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  1. Read the tutorials they should be pretty clear. In this case you'd need to hook the functions to return your own stuff or patch them
  2. Find the header in the dump and then get the filesize from the header? Idk you gotta look the format up
  3. You already said it, you dumped the memory. This means you dumped the bytes allocated for the game from your RAM. There's no files in there and it's only data spread out at random locations. That file shouldn't be useful for you unless you plan on doing structure analysis with it. What you're most likely interested is finding how the offsets you find through iGG are used and find a static route to those offsets to then have a functioning cheat
  4. Google is your friend. A good way to learn is without a course and by having to make a project in that lang. So you'll need to lookup the docs but at least you'll understand it better than if it's some random dude on YouTube.
  5. What you can do for now is look for values that stay the same and change between scans.
  6. This might be because the script is made for Python 3, although I highly doubt it. Eitherway, you could manually edit the script to remove the issues and/or open an issue on the repo. Although you need to run ida.py and not script.py iirc
  7. Compare the game version from the time to the current. Alternatively refind the offset ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Refer to r/jailbreak's Jailbreak compatibility sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11DABHIIqwYQKj1L83AK9ywk_hYMjEkcaxpIg6phbTf0/edit?usp=sharing At this time there's no JB for your device
  9. The offsets are also most probably wrong because of the updates
  10. This goes both ways. iOS has removed 32bit compatibility in iOS>=11.
  11. You can do this using the VNC package on Cydia, although it might be deprecated on more recent versions of iOS
  12. The game might be using encrypted values / offseted values. Also, you might be using the wrong types. Make sure to use a type that matches the value (always go for the smallest, smart devs won't put HP ranging from 0 to 100 in a 4 byte int while they can put it in a 1 byte char for example)
  13. As Ted said this is an Enum. What you need to do is find a class/structure that uses a value of that type (so search for the Enum's name). That will give you the field you want to modify and its offset
  14. This was posted 3 years ago. I'm pretty sure the game got updated since then
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