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  1. Apologies but I have an important exam in a few days. I'll try to do it today but if not, you guys will have to wait a few days. I know it's Dragonyule and I want to update as fast as possible PS: Free salt for all : I got Dragonyule Cleo from free tenfold
  2. I noticed the update. Don't PM/mention me about updates. Can't promise an update soon but I'll try. (Soon = anything before 2nd January)
  3. I can read a 10k page book in 2 weeks possibly but it would require obsessive levels of reading (7-8 hours a day + full day on weekends + extra reading time at night which isn't counted in the day time). And even that is a long shot. Depends on how long each page is
  4. 10k pages in 3 hours for 7 days : total 21 hours in total = 476 pages an hour. Thats nearly 8 pages a minute. Or 1 page in 7.5 seconds. Unless each page is like 100-200 words long, either he's lying about how long he reads or how much he read.
  5. If you want a few hours of hack, let me know. Because I can't guarantee updates for the next 2 weeks.
  6. Hack updated for v4.1.5 on the AppStore! (just notifying in case someone missed it because @DiDA didnt do it)
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