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Status Updates posted by Rook

  1. Apps getting updated for Halloween

    1. tsbeatz23


      that include 9.2.2 .deb file for bleach brave souls VIP hack menu?

    2. Max-Q


      Apps are updated. What have to do with the deb files? 😂😂😂😂😂.Its a simple status. 

    3. tsbeatz23


      the 9.2.2 version isn't updated,  not the vip menu hack the latest version here released is 9.2.0 and it don't work 

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  2. Updated a few No Jailbreak hacks! Their Jailbroken counterpart will be updated ASAP! Have to re-create them.

  3. I linked the wrong profile for UDID transfers so people have been PMing the wrong guy until now. :(

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      and you have to fix it now btw how is my awards request going ?

  4. Some hacks may not (properly) work with the new Unc0ver & A12 Jailbreak due to it now using Substitute instead of Substrate.

    1. RiLu


      wouldn't substrate compatibility layer + tweak injector fix this?

    2. busmanl30
  5. Some updates will be delayed a bit more due to the iPad issue. I'm seeing if I can transfer some of my updates to available cheaters.

    1. Zahir


      Transfer me 

    2. rnbzy
    3. JIZA


      Game DomiNation  Company - transfer  DanYal

  6. iPad is still not back yet. Maybe 1-2 more days, hopefully!

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      wish you best luck on getting your iPad back from fixing

    2. busmanl30


      I hOpE yOuR iPaD nEvEr cOmEs bAcK oR iS bRoKeN fOrEvEr lOsEr

    3. dendeplayer


      Not sure what happened to your iPad... but a 1 week delay can easily lead to dozens and dozens of broken phones, like mine since I am getting killed in mcoc

  7. Some hack updates will be delayed. My iPad broke.

  8. Some hack updates will be delayed. My iPad broke. :(

    1. Laxus


      Time to buy new iPad Pro Kappa 

    2. rezah5591


      Did you rage on Minecraft? Kappa

    3. Eugenev


      He have excuse to buy latest iPad Pro 😍

  9. iOS 13 & new iPhone in 8 days!

    1. sweggyttes


      A12 chip taking so long to be compatible with JB, imagine A13 :D 

    2. SkylarSpark


      Meh, sometimes there are just very big changes, who knows, may be well be lucky and the a13 will be "easy" to exploit

  10. Some of my updates will be delayed. Sorry. :(

    1. PunisheR1029


      Please update to day pubg 😭😭😭😭 pls pls 

    2. Helmie


      Pless update pubg mobile non jailbreak

    3. nasser1916
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  11. My replies will be delayed.

    1. Fhd.911.OTB


      i need to try this hack plz!

    2. i_naif
    3. alan071145


      Please reply my pm

      I pay for vip with PayPal on Aug. 13, but I still not vip member now!

  12. I'm growing older at a faster rate dealing with all these issues. 😫

  13. Which one of Joka’s hacks need updating? Let me know below!

    1. UfeelRaage


      Plants VS Zombies 2, the actual version by Joka on the iosgods app+ is 7.3.1 and now, there is the 7.5.1, please update :D

    2. Rook


      @NinjaGaiden I don't think I can do that.

      @BallBiGBanG Done!

      @UfeelRaage Done!

      @Goku Black Noted!

    3. NinjaGaiden


      Is it a new update in the game that made it impossible to hack?

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  14. Apple released iOS 8.4.2, 9.3.6, 10.3.4. Hmm....

    1. Joka


      It’s not. Some guy was able to update Phoenix jailbreak himself.

    2. Qnzboi102


      Just saw that on Twitter. Just my thoughts. 

    3. Vladakov


      apple is smoking a good joint right here

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  15. Hack Requests section now requires a minimum of 3 posts to be able to create a topic. This is to prevent the mass amount of hack requests we've been receiving lately. We will monitor and make changes if necessary.

  16. My PM replies will be delayed while I catch up on some important tasks. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  17. :sad:

    1. Robin barman

      Robin barman

      Fix pubg update one day is gone waiting the hack 

    2. Laxus


      Wen eta pubg update?

    3. Robin barman

      Robin barman

      2 days without update 

  18. Woke up with some good news finally! Too afraid to open the PMs now. :(

    1. Laxus


      Cert is revoked. Thank me later

    2. rezah5591


      oH you sleep? OwO

    3. Nini


      the good news was that i lost jb? well thank you :(

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  19. Today is one of those days

    1. Nini


      why isn't your name Gogeta instead of Vegito?

    2. Laxus


      The day of the dead

    3. Cisco


      @DADi I came up with a sarcastic (probably insulting) joke. But i kept to myself and had a laugh xD

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  20. Reply to this status and let me know which one of Joka's Hacks need updating. :)

    1. Tamil


      Mighty party RPG online game 🙏

    2. vannag15


      Madout 2 BigCityOnline

    3. Soud_0


      Minecraft or roblox

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  21. I want to watch Far From Home

    1. TimidNova


      Then watch it.

    2. Laxus


      Not a good movie tbh

    3. OLD_WOLF
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