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  1. Try this open uncover app turn off tweaks option from uncover then jailbreak and remove tweak cause issue
  2. And also live offset patcher icon not shown up inotice when I click on select it goes back need to select it again that’s happens when I close igamegod even happens on live offset patcher on igamegod
  3. When Itried it on oddyssey and click on select all or select app per example subway surfers even by uisng live offset patcher I click on select once I close igamegod then it goes back again ineed to select it again even icon of igamegod not show up even live offset patcher not shown up @Rook
  4. It doesn’t show up even live offset patcher too on igamegod using oddyssey jailbreak hope there is fix Ihope there is fix and more feauture added soon as it still not show on any game even live offset patcher on igamegod
  5. here it’s solution to fix mod menu crash use appstore++ tweak to downgrade verison of call of duty black ops zombies to lowest one Ihope it helps @Rook can you pin this comment so the others will look as it’s temporarily solution appologize to mention you much
  6. @Rook can you make custom live offset patches detect offset atoumatcily and also add that option on igamegod and also will it work on online games ? Ihope money which added to game be able to use thanks in advance
  7. It’s like cheat engine have not tried it , it’s good thing if you know how to use cheat engine it will be easy for you It’s like cheat engine means money can’t be used , Ihope @Rook find solution for that
  8. Odyssey works better here but uncover doesn’t work here due substitute but it’s your choice in the end 👍
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