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    Nope, unless you reset your account. it doesn't really matter afaik
  2. New Features

    The reason why it is not possible is because we need MobileSubstrate (unless you know of any other way where injection works without jailbreak?)
  3. Request [Hack Request] The Trail v 1.7

    Wait. I'm busy rn
  4. the version numbering in the file isn't important as regards to the file. If I want, I could make it v2.x.x or whatever I want.
  5. Tool [Float Converter] Float Calculator v0.0.1 beta

    Ah now I get it. So OP
  6. Help/Support How do Hex and Binary Look different

    So you picked a random file to hack and expect it to work?
  7. Help/Support How do Hex and Binary Look different

    16 bit* or 2 bytes Like why are you even hacking that?
  8. Request your Awards & Achievements here!

    Joined : July 18, 2017. Post Count: 90. Not even close.
  9. Cydia IOS 10.3.X Jailbreak has been released only for 64BIT

    it is for A7-A9 devices ONLY. iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+ and iPhone SE are supported.
  10. "Happened months ago" so it can't happen again? read my point about substrate. "No point lying". Of course there is. "Installer 5" devs claim to have a different substrate alternative. moreover, pwn20wnd messaged "eta 1 week" basically, no proof, nothing. You posted about it. i said nothing about g0blin because I know the dev is working on it, it's legit. He made a GitHub, posted LEGIT material on it, which is working for people. coffeebreakerz and xigteam is off topic even though you are complaining about us being skeptical about a random guy giving ETA. If it is someone like Morpheus, I'd understand because he is known to have worked on this stuff. Say tomorrow I claim to have made a "ios 11.2.1 jailbreak" using async_wake and a new 0-day KPP/KTTR bypass, how many people do you think would believe me? You claim to not be a fool, but you're acting like one by hyping up people. Coffeebreakerz and xigteam is not even 6 months ago, yet you think that everyone else is nice enough to not lie. People would honestly pay a lot to see a full jailbreak on iOS 11.x.x, and someone is bound to lie to get people to do it. If you're going to make a post hyping this up, I'm going to try and stop the hype train there itself. This has happened multiple times and people like you NEVER EVER LEARN.
  11. You ask why I say rumor right? 1) GSMagic Team 2) EnMTW 3) Tigress 4) XigTeam 5) Coffeebreakerz 6) every "semi jailbreak" site which ever existed. This is what i remember off the top of my head. So many people have come and fooled you multiple times, yet you continue to flock to them even without any proof supporting them. You're just hyping it up for no reason. If a jailbreak is released, and it works properly, go ahead and use it if you want. TILL IT IS RELEASED, BY SKEPTICAL. Its easier to fake a jailbreak than to make one. And if someone makes one, their work is enough proof for it. That is my point. As for the "current hype", what if someone tomorrow says "i have an updated substrate" and shows a fake ios 10.3.1? Or even a real ios 10.3.1 but uses Cycript to accomplish something which "looks" like SpringBoard? You will believe him. Now, what if he says, i will make it open source if x people donate me $10 each. Im telling you people will definitely donate it, after which he has no obligation to release anything
  12. IF THERE IS A JAILBREAK. g0blin is far from complete, and we have no proof that pwn20wnd is even real
  13. Nope. its a7-a9. It uses yalu's kpp bypass updated. Please note it isnt necessary that we will see a jailbreak by these developers, remember that people have faked jailbreaks before
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