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  1. @DiDA or @Amuyea put this in the diy section thank you
  2. Game crashes Fixed it using my game save and editing the coins and diamonds with iGameGuardian
  3. Try using Documents app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/documents-by-readdle/id364901807?mt=8
  4. You can try and take the link and paste it into Filza manger and see if it works
  5. Try this How can I stay logged in to iOSGods inside Cheats?In the newest version of iGAuth, you can stay logged in to multiple apps by just having a Cydia Tweak called "JODebox" installed from Cydia. This does not work on Non-Jailbroken hacks as of now.
  6. If your jailbroken use Filza Manger and edit the.plist and boom unlimited money and many more hacks
  7. I had this problem and what I did to fix it was uninstall the filza you have and reinstalled it. That’s what worked for me
  8. When you use extender you click the ipa you trying to install and then you click sign and it should install and work fine
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