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  1. You provided no type for thirdPersonController I suggest you learn C and C++ before starting off making cheats like this
  2. It's probably the range/margin of error for floating point numbers. I recommend your read IEEE754 to understand how floating point is stored on computers but TL;DR: It's very lossy. So if you store 25.5, it may not be able to exist and might go store it as 25.00000001 etc. Because of this margin of error, if thousands upon thousands of calculations are done on the value (position for example), then the error will get amplified and may change a difference of 1 in the result for example. So the tolerance would be how much you handle errors like this. A tolerance of 1 is very generous but it should be fine
  3. ThirdPersonWalkSpeed just gets the current speed probably. In the update function, you need to actually change the value of the speed by maybe setting the speed variable or smth else.
  4. Share the full code and put it in a code block as this is unreadbale
  5. If you're patching try to find a SUB instruction (maybe with breakpoints or smth) and change it for an ADD . If you're hooking then do the thing I said above
  6. Are you sure your hook actually works without the menu? Try hooking to the update function or another function that gets called.
  7. It should work for both version if it's using offsets If you're hooking to ObjC methods of iOS itself, then make sure to cross reference between the different headers and make sure everything you hook exists in both
  8. The function may have a different name such as Tick. You can also hook an Update function for which the class has a reference to the object you want to change
  9. Hook the SpendMoney function and call the original function with the parameter's negative absolute value so you're always sure it's going to increase by the amount you spent
  10. You have Substitute. Make sure the Tweak Injection is actually enabled in Substitute's app
  11. It may be due to the recent version and changes Apple made. You could probably reverse engineer the app or use Flex to make Tweaks that change your purchase status. Also make sure to check the app's Preferences and SyncedPreferences as the status may be there as well as a TRUE/FALSE.
  12. You need to click the 'Install' button that appears when you click the .deb file inside Filza. Make sure you import the file in Filza though and not in the built-in files app
  13. If you are jailbroken you can probably find the .mobileconfig inside the app's Bundle directory or in its binary.
  14. Unc0ver 6.0.0 released! Support for 14.0-14.3 added!

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