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  1. Any news on dopamine2.0? I still can’t install 99% of the hacks :crying:


    1. Puddin


      I believe newly updated hacks WITHOUT hooked features like damage multipliers will work.

    2. Troy8170


      im confused because a long time ago there was announced support for hooks on non jb because there was this huge trailer and than they said it would eventually get added to all mods but hasnt.... 

    3. Rook


      @atiqullahsagzai We've updated tweaks so they no longer crash & normal injections, but hooks still won't work. You need to use iGameGod to install .debs on rootless now.

      @Troy8170 We've been working on it since and making improvements and getting ready for release.

  2. They are all fake g trust me, for currency their are no hacks beside aimbot or other hacks, which on pc will get you ban at some point I got around 4000hours on the pc
  3. getting sick of deb hacks not working on dopamine jailbreak :crying:


    i have turn to BlueStacks gaming PepeStupid

    1. AlyssaX64


      @Rookis working on it and very soon all our debs will support Dopamine :) 

    2. atiqullahsagzai


      That’s the dream PepeHmm

    3. Rook


      Why BlueStacks? Just use Jailed IPA with .deb hacks & JIT.

      Please see our "iOSGods Mod Menu DEBs for Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices" topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/171739-iosgods-mod-menu-debs-for-non-jailbroken-ios-devices/

    4. atiqullahsagzai


      doesnt  for me when i turn on the hacks they dont work at all:crying:

  4. I do that and it works for like 1 in 200 games 😭 the others insta crash or when I turn on the hack it crash’s the game
  5. The other mushroom game is pretty much all server sided, I tried to hack it with igamegod no luck… https://apps.apple.com/au/app/legend-of-mushroom/id6475333787
  6. @XxReddingtonxX the game instantly crush’s when the hack is installed RIP
  7. Testing on dopamine nope rootless jailbreak is trash
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