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  1. Hello dear members, 🔒Giveaway has officially ended. Thank you for your participation. Next competition next week! The winners are: X2 VIP PRO : @jacktina02 @austin212 X3 VIP 3 months : @overl0rd @Martin150 @drhhphuong X4 VIP 2 months : @tlaso1 @drtvhung @drthang02740 @ssam.. The list of winners has been sent to Rook I hope to have more participants next time otherwise the prices will unfortunately be reduced ...
  2. Dear iOSGods Members, I missed you! And yes I'm back! The topic will be about Ancient Egypt!🇪🇬 Besides, coming back from being of Egyptian origin, I went on vacation there! It doesn't matter! Here is the game! So you know what you have to do. Good game for you ! How to enter? Tell me about the role of each Egyptian deity and explain their role to me. -Anubis -Isis -Osiris -Rê -Oupouaout Prizes: X2 VIP PRO X3 VIP 3 months X4 VIP 2 months Ends on the September 18th, 11:59PM, GMT +2 NOTE: The numbers will be chosen at random by https://www.random.org
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