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  1. You gotta lock it and then try to use it, oh and gems are int64, not int32
  2. You can mod currencies and materials with iGameGod
  3. Anything overindulged in can be unhealthy; like an over exposure to 100% pure oxygen or drinking too much water. It can hurt, but if you do it in moderation, then it’s fine. Gaming is good for a couple hours a day as it gives you release from stress from the day to day stressors. 12 hours a day may be too much, but no, video games aren’t bad
  4. Managed to hack diamonds and other things @Zahir I’ll make a video, and you can post it here, or I’ll make a topic, don’t know yet
  5. So I was just testing this, and trying to install this hack, the deb conflicts with your Warface hack that you just made. I removed the Warface hack and had no issue installing the hack for this game.
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