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  1. Watch it live, exclusive for barcelona fans only [Hidden Content]
  2. FC Barcelona opens 2018 with record-breaking numbers on social media. The team’s various accounts surpassed 180 million engagements worldwide in the month of January Barça’s figures were 110% higher than the second-best club and 281% higher than the third-best Barça opened the new year with stunning engagement figures on social media, coming in ahead of every other sports club in the world. In the month of January, Barça’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram generated 181 total engagements, which are defined as the sum of user interactions, or clicks, such as retweets, replies, follows, likes, and shares, among others. According to Blinkfire Analytics, Barça’s social media figures from January 1 to 31 are well above those of all other sports clubs, which are mainly European football clubs. Top 5 in total engagements, in January: 181 million — FC Barcelona 76 million — Manchester United 45 million — Real Madrid 42 million — Chelsea 26 million — Bayern Munich But perhaps more impressively, Barça wasn’t just first overall, it was also first on each social media platform when broken down separately. The biggest difference was on Instagram, where Barça had the most engagements over a single month in four years. Barça
  3. Riddle me this

    Too bad Well i believe ya mate
  4. Riddle me this

    Still not correct?? C'mon guys,, just read it again... understand the riddle f*** yea!! Ya i know u used google u smart ass but you're using messi pp so I'm sparing you alive
  5. Riddle me this

    @Joka @DiDA @Ted2 @Lord Alucard @Zimon @absoluT1on @Klepto @Danaerys @Amuyea @Xylla @Rayan- guys still no answer...
  6. Lets hope for the best Live link exclusive for Barcelona Fans [Hidden Content]
  7. Line-up confirmed! Barça XI: Ter Stegen, Piqué, I. Rakitic, Sergio, A. Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Paulinho, Jordi Alba, S. Roberto, Umtiti Source: fcbarcelona.com
  8. Finally the match is gonna start in 15 minutes at London Stamford stadium, Our team looks promising and i dont know what's really gonna happen, anything can happen between the 2 teams but i, we barcelona fans should hope sa miracle to happen at the Stamford for the win. Barca Foreva ❤ Stay tuned for Live video! Exclusive only for Barcelona fans*
  9. Watch it live, video is for fans only [Hidden Content]
  10. I bought for 19eur now its 50off now
  11. Behold!!! The official FriendZone song 



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