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  1. This year was AWESOME and all thanks to IOSGODS wich is one of the best Iosforums on the internet! Filled with good, smart ,and helpfull people. you definently will spend some hours here. Also, I'd like to thank you all for this amazing year. And hope next year will be even better than this one. Greetings Luc and : HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE : D
  2. Buy a Premium TaiG Code. Are you sure you downloaded the tool from the real Taig Site? If you dont wanna pay, maybe Pangu has a free to use jailbreak tool for the version you want to jailbreak.
  3. I'm back ! With new tutorials 'n things

  4. I'm back ! With new tutorials 'n things

  5. Hahahahaha I LOVE that emoticon, sory :PPPP
  6. Hey guys, So, you just updated your iDevice, and what do we get?Another brand new memory filling stock-application for your iDevice ! ( Yay ) I already got rit of it, now you! . What you need: -A Jailbroken iDevice -The Health app ( Ugh ) [Hidden Content] NOTE : I am not responsible. Even tho everything has been explained well, there is ( and will always be with EVERYTHING) a chance something bad will happen.But this is very , very unlikely.
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