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  1. Update Thursday's! Is that a thing? Should it be? Not important. What is important is this update regarding yesterday. After hours of DiDA pulling his hair trying to get the hosting site issue fixed, and at the same time aging about 5 years, we’re excited to announce that, in theory, it's been fixed! If you didn't log on yesterday then you shouldn't notice a single difference in the site. If you were, we can say with confidence that this won't happen again. On top of that, those who took the effort of helping with the hacks they had downloaded, we’ll be reimbursing you for your wonderful help with a free month of VIP. HOWEVER, were still in the middle of restoring everything so if a link that should be working isn't, give it an hour or so before trying again. Lastly, the staff would like to thank you all for being patient with us even though it was only a day. Have an awesome weekend! -D&K
  2. You'll be taken care of when the time comes.
  3. Updated announcement: Hello! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. We decided to be completely open with you all by informing you about some unfortunate series of events that have occurred behind the scenes of iOSGods. Recently, we discovered that the file hosting site we use, iosddl, had some internal issues that caused a good chunk of the files that were hosted there to be deleted. Because of that, a lot of the hacks right now might not exist anymore. Now, “that shouldn’t be a problem because you have a backup right?” Sadly, no. We never had a problem with this hosting site for over two years so we weren’t expecting anything of this nature. This is all on us. We apologize. On the positive side of things, we are personally working with the hosting site to see if we can scavenge anything from the fail state. If we are able to do so, we will slowly but surely re-upload all the hacks to their original topics and get everything back to normal. In addition to us trying to solve it on our end, you all can help us by messaging either DiDA or myself with any hacks and/or IPAs that you might have downloaded and still have so that we can update the topics. To future proof this from happening ever again, we encourage hackers and those that download the hacks, to keep a copy of anything you download from here… just in case. We are truly sorry for this misfortune but we’re working hard on fixing it! -D&K
  4. GFX iOSGods Animations

    I like the second one.
  5.  Patcher Hack QuizUp v3.6.5 +3

    Everything seems to work so far. The bot doesn't always answer the question but I think that's due to it not knowing the more recent questions. I do get logged off after closing the app but that's a small issue considering what it does.
  6. I don't know much about typesetting but is it fine to have two words next to each other that end with "able"? Besides that I think it looks really good.
  7. Introduction hai. Everybody

  8. Introduction Heya people!

    Hope you're safe after last night. welcome nonetheless.
  9. General 1 Year at iOSGods !

    Congratsamundo pleb
  10. You install it to /usr/local/bin, not /usr/bin. /usr/bin is read only because it protects the system from malware crap. That's more for advanced users. 0/10
  11. GFX Mermaids

    What kind of mermaid would you be?
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