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  1. Yes. You can PM me if you wish to donate Please do tell me if it doesn't work as I only checked for 30 minutes or so. Just because I didn't get any issues doesn't mean anyone else might not
  2. This hack is now updated to App Store version 5.2.2 Added basic app detection bypass, which is very experimental, however, for me, it did not show any popups yet, so I guess it worked? I also made it so, in future, if any auto update features are unable to autoupdate, they will show a popup right at the beginning once. This does not apply to the app detection patches however
  3. New Link is up! Should fix all issues previously discussed of. Please ignore the Rupies Hack (?). IT DOESN'T WORK. PURELY VISUAL!
  4. Also, it seems to be an app check. I will try to fix it
  5. I got that with no skill cooldown So basically anyone who leeched from my hack earlier and is probably putting the same on other sites will get the same issue
  6. Neither. It's an autoupdate thing They changed the code a bit and broke auto-update which causes crash so I need to fix that
  7. Sorry that I didnt notice this but I will check and fix it Nice. If people have issues with A12 please help them if possible
  8. This is true in general, unless Com2uS updates it's security that if a hack works as advertised/intended, then it is safe to use if you follow the rules. If it doesn't work or causes crash, you shouldn't use it. My post was only intended to those who were asking for faster updates on the premise that they are paying for ViP.
  9. Imagine not realizing that you are not my customer. You do NOT pay me. That's what I have tried to tell people many times. Atleast someone gets it. Unfortunately, I do not, at this point, give out private services, nor is it allowed on iOSGods. People can still donate if they wish to by PMing me. But, again, I cannot afford to change my priorities at this moment. And I apologize if I came across as rude, but I have to be frank about this stuff. Yeah I dont think I can deliberately put off updates like that, it's just not me
  10. This hack is now updated to App Store version 5.2.1 PLEASE TELL ME IF GODMODE/DAMAGE WORKS AS I CAN NOT TEST IT ANYMORE. My phone display decided to die randomly last night and I think I fixed it but I can't be sure.
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