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  1. Request Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter

    oh and how about a mod that gives us free real life money while they are at it?
  2. Request Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  3. The Issue Has Been Resolved! (iosddl.net)

    Awesome job as usual 👍
  4. Help/Support Need feedback on advertisement poster

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them It's good
  5. Need help with Mod menu hack ?!

    I wasn't being aggressive. I'm just tired. You wouldn't believe the number of messages I have already received asking the same thing. Sorry though. By the way, it does say "Wait 20 seconds after closing authentication card and then 3 finger tap" on the opening pop up.
  6. Flex Anti Ban Issue

    No. Because it doesn't matter. If you used nothing, would you get banned? Nope. Because C2Us doesn't care about jailbreak
  7. Need help with Mod menu hack ?!

    It was literally on your screen. Usually if there is text, you are supposed to read it. It's also mentioned on the post I believe
  8. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.6.2 +8 New Mods!

    Try again now
  9. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.6.2 +8 New Mods!

    First Turn is only for manual. If you enable on auto, that happens. I know, happens to me too. Max accuracy causes the no monster bug. I was in a bit of a hurry and I think I got the wrong offsets. il send another link if you need it (or if anyone else needs it). i removed the shorte.st part, though it was fine without it once I fixed my settings.
  10. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.6.2 +8 New Mods!

    I can't even update my game, much less the hack. DiDA updated the hack. I have the IPA but I can't use app sync on 10.2.1 so....
  11. Mod Menu Hack Summoners War 3.6.2 +8 New Mods!

    I am having issues with App Store because of my debit card and I don't feel like redownloading 1 GB of data So I can't do much rn
  12. Flex Anti Ban Issue

    Flex antiban is literally no jailbreak detection
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