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  1. Heyo!! Guess who's gonna spoil the avengers endgame xD

    1. Joey



    2. Amuyea
    3. Joka
  2. Hey guys, it's my Birthday! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheArmKing


      Happy Birthday the sh!ttiest attacker in CoC, jk <3 

    3. R90000D


      Happy birthday :shmoo:

    4. Cisco


      Thanks guys <3

  3. 1 LIKE = 1 PRAYER

    *check the image below 😢 "


    1. Cisco


      @Joeyyyy got you some prayers for you buddy 

    2. Joey


      Thanks, I appreciate it.

  4. RIP Stephen hillenburg

  5. RIP Stan Lee, Without you.. there's no Marvel :cry:

    1. Pradeep6868


      Rip him and f marval btw

  6. oh wait, its free until 18. Not forever https://www.destinythegame.com/gambit
  7. "Those who download the game between now and November 18th will be able to keep it forever."
  8. Hey guys, Download Blizzard App from here https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/apps/battle.net/desktop . Install it, open Blizzard and you'll find a unclaimed gift notification near your username, claim that and voila! Free Destiny 2. Enjoy Free until Nov 18
  9. Btw did anyone knew Barcelona MOOOONSTER KILL Real Madrid? XD

  10. Modern Combat 5 's New game mode - Battle royale!!!

  11. There was this new invention made by a British guy, it was a automatic bathing machine, it was being presented on a crowded auditorium. So this scientist picks a random guy to demonstrate this new machine. He tells this guy to go inside and there are buttons inside, press 1 to 10 he said. The machine’s supposed to do random things from 1 to 10. So this guy goes inside and pressed 1,2 and 10 then comes out naked ?. The scientist shocked to see him naked and asked “what dafuq happened”. I pressed 1 to 10 and this happened. He also added, i pressed one it removed my shirt and pants, then i pressed 2, it removed my under garments then i pressed 10 and it pushed me straight out. The scientist then added a notice board near the machine which says “Girls only”
  12. For the First time since 2007 El Clasico will be wihout Messi and Ronaldo. 

  13. No apps can really access your lcoation unless you allow them too..
  14. No apps doesn't force to use the location unless you are using location based app like Pokemon go, google maps..etc
  15. No apps forces to use your location, by the time when u turn off your location, no apps can track you and if you want you can go to settings and search for "authorisation" or "location" there you'll get an idea about what to do
  16. 21) you can now spectate the enemy who killed you. Killcam!!! Ban chance is High now.
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