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  1. Maybe not anymore, I would recommend trying something else if there is...
  2. Nice, ended up getting HapticScroll from this list which I wanted and didn't have. My list is still and always will be more superior. 🤣
  3. You need to remove the keychain from your device for the game. I don't know how to do that but @Ted2 knows how to. As long as its a new account.
  4. Login using Wi-Fi, not Cellular Data otherwise it will not work. When you open the game it should pop-up with the login window, if it does not try re-install the hack.
  5. I wanted an Instagram Followers hack.. so I found this site. Well in more detail... I found this site looking for Instagram Follower Hacks as how I found this site, I was a bit late to the game though as they say when all the good app hacks were available. I created an account to download the hacks. I came back a few months later while I came across videos like the Bullet Force Hack video on YouTube. Then realised this site had some pretty good stuff on it. The help was there when I needed it. I decided to keep coming back because it was in my interest.. jailbreaking, modding and hacking. And here I am today, an active member!
  6. Good choice, very good choice.
  7. You can use the tvOS 11 Beta Profile to prevent the latest iOS update from downloading onto your device or being warned about a new iOS version being available. Download the tvOS 11 Beta Profile here: http://www.ipodhacks142.com/download/tvos-11-beta-profile/
  8. Maybe check if your computer is 64 bit or 32 bit and check if any anti-virus is enabled. Otherwise search Google for the error.
  9. Congratulations for receiving Global Moderator!

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    2. Amuyea


      Used to my light blue rank color than this LUL 

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      does d normal moderator rank still exist ?

      oof, alyce got demoted?


    4. Fadexz
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