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  1. FlexConverter is a great tool to do most of the converting to deb work for you.
  2. You can crack an older version of AutoTouch like > 4.0 easily. Cracktool was a good app but I don't know the last version it was compatible with.
  3. The only way is to have saved your blobs at the time of it being signed. You can save your blobs for the future for current signed versions here: https://tsssaver.1conan.com/
  4. You will need to provide the error you receive.
  5. You will see the hacks in the Cydia 'Installed' tab to remove them. Some hacks also are only shown in-game.
  6. Try reinstalling it, otherwise check the version.
  7. The best way to start over is to delete the app and tweak/hack then download the app again run it then close it and then install the hack.
  8. Hey, it's been a year or two since I made my last tweak/hack and i'm having an issue dealing with multiple arguments. Here is the error: This is what it is referring to: %hook SPTNowPlayingContainerIdleMonitor -(id) initWithIdleWaitInterval:(double)arg1 view:(id) { arg1 = 10; } %end I know there are suppose to be two args but I was having issues implementing it, so it's how it was. Thanks for any help as always.
  9. About time, now spaces just need to become a thing.
  10. Well done, cool to still see people sharing how to create tweaks, etc.
  11. Very cool, does this mean it will last for a year and won't get revoked or is the certificate shared between all apps for everyone?
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