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  1. Can I use it on christian servers or does jesus block it?
  2. @Lhebi also if you find out how to get it working on iOS 12 can you comment how you did it so I can update the topic?
  3. Ok, good luck getting it working on iOS 12
  4. I don’t have an iOS 12 device to test it on, sorry. However I’ve not encountered a preference error for this before. Maybe you’re missing some essential Cydia tweaks? Have you installed preference loader?
  5. No problem. If you have any issues just comment and I’ll try to help
  6. I saw some of these requests for CallBar X and how some people couldn’t get it working. So here’s how I got it working for my IPhone SE on 11.3.1 [Hidden Content] If it doesn’t show all the options and still says that it’s unactivated, try respringing again. If it still doesn’t work, uninstall CallBar X and/or CrackTools3 and try again from Step 1 If this has helped you in anyway, don’t forget to hit the like button and comment if you need any more help
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