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Everything posted by MoshEDestroyer

  1. Update To iOS 14.3 NOW! Jailbreak OTA Method - No Computer Guide [News] New Method Of Updating to iOS 14.3 if you are on 14.2.1 or lower without blobs! Make sure you are not blocking OTA updates for this to work (Optional) Rootfs & Erase contents and settings to get a fresh start with whichever iOS version you have right now Jailbreak your current iOS version Open package manager and install MyBloXXX from this repo: https://myxxdev.github.io/ Install the attached profile Check settings and see if iOS 14.3 shows up as an OTA update Restore RootFS OTA Update to iOS 14.3 (Optional) Once you're on 14.3 you can erase all contents and settings and then jailbreak! Profile link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/688122358107603013/829323445200355359/90_Day_Delay.mobileconfig This method will supposedly stop working after April 26th, so do this while you can! Credit to u/dhinakG and u/Tanbeer_191 Writeup on how this works from u/dhinakG: https://gist.github.com/dhinakg/035dc585a0de54b6a34cf72a2a36016e Edit (4/8/2021): If you futurerestored your device after Jan 26, 2021 to get to iOS 14, this method will most likely NOT work for you and you may see the "not connected to the internet" error. You can read this post for more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/mmr9y1 If you need help, join https://discord.gg/jb Cr. reddit.com & iDeviceMovies from Youtube channel
  2. The truth is I'm an iOS user, and nowadays, I use these tweak to prevent my privacy location from others, including the company that I work for. Do you mean the Java or Source code of android system it doesn't design to do that, right? Even though the Developer He is the best He also will not be able to do that, right? Am I understand what you said correctly?
  3. and What is this? Is it possible that they use another app to access my location? like Facebook. Is it possible that the Apk file uses another app to access my location? ( like Facebook )
  4. I think your opinion is what I look for and you know it well that what I asked. Is it true, that no any apps will not force to use the location of users unless we allow it?
  5. Hello, I need help, I need to know how to check the Apk file that it doesn't force itself to track us before allowing it. - Please teach me how to resolve it then.
  6. Best tweak forever! ;)


  7. Now, I've got the topic Uber Bypass Jailbreak Detection[All Versions]

  8. For those who have trouble running the game because your device is jailbroken Read more at: https://iosgods.com/topic/31777-play-pokemon-go-on-a-jailbroken-ios-device/page-1

  9. Can we use crunch to fill text into this file? cuz your pass.txt is too small.
  10. can't download files, When I press download button dropbox isn't showing the size of files. please fix it!
  11. Warning for iLostFinder Don't turn this option on "Monitor "Power OFF" Event" and "Prevent Power OFF" Because If your thief can't turn your idevice off they would be hard reset and then idevice will stuck at apple logo forever.
  12. Yes yes yes! >0/emoticons/default_wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> *Perfect! Thanks dude on internet! ;)

    1. Brandun


      If only we could downgrade to iOS 7 or 8 lol

  13. To fix this problem you need to have a deb file old version of cydia and Install it by using iFile.. first of all, you need to download this version from this link below [Hidden Content] and follow this step below [Hidden Content] It's really simple and everyone can do it.
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