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  1. Make sure you've installed it properly. So make sure your $THEOS environment variable is setup and you recursively cloned the GitHub repo. The template should be placed in $THEOS/templates, not $THEOS/template
  2. Unless the game uses some kind of custom version management system (updating the version through something like a file in its Documents directory), maybe spoofing the plist version or hooking the APIs providing that field to the binary could work? Could be worth looking into as it'd be pretty nice.
  3. You can use Ghidra as an alternative
  4. You're probably better off requesting an update for the cheat itself, unless you can play the game with cheats in offline mode and then upgrade. The game update is mandatory as new features/models/etc. may be in there which will make the game crash if you don't update.
  5. It'll show you the tracelog which is pretty useful. You can try opening your binary in IDA afterwards and seeing exactly where the crash is unless you have debug info turned on.
  6. Use something like Cr4shed to see exactly where it crashes. It's probably an issue with the function prototype or with the address itself. The NULL check should also be done before you call the actual function but eitherway the original function would get a NULL pointer so there's no reason to check.
  7. To get the actual IDs associated with weapons you'd need to either find the function which gives you weapons and try every combination to make a table and you'd have your IDs or use something like Il2CppDumper which may or may not dump the enumerations associated with each weapon type.
  8. The reason you get the error is because there's no function called fieldofview. To create a function pointer this is the syntax: // Actual function char coolFunction(void *a, char *name) { return *name; } // Pointer to coolFunction in variable coolPointer char (*coolPointer)(void *, char *) = &coolFunction;
  9. It's free of charge on the App Store. There's ads which can be disabled using an iAp
  10. You need to change the Bundle ID. iOS version 14.7.1 and upwards will not allow sideloaded apps with Bundle IDs already registered on the App Store.
  11. Use CrashReporter or Cr4shed to see the possible culprit. You can then remove that tweak
  12. There's two ways you can go about this. The first method is probably the most beginner friendly, so you find what function writes to the fov with your watchpoint and then just patch the instructions at that address to set it to a constant value of your choosing. The second method would be to use instances (read the instance variable tutorial) to create a tree to that place in memory, since it changes everytime. This is done by a loop of watchpoints until you find a base, static address with which you can descend into the FOV.
  13. Yes the binary is probably not compatible with your device. You should try and find a version that works for you. Which one are you using right now?
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