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  1. @Laxus @Zahir with the new update I am getting the LIAPP error again can you update the hack I think last time when I installed the hack it then I could go pass the inf loading screen
  2. @Zahir well thanks anyways at least you made it I think I made request for this game like a year ago lol and for the people that are carshing on 14.5.1 it’s your side not the hack that has a problem cuz I am using iPhone 7 14.5.1 and it works fine
  3. Let me test it edit: the hack is fine no crash or anything I played on it for like 25mins in pvp and pve + in guild wars 0 crashes here… ios 14.5.1 @Zahir is it possible to unlink the hacks from other players cuz atm and if you versing other players they have the hacks as well lol.
  4. Lol I live in Australia and last time I went to the beach willingly was 6 years ago I don’t like the salty ass water loll ohh yea the story when we came to Australia we didn’t know how to swim so when the first time I when to the beach I kinda drink a ton of salty water ever seen I have not like the sea in general
  5. @Zahir did they add anti cheat or something I keep getting can not connect to the internet and lost connection:(
  6. @K_K any chance you can add 1hit or god mod? I seem people on Android have few more hacks I found the Xp hack you can change the Task Xp but I can’t find the stone or the points vaules cuz I use igg cheat engine if not all good thanks anyways
  7. K_K is it possible to make structure to not take damage like the mod where you defend you base? When you shot in that mod you can damage your own base 99% of the time
  8. When click the link to download the hack it takes me back to the hack page
  9. @K_K any chance you still know how to hack this game or update this hack?
  10. I mean I fast because god told me and what ever he said is good, said thing is good even if some people may not like it or understand it, and + it has many benefits,
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