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  1. Help/Support

    enjoy it bitch
  2. Help/Support

    how about for using lldb nd stuff?
  3. Alright... So I am still pissed about how my ios 8.4 jb got f@cking ruined. Now my iPad is ios 10.2.1 instead of ios 8.4. BUT, recently my dad bought a new iPhone and is giving me his previous one.. My current phone sucks. His phone is a bit cracked, but it works I guess, and we will soon be transfering my data plan over there (during march break or something), the phone he has given me is IOS 10.0.1 and is 32 bit I think, not sure if its the 5S, SE or 5. If it is ios 10.0.1, is it jailbreakable and able to debug? If it is 32 bit and 10.0.1 is it jailbreakable too? Edit: It's x32 and power button is partially broken
  4. 2667
  5. lol i deleted a file that was 900mb apparently using the tut and my device is now in an infinite boot loop, musta been an important file....................
  6. Help/Support

    not ios 10.2 blob. ios 8.4 blob
  7. So I'm going to restore, but was wondering, I know I can use Cydia Eraser to restore and stay on same IOS. But couldn't I just save my SHSH blob and restore through itunes?
  8. Could you link me it? I know there used to be a tut but its like hidden or something.
  9. Hello. So recently I've been getting a lot of out of storage notifications. I do not know whats taking up so much space. I barely have any apps, so I know its something related to my jailbreak thats taking up a shit ton of data. I was wondering if anybody knows how to figure out whats taking up so much space. Things I've already done: Used iCleaner millions of times Backed up all my photos to dropbox I really do not want to have to restore, but I don't know what to do, Something is taking up like 5+ gbs and I don't know what lol. I might restore because I've been having other issues with my device and would love to see a bunch of free space, since I have nothing important on my device. But that won't happen for like, another week.
  10. General

    Damn bro... Wish you all the best! It's awesome having you and Nitroxic always there by my side! Appreciate all the help you've ever given me. You're a cool ass dude, and like you said in your post, of course we will still talk on kik, and yeah hopefully meet up some day too. ~Gaius
  11. Mod

    alright do this for username: ayeJuku
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