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A club for people who play Destiny 2! You can post anything related to Destiny 2 here.
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  3. Destiny Item Manager allows you to transfer items between each of your characters and your vault in real-time. Is recommended for transferring items on the go. Website: https://app.destinyitemmanager.com
  4. I accepted you. I'll promote you to an admin so if you want to invite your friends, feel free. we are a couple off of rank 2.
  5. ELEMENT OF DARKNESS DESTINY 2 CLAN OUTLAWS WANTED! We are looking for new members to partake in our newly converted Destiny 2 clan! Our clan currently has an open roster and accepting all members willing to join for the time being. The current founders of the clan play almost daily and at all times on the clock so never play alone. We need some members to partake in evens with us such as Raids, Strikes, Crucible, and even just friendly play with quests. The simple instructions below is steps on how you can join and be our newest member. (Yes we are cross platform so you will have our clan tag and name on ALL platform consoles!) How to Join! If you don't have a Bungie account, create one (Click Here). If you already do have a Bungie account click the link below and then click he GIANT "Join Clan" button and then you are officially apart of our clan with our open roster system! (Click this link to join.) https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=1522354 What do you get for joining our clan? Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level. Clan name in title (Of course) Clan tag in title (Of course) More to come when we complete challenges and rank up together! FOUNDER: Cardinham
  6. Destiny 2 does a lot of things differently from its predecessor. The open areas are filled with more to do, there are more NPCs, getting around is much easier, and there’s an actual map you can make use of (finally). But some things from the first Destiny are back, such as certain weapon types, a subclass here and there, and even limits for certain things players can obtain. And it just so turns out that the max level cap is one of them. The max level cap is something many guardians are going to be shooting for as soon as they jump into Destiny 2. With so many changes going on, some of you might be wondering if the max level cap saw a change too, maybe to a more RPG-like level. 99? Nah, that’s insane and would take forever to reach. Instead, players will be working to reach the max level cap of 20 in Destiny 2, just like in the good ol’ days with vanilla Destiny. Don’t worry about the low number, though, you’re going to have to put in work to reach it, and you still have your Power/Light level to boost up if you want to make waves among the Cabal ranks (or any other alien ranks for that matter). But at least you can rest knowing that once you hit level 20, you’ll have hit the max level cap and will be done with that part of the grind (though there are rewards for over-leveling in Destiny 2).
  7. Post your ID's so we can add each other and go on raids.
  8. If any one has a extra destiny 2 codes please text me at 612 475 5753 i love destiny but can't afford the game gamer tag on Xbox one is Fl8me Hunter
  9. I thought it was customisations, I guess not. Well it doesn't really matter anyway.
  10. ⋙Will players be able to edit their migrated Character's customization options in Destiny 2? No. There is currently no plan to allow players to edit the customization options of an imported Character. R.I.P.
  11. I live in Australia so i'm one of the first but i'm not going to get the game at 12:00 am since its from the store.
  12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ depends on what time zone you live in though. I can't play until September 5 at 9:00pm
  13. Only joining to say the Digital version is better
  14. Destiny 2's offical release date is on September 6, 2017 so make sure to pick up the game on that day starting from 12:00 am!

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