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  1. Then you should wait for the next update. If you’ve entered your password in once, you won’t have to keep doing it.
  2. If you continue waiting it will proceed. We have fixed this hanging issue and will be ready next update.
  3. You should now notice some speed improvements when browsing through our community! :)

  4. Hello, In this case, enable the "remove plugins" advanced option in Sideloadly and try again.
  5. Hey! What the heck Apple should be sponsoring us I like your introduction and I hope you enjoy yourself here. Have fun Sarah!
  6. Hello, That message doesn’t mean it’s stuck. It means it completed, seeing as there are no other errors or issues present. If you are not getting the menu in-game, you may be missing dependencies mentioned in the topic or something may be blocking the menu from being injected (some Jailbreak Bypasses are known to do this). Please read our "Troubleshooting 'Non-Working' Hacks & Cheats" topic: https://iosgods.com/topic/24809-troubleshooting-non-working-hacks-cheats/
  7. This hack is now updated to App Store version 5.9.0!
  8. Hey! Are you sure you have downloaded the latest version from the iOSGods App? Are you referring to the free version or ViP one? I'll look into it. Perhaps I made a mistake.
  9. This hack is now updated to App Store version 1.0.108!
  10. That was an iFile feature only. But if you compiled as is and getting that issue, there may be something wrong with the template. It is quite old, and perhaps the new theos doesn't play well with it.
  11. Hey, Sounds like you’re sideoading with a free Apple ID. If yes, you need to sideload every 7 days otherwise the app will expire. Please read the "Sideloadly Frequently Asked Questions & Answers" inside the official topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/130167-introducing-sideloadly-working-cydia-impactor-alternative/
  12. Perhaps the .plist is malformed? In the old days, opening the plist with iFile would tell you if there was an issue with it.
  13. I think the reason for that in your case is you're using iPhone SE (2020) which is ARM64e I believe. So you will have to add to the top of your Makefile. ARCHS = arm64 arm64e #armv7 You also need theos & dependencies that support arm64e compiling.
  14. Perhaps @Ted2 himself can shed some light on this!
  15. The no jailbreak version is available in the iOSGods App or App+.
  16. Try compiling the default template, if that works, there must be an issue with your code.
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