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  1. uhhh when I joined and everyone thought I was a scammer trying to steal accounts
  2. Bruh Sound Effect #2

  3. No one:

    Chatbox: Ight im boutta head out

  4.  Alabama - *Bans abortions*

    Alabama babies - hoes mad x24

  5. Good luck to everyone doing exams!

    1. spiritoflife


      good luck in ur life ^^

    2. C.L.G


      @spiritoflife i want die LUL 

      but I started my exams with my biology first paper today, and I did pretty good imo but im kinda screwed for english and german as im trash at them

  6. I must consult with the elder gods

    1. Pradeep6868


      -Mortal Combat

  7. *new movie comes out*

    people who cant watch the movie: cover2.jpg

    1. Pradeep6868


      So funny I turn into hulk 

  8. welp its nox or bluestacks time
  9. Anyone who spoils avengers endgame has big gay

    1. DADi


      Going to remove the Chatbox

    2. C.L.G


      @DiDA I don't condone or condemn removing it tbh LUL 

  10. @Joka eyyyy guess who's the winner
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01K4UKMIU/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza cheapest 144hz 1440p 1ms monitor I could find as it is on a (unlimited?) discount, with its only downsides being: - its size (23.8 inches) - factory colours (however below is a review that deals with this issue on the 1080p version, might help) if you have the power to push this resolution and refresh rate but don't want to spend upwards of £300 then this may be the monitor for you.
  12. Give me one good usage of a refresh button

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. C.L.G


      listen everyone outside of the us and south korea got 3G internet OMEGALUL and the refresh button is already broken

    3. Ultra Magnus

      Ultra Magnus

      Doesn’t every browser on earth already have a refresh button?

    4. Night Rose

      Night Rose

      @Ultra Magnus my thoughts exactly.

  13. @Joka is in set 8

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. C.L.G


      set 8 memes hit too close to home im guessing OMEGALUL 

    3. Joka


      Nah im just sick of you saying sh!t about me 24/7. Obsessed much :ph34r:

    4. C.L.G


      mainly for reactions :popcorn:

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