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  1. Nah bro.. instagram only.. am not sure how he is surviving with his hacks .. his hacks are damn overpowered..
  2. Instant ban.. anti cheat itself only giving ban.. check NXTgamingYT he is selling paid hack..
  3. Ban.. I used anti cheat and only aim assist .. I reached master 5 and got banned..
  4. @Yusaaktas Hey Bro. Can you please check the COD offbytMeme Reaction GIF by Silicon Valley

  5. Mod menu is giving ban ... @Yusaaktas can you create a cod.app file contains only wall hack and anti cheat.. other hacks are really over powered
  6. Few of the offbyte not found in the cod.app. U used the mod men offbyte? Same
  7. I just added whatever the anti ban offbytes but i cant open the game after.
  8. @Yusaaktaswhat if some of the antiban offset not found in the cod.app ? i couldnt able to find 3 antiban offsets and Player Outline Wallhack : 0183FC24 - 20008052C0035FD6 0197E824 - 20008052C0035FD6 i couldnt able to find the offbyte for wall hack as well.
  9. dont use aim assist hack... just use only wall hack bro... did u add all the antiban offbytes?
  10. Damn.. i am in 14.4.2 .. need JB to test this hack.. thanks a bunch
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