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  1. I might not get ALL the previous features because I have to rehack the game.
  2. EDIT: Old post: Downloading it under false assumption that it does work. FACT 1: CATS is an online game which gets forced updates after a while, especially after major updates. True for most games. FACT 2: The version numbering is written at multiple places on this post as 2.11.1 FACT 3: The version numbering on AppStore is 2.13 which is at least 2 major updates ahead 2.12 and 2.13. from the above 3 facts, we can conclude that you (and everyone who tried it out of "false assumptions") didn't read the title of the post or never looked at the game first. It's not like there's a iTunes link in the post to check. I'm also pretty sure that everyone knows online games (sometimes even partially offline) get forced updates. So one of these things is what happened. 1) You don't know Fact 1. In which case, I get it. It's not your fault. But then I'd wonder which rock you're living under. 2) You didn't check for Fact 2. Which is not my problem? Read my post first if you use my hack dumbass. 3) You didn't check for Fact 3. Wait, why do we have a link to itunes and the version numbering on the post? Maybe cuz it only works for the specific version? Or maybe you ASSUMED that this was updated without checking. Soooo not my fault. New post: Going line by line: "Asked me to update it". But you just said that people thought it's updated. "Perhaps you the one that should learn to read. Let me rephrase it." Wait what? I should learn to read? But that's your own comment. Or did you get amnesia? Maybe go to the doctor. "if you can’t read my post/s, please try doing so. See how that works?" Irrelevant comment. See previous statement My original post in a nutshell You f***ing think you're so entitled. News flash, I DONT OWE YOU ANYTHING. I DO NOT HAVE TO UPDATE THIS HACK.
  3. It’s the JB version which is working. The NJB one isn’t working as my VM is currently broken
  4. Where did I say it was updated for 2.13? You make the wrong assumption because you dont bother reading the title. And then you blame me
  5. I taught a wolf to meditate. Now he's Aware Wolf
  6. K gimme a couple of hours (it's like 6 in the morning and I just opened iG to see if anything new)
  7. Old files?? I have the updated hack ready. But I can't use iGAuth. I can send you modded binary if you want
  8. Yeah I'm working on it. I have to rehack the game because I don't have my old data
  9. Not till I can repair my VM. Which requires me to download large files which I cannot do right now. "False assumption" Look at the title of the post, then tell me
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