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  1. CRAB KING! (PewDiePie reference pls ignore)
  2. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corefoundation/1425278-cfswapint64?language=objc Turns out there is
  3. @Joey is there a CFSwapInt64 or CFSwapLong? Then u can write more than 4 bytes cuz FF FF FF FF is max value an int32 can store, that's why it goes gay if you attempt to write more
  4. try injecting these instructions 00008052 // MOV X0,#0 0000271E // FMOV S0,X0 C0035FD6 // RET at public float get_CooldownTime(); // RVA: 0x10034A30C Offset: 0x34A30C
  5. doesnt magisk have option to enable/disable ota updates
  6. your approach seems fine to me, this is what i would do. Imo what could wrong is [offsets_ longLongValue] idk if thats how string is converted to longlong the inject code is being called before the values of offsets and hexpatches is declared You might need to declare the size of the array (A problem in every language). Like you have declared an array here but no size, so it cant set it it seems?
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