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    Helping, even though im i am poor at that, probably maybe starting to post hacks soon.

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  1. Press “Open in minecraft” after you download it
  2. who here believes that school is synonym to “Jail” or prison? 


    literally everyonespacer.png

  3. no block-launcher bs required these r addons ——PVP HACKS—— 1. Night Vision - Perfect for seeing in the dark. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] 2. Player Xray - Perfect for seeing hidden, crouched, or far enemies. (through walls obviously) - see chests and mobs, mob spawners, beds etc. through walls. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] 3. Creative inventory - [possibly working not sure] literally the title but in survival DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] ——MINING, ETC HACKS—— Xray [Ores and more] - shows the under of the map constantly as you can move around. if you don’t see results, break the dirt/block under you. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] [please note i do not own ANY of these hacks/addons. thanks] hack screenshots: coming soon coming soon coming soon ***********************************************************
  4. why is everyone so demanding on iosgods... i wAnT mY upDAtE fOr SiMs 4 MobIle!!!1!1!1! like shut up its gonna come lol 🤡spacer.png

  5. Lol, downgrade now if you can!spacer.png

  6. K, will do honey bunchies 😂😂👌
  7. Impossible. You can’t downgrade anymore either, you missed your chance. You had to downgrade. Wait a couple years or months. Its 12.1.2 and lower, sorry.
  8. a12 users be chillin’ for cydia! It’s out... but not fully. Thanks pwn. 

  9. comment down some of your tweaks w/ the repo, and a side of a small description. (WRITE IF ITS FREE OR PAID) I completely forgot abt this - will do now. TWEAKS: [~ PAID ~] [~ FREE ~] Joka’s IAP Cracker - LocalIApStore alternative - Repo: n/a LocalIAPStore - Repo: Pretty much everywhere, but n/a LendMyPhone - Guest mode for iOS 12 - Repo: https://repo.packix.com BeMyGuest - iOS 12 Guest Mode - Repo: https://useignition.github.io/BeMyGuest or https://repo.packix.com/ Thank you for participating
  10. Kind of confused why it is NOT there...
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