will not ban you. Premium as low as $50
  4. How is your game not crashing when Ninjas are active? Unless you don’t got ninjas, you didn’t play that mini game to get those awards
  5. looks like when both features are turn on, when Mini Ninja shows up...it crashes the game.
  6. IOSGODS5YEARS ?? shows Expired?

    1. DiDA



    2. Zahir


      Very cool DiDA! 

    3. afs05115
  7. all works? do you get all 3 crowns with both Hack Options Activated??
  8. Screen seems to be oversized, in game conversation phrases are missing part of it running on iPad Pro 9.7 https://i.postimg.cc/tCyndTbZ/5-F00146-C-6-D7-B-4291-B139-FACD40-B0-BDE5.png https://i.postimg.cc/5tGF8S9b/6-C51-A4-DA-67-FB-49-A8-A1-E3-2-CB1-F26-A2502.png
  9. @Amuyea mod seems to causes game to crash and maybe even causes game to resize to a larger screen ratio.
  10. 1st hack will need to be undetected, or else DirectTV will track user and send out warrant for modifying their content. They are very strict about their media sharing. Since AirPlay is disabled to stop people from video recording their contents, in order to record is to buy their DVR feature pay per use.
  11. this is kool, with this hack finally able to finish game. hahahah
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