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  1. This arm64e jailbreak needs to hurry up missing hacking :( 

  2. cant update anything got A12 device so bare with me 

  3. its a float so its not a whole number maybe you could choose your own value
  4. update the game has a float value for perfect shot.. i am creating a tweak that auto releases all input to device when this value is at perfect shot so you drag the ball back and when the needle hits perfect shot value it auto blocks touch input to device. this is not going to be easy as my c++ is not so great do not spam me please let me work.
  5. Sorry I understand my comment about buying vip are for the ones who by vip for one hack by the loooks of it the server records the shot maybe I can remove the recording so it’s just a black screen ? Then they can’t tell if cheated lol
  6. were removing the hack the values of the game are the exact same as all other versions its the game devs that have added a check to the servers to stop cheating i guess problem solved sorry if you have been banned but this is just one of the cosequencs of cheating it was fun while it last but it looks like devs have won this time ps you should never buy vip for just one hack
  7. thats the game there having problems with servers check there help and support

    I’m thinking of a number 10 - 30 winner gets Vip GO!!


  9. Solution don’t use perfect shot lol it’s there server that makes the replay unfortunately:(
  10. Don’t use perfect shot online I guess and I also made a new hack which won’t be release with this sticky ball 10 hole in ones so far no ban
  11. This is a good thing 😂 there’s nothing I can change to fix that issue
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