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  1. Why won’t this make a return? It be nice to play this again as there’s more content added
  2. Thank you to the one that has kept updating the store cheat for the last how long of the cheat existence I never had so much fun playing & reading each task that’s given I gone through so many about 130+ tasks in the last 4 hours & been playing this game since iPhone 4 days & I still continue playing to this day I finally got to a very high level 120+ please do keep updating it as they keep pushing new updates to the app as this is one of the many games I keep on my devices
  3. Instantly crashing when the cheat is installed unloading the cheat makes the game playable again I take it the cheat is outdated yet it’s updated for the new released update of the game? Do update it please I’d like to play this game again this year as it’s been some time since I got to play this like I have before in the past
  4. I don’t get why this can’t be updated to the last released update it’s not like it will get another update to fix anything past the last official update the devs pushed only updates that come out are from apple to make the app compatible
  5. Game was updated so now all the cheats are dead they all end with unable to update
  6. Can the cheats get updated for this game? The game has not been updated in like a year now
  7. @Laxus is there no way to cheat in the premium diamonds in all codigames there many upgrades that require the diamonds that can’t be all collected thru just the game thru awards since there’s so many that are given to the player except Maine the events that are set daily idk haven’t played all the events for all of there games yet
  8. Cheats need fixed as the game got a new update it says it doesn’t want to pick it up but when it does nothing works with the cheats when there enabled https://imgur.com/a/5whjbku
  9. when will the cheats get updated it’s been so long that the games like at 1.44 now & it’s been like same version for 3 weeks now & cheats are still at 1.22
  10. When are the cheats ever going to be fixed? It’s been months since I was able to use these cheasts
  11. Well then there should be a red banner warning that your account can get banned with this game some fun with this game guess this game wont stick around for much longer since all it is just another idle clicker i really dont get why theres a ban system its not like you can effect any other player and the leader boards if such exists who cares for that too?
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