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  1. I tried to silence with fire assasin but no luck :c
  2. https://iosgods.com/topic/34810-ios-11-support-bleach-brave-souls-v612-4-cheats/ Mine would most likely be the bleach brave souls hack constant update, works really well mostly undetectable and easy to work with helped me alot starting out tbh
  3. Yall should give @Archangel04 more credit Q~Q hes always working so hard and providing us with dem hacks great job Q~Q thanks for always helping out and providing everything you have
  4. yup guys it works tried it out and its legit feel free to enter thanks man ^^
  5. @Anubiz633 woah really like ur profile pic hope you're as nice as the other 632 anubiz i've met along the way o-o
  6. @Godlessdiamond You're too great of a diamond to be held down by a god
  7. you know im really tempted to say ty but legit thanks for the giveaway tho count me in wish everyone the best of luck ^^
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