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  1. Heyy man i saw u hacked alot in pacybits, could u have a look at mad fut (its like pacybits 21)?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MoneyMcFly


      Same way as always with a PC

    3. Grespy1


      @MoneyMcFly and how to do it with PC I’m quiet new to this, sorry 

    4. MoneyMcFly


      @Ecyra able to hack everything from coins & achievements to dupes...

  2. The Link is Updated but not posted. For everyone who would like the newest file, from now on it's 25 Mill Pacwyn coins. DM ME if interessted! (Just to give my invested time a little appreciation). First buy is 25 Mill after that every week cost you only 5 Mill.
  3. Updated! You not the first one on here who didn't get it right. So you must do something wrong because for all of us it works! Please make sure you understand the instruction before writing sh!t like that!
  4. If you downloaded it before they took it off the App Store you can re-download it from your cloud!

    Cards are now updated!

  6. Click on download...then in the top corner (in Safari) on the downloads - click on the file - hit in the right top corner the forward button an look for copy to filza. (Might be under more for you).
  7. What u mean update the save? I can’t add customs cause all customs have unique ids who are in each individual’s realm file that’s also where u make sbc’s tradable.
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