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  1. Cheers @Laxus! You need to work in Apple someday🤔!
  2. Could you update please @Rook @Laxus! Thank you so much!
  3. How To Download Games for Delta Emulator iOS 

    1. In Safari browser, search in Google the game you want, then "ROM Download" after. For example, if I want Super Mario Advance 4, I search into Google "Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Download".

    2. Tap any site and find the "Download" or "Save Game" button. I reccomend EmulatorGames .net, but some consoles my not be on that site, so you need to use an alternative.

    2a. Check the game downloaded is in .zip format. If it's .rar, .7z, you need to use another site. If it's a format like .nds, .gba, that is ok. Just use another site if the following step won't work.

    3. Open Delta, tap the "+" at the top right, then "Files". Locate the game you downloaded in "Recents", or tap "Browse" > On My iPhone > Downloads, or Browse > iCloud Drive > Downloads. The location of the game will be different if you don't use Safari browser.

    4. The game will be added to the Delta home screen. Just tap the game to open and enjoy!

    5. Check the replies to add DS BIOS files to Delta. They are required for DS games to load. No BIOS needed for other platforms

  4. Not Dopamine Rootless Friendl! Gonna upload some for IOSGods App for testing?!@AlyssaX64! If not I will stick playing on Rootful!
  5. Could you update or make a new hack please @Laxus @AlyssaX64 or @Rook! Thank you!
  6. Could you make a hack for non-Jb please just in case! You know Dopamine not working on Damage and Defense Multiplier 🤔! Cheers @Laxus!
  7. Getting network is abnormal not working both on Rootful and Rootless! Could you fix the Mod Deb please @AlyssaX64! Thank you so much!
  8. Could you fix or make a new Deb please?! Is not working on Dopamine Rootless although Non Damage and Defense Multiplier on this tweak @AlyssaX64! Thank you
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