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  1. M-m-m-mat-th... as an interest? :admin:

    1. Archangel04


      2+2=4-1=3 quick maths

    2. Juku


      thats my type of math

    3. ZahirSher


      Do you know how to find the integral of a third derivative of a function?

  2. Help/Support H3lix stuck at boot

    Only problem I get is everytime I install something that depends on LLVM+CLANG it also screws up installing llvm.
  3. Help/Support H3lix stuck at boot

    I got the same jb and got everything working on it lol same device too.
  4. Both files deleted off website lol.
  5. Android VS iOS

    imo iPhone used to better but at the moment the newer Android phones are better like the galaxy s8
  6. Same thing for me as well. nvm fixed it, was a jb thing
  7. Welcome Back my dude!

    1. Juku
    2. Adi2k18


      Dude you got discord? I gotta talk to you.

  8. exams are gay :(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ItsMrChow


      I'm here if you need me. I know you dont know me but hey I just like being there for people. you feel me bro?


    3. Juku
    4. CrazyLazyGamer


      exams are indeed gay, i have a mock next week :/

  9. Tool IDA PRO v6.6 + v6.8 + v7.0 Full

    Weird.. I replied to this before lol, like 2 years ago.
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