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  1. Yo @Laxus, is this unlinked? I haven't downloaded it, so just asking 😛
  2. This hack is now updated to App Store version 2.3.0! Sorry again for the delay. A lot of exams + other stuff has been going on, making it hard to open the game, much less update the hack. This update also made me redo almost every function so that took a bit more time Honestly, It would be a matter of sharing the source then letting them do it. My source code has enough comments to make it easier to update for anyone else who sees it assuming I get enough time to explain it for like 5 minutes or so. As for the cheat, I'm surprised the cheat worked at all for you. Most of the functions were broken for me and I had to update them all.
  3. I still have exams at the moment but as they already announced the next version update, I thought I might as well get it done in one go and update it for 2.3.0 directly. It would take me less time and wont really make a difference as its only like 2-3 days that the 2.2.0 version would actually work
  4. what the hell happened here? Sorry, I've been travelling + living out for a bit, which didnt give me the opportunity to play the game or check iG. I guess the hacks are broken? In which case il work on fixing em alright, im gonna try and fix it today itself. Give me a few hours
  5. This hack is now updated to App Store version 2.1.0! Sorry for the delay, I had quizzes + exams + assignments all in a row and we're being called back for physical exams right now, so I had to a lot of stuff. This one isnt fully tested (like I know Godmode, OHK, Enemy doesnt attack etc basic functions work, but please check the others too.
  6. Hi, please PM @Rook (or if he sees this, he can add). Some payments must be manually verified, so please do message him once
  7. Enemy no, friendly yes iirc Thats how Durant works iirc. However, it doesnt matter either way. Il put it to 1. Damage wont really decrease a lot. If you see it having errors even after being updated, uninstall the hack completely then reinstall it. That usually fixes it since that would be an issue with the menu, not the hack
  8. defence is being set to 0 but to be very fair, 0 defence is possible in game as well. The reason it broke is different As for the breaking stuff, 2.0 and newer stuff is changing a lot of stuff i think
  9. good to know, thanks do you have Substitute installed and tweak loading enabled? Image doesnt exist Well, image or video or whatever it was
  10. Secret dungeon was somewhat safe earlier. Keep it believable and it should be fine
  11. This hack is now updated to App Store version 2.0.0! Wanted to add some more stuff but it will take some more time.
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