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  1. When I wrote the tutorial this wasn't apart of the app/setup. There is a way to bypass this & still download the app but it includes sideloading the app. So you would need a computer or need to be jail broken.
  2. Gotta learn at some point... unless you turn into @ZoZo
  3. https://iosgods.com/forum/27-help-support/ make your own post so the issue can be fixed properly
  4. Jailbreaking w/ Checkra1n (As of March 27th, 2020) Requirements: Checkra1n is able to jailbreak A5-A11 devices from iOS 12.3 and up To know your iOS & A-chip simply go to your phone’s settings > General > About Your iOS is your Software Version & Google your Model number to see it’s A-chip number. Alternatively you can check the table at the bottom of the guide or use This Tool(Click me) (ONLY USE TO SEE IF YOU’RE ABLE TO JAILBREAK WITH CHECKRA1N! DOWNLOAD NOTHING FROM HERE!) Click here for Unc0ver Guide [Hidden Content] A-Chip List! Enjoy!
  5. I hate you! Give me that rank you fake bot!

    1. Gerogey132


      Deadass thought this guy was a real bot.

    2. Kilmnar


      He’s not a contributor all he does is repost....imma stab him watch


  6. ......what..... rephrase your entire post
  7. You have to be jailbroken & make sure to get it from one of these repos: BigBoss or TiGi
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