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  1. do u know is there a iOS 15 updated version for iTransmission? upload it on App++ or something similar. Thanks!
  2. Nope, no email! I just tried to install, still shows “unable to install” thanks
  3. @Rook any updates? Shucks still can’t get my account to work. All I need is iTorrent! Hahaha thanks
  4. Yup! Shucks, looks to me, happened to me… darn
  5. Revocation fix ain’t something that can be fix in matter of hours or days. All depends on Apple issuing a new developer access without getting caught using in the wrong way(s).
  6. Ain’t that hard to wait… how about bake some cookies, read books, play PS5. Or if desperation is so bad, sign up for Apple Developer Account for $99 per year
  7. Answer is already in the FAQ, rather than saying Revoked. We just need to wait Admin reassign a new signature to App+ for us to enjoy! Meantime, sit back and watch Netflix or stream anime or play PS5.
  8. Currently on iOS 14.4 12 pro max, screen itself is not fully compatible with screen ratio, looks to me fit for standard iPhone with hardware home button. Some reasons, each time trying to use app built in camera feature, it show “not downloaded”. please update to latest release. Thank You, Arcie
  9. @Laxus please update to latest releases Currently Outdated for Three Months. New updates includes new watch OS updates. And iOS improvements thank you, Arcie
  10. What’s a reliable website to download Cercube 5 ipa for iPhone?

     For latest release of YouTube? 15.49.4


     thank you

  11. @Rook can you update to 1.83 ; latest release thank you, Arcie
  12. @Laxus @Rook can you update the app so that it can stop logging out automatically, after switching to different application or leaving it in the background? Thanks, keep up the good work I’m using iPhone 12 Pro Max; 14.3
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